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Episode Timeline

Grace's soccer injury
This is the event that leads to Lily and Grace having to be in the Principal's office and, therefore, meet Rick and Eli.

Rick and Lily get caught
Their attempt to "do other things" at Lily's house are cut short when Jake, Grace, and Zoe walk in on them.
Episode Timeline

Episode Timeline

Rick cooks dinner
Rick makes dinner (Seabass) for Lily, which eventually leads to the awkward semi-encounter with Karen

Grace and Eli work together
They make signs together, including the time Eli mis-spells scream as "screem". They then get assigned to the popcorn booth together.

Jake and Rick formally meet
They both end up working on the dunk tank and eventually get along relatively well.

Lily and Karen formally meet
In spite of Lily's attempts to reschedule, Lily and Karen end up working together at the balloon booth. Karen is the only one unaware that Rick and Lily are sleeping together.
Episode Timeline

Mock Trial

Rick and Judy's first meeting

Rick leaves scarf at Judy's place

The spider incident at Karen's place

Rick and Lily "use" Judy's place

Eli overhears Rick and Lily at Rick's place

Grace and Jen
Grace meets Jennifer and almost likes her

The Gray Scarf
Black and White flashback of Karen, Rick, and Eli at Christmas when Karen gives Rick the gray scarf in question

Judy's boyfriends
Judy talks about "Philip" and "Franco" who taught her to make crepes

Jessie gets her period
In the rush to prepare for a hiking trip (and the unannounced arrival of Lily), Jessie goes to the bathroom and suddenly announces the arrival of her period.

Rick cuts his finger
In attempting to make a sandwitch for the hike, Rick is slicing tomatoes while trying to force conversation between the kids, himself, and Lily when he slices his finger. This is the event that causes Lily to spend quite a bit of time with Jessie in the waiting room.
Episode Timeline

Episode Timeline

Episode Timeline

Flashback - Lily
Two separate but related flashbacks of Lily (with short black hair) at the restaurant. Grace and Zoe are very small (Zoe is still a baby), and Phil is darting around issuing orders. He also orders Lily to help as a receptionist.

Flashback - Rick
Rick and Karen apparently at the house while they're married, arguing about his long hours and how it's affecting their marriage.

Flashback - Lily and Jake
Lily and Jake in their bedroom arguing about him being late coming home every night. She is trying to save their marriage.

Flashback - Lily
Lily is searching through the restaurant for Jake and eventually finds him in the stock room beginning to undress some woman.
Lily goes to a convention
Rick offers to drive up and visit her at the convention (which is 2 1/2 hours away), in Madison.

Evan Fisher's Party
Several things happen surrounding this. Grace gets her first real crush on Daniel and embarrasses herself by attempting to talk to him between sets. Eli's friend (Roger) gets alcohol poisoning and Eli acts responsibly and calls 911. He then decides (correctly) not to drive home and calls Rick instead. Eli actually shows caring for Grace when he attempts to go after her when Roger spills beer on her.

The Leather Jacket
Judy lends Grace her leather jacket that she bought in Venice. Later she let's Grace keep it.
Episode Timeline

The Thanksgiving Dinner
The dreaded game of charades
Lily tells Rick about Aaron
Barbara and Phil see Rick
Phil confesses to Lily about his "lost love"
Episode Timeline

Something's Burning
Fire at Lily's house, caused by faulty electrical wiring shorting against metal junction boxes.

Moving on down
Eli moves to the basement of Karen's house

Young Eli
Flashback - Karen: Eli as a young boy (once in the kitchen, once in the basement hammering a nail, and once asking permission to go play at Coop's)

Rick as defender
Rick defends Karen - Eli makes an off-handed comment about "totally understanding why you divorced her" and Rick jumps to her defence. He makes it clear that she is a very good person and that Eli is completely out of line.
Episode Timeline

Lily tells Rick about her one-night-stand with Jake

Lily and Rick break up at the end of the episode
The Mediation -

Rick and Miles
Rick goes along with David to meet Miles. This leads, in a subsequent, private, meeting with Miles opting to work with Rick in preference to David.

Switching Tutoring Assignments
Jennifer changes the tutoring assignment for Eli by writing in Grace's name. She tells Grace that this is because she knows the person originally assigned but she trusts Grace more.

Appraisal of Lily's house
Part of the Mediation process, but Jake instead gets Real Estate agents to do this (Ed Cale) since the appraisal is free.

Silence on the phone
Eli calls Grace to ask her about his reading assignment (Camus' The Stranger). He then asks Rick to hang up the phone when he pick's up upstairs, as Grace asks Lily to hang up their phone when she picks up in her room. There follows a classic breathy silence when both Rick and Lily listen to each other do and say nothing while waiting. One of the most memorable silences of the show.

Rick cries alone in his room

Rick interrupts the Mediation
Unknowingly, Rick calls Lily while she's at Mediation to set up a meeting (see below).

The Awkward Meeting
Rick walks into the tutoring room to pick up Eli (who's talking with Grace). Lily walks in a few moments later and there ensues yet another awkward moment between them. Grace and Eli excuse themselves quickly, leaving Lily to babble about The Stranger while Rick stands there in utter dispair.

The break-up and healing
Rick attempts to break up with Lily at a restaurant (the very same one she broke up with him at in Episode 1). All goes according to his plan (painful as it is) until they finally say goodbye outside. The farewell kiss leads to more, and another classic, memorable moment ensues.
Rick: "I can't let you go".
Lily: "Thank God".
Eli meets Cassidy
She invites him to the ski trip and he teaches her to fix a cramp by pinching your lower lip using a pressure point

Eli lies to Jennifer
He gets a call from Cassidy (an event that freaks Jessie out) and when she asks who it was, Eli tells her it was his coach.

Jennifer catches Eli with Cassidy
Eli is walking Cassidy out of Karen's house after she's spent time with him in his room and Jennifer is walking up. No words exchanged, Jennifer just runs away. Significant part is that Jessie sees this and is deeply hurt and runs to her room.
Episode Timeline

First kiss
Judy and Sam first kiss in Bookstore

Judy in her tub with a mud mask when she finds out that Sam is married

Rick and Miles have a couple of Macintosh-based video conferences

True Love
Rick confesses to Lily for the first time that he loves her deeply and "cannot live without her."
Rick meets Phil
Rick comes to Lily's house and is greeted by Phil. The ensuing moments are awkward as Phil asks Rick his "intentions", and then tells him that he loves Lily so, prompting Rick to awkwardly reply "You're not alone in that", just before being interrupted by Grace's return. More awkwardness.

Announcing Divorce Proceedings
Lily ends up doing this several times. First to herself, then to Phil (who loans her the money for the attorney), then to Jake.

Valentine's Day
Rick brings Lily a gift to "help her where she's going" It is a live cricket to live in her house. Old Chinese custom to bring good luck.

Grace's First Kiss
In the High School Library, after a conversation about how Jane Eyre helps calm her, Jared and Grace kiss. This in interspersed with a black-and-white interview with Grace when she's talking about why a first kiss deserves a name of its own.

The first lie
Grace catches Jake lying about her writer's camp application fee. This is apparently the first time Grace recognizes that Jake openly and easily lies to cover himself.

The Restaurant Opening
Phil's reopens after remodelling.
The car accident
Phil is distracted talking with Grace and is honked at from behind. He pulls away on a green light but his delay has caused the opposing car to make a left turn in front. The accident results in no injury to Grace, and only minor injuries to Phil (cut on chin, left ankle bruise).

Name calling
Grace calls her grandfather "Phil" in an attempt to get him to move faster as they are leaving Lily's house.

Phil has a stroke
Lily finds Phil on the kitchen floor at 4am. The stroke is on the left side of his brain, leaving him unable to speak

Phil has a second stroke
While Lily is on her second interview with, Phil has his second stroke, leaving him entirely dependant on life support

The Passing
Phil passes away after Barbara makes the decision to remove life support
This is Aaron
We meet Aaron for the first time when Judy brings him to Lily's for the reception before the funeral.

The funeral

The memorial service/wake

Rick and Jake
Rick sees Jake as a normal person for the first time when he runs into Jake sitting in the little playhouse after the blow-up with Aaron.

Transfer of control
Manny informs Lily (and later, Jake realizes at the reading of the will), that Lily and Barbara together have a large enough share of the Restaurant to remove Jake if it becomes necessary.

Sign of the time
Lily gives Jake Phil's watch. This is a significant moment because she has very clearly come to his turf (the Restaurant), after hours, and taken control of the entire situation by telling him that Barbara has given her power of attorney over her shares, thus giving Lily 70% control of the restaurant and the sole ability to fire him. She then tells him that she will give him the opportunity to work for all their benefit, clearly placing her in control of his fate. Only then does she give him the watch, acknowledging his separate relationship with Phil, but also signifying that that part of his relationship is over.
Jessie kicks Paul's butt in Tae-Kwon-Do class

Black belt
Jessie earns her black belt

Rick and Lily meet Dr Leo for the first time

Meetings, part 2
Eli and Jessie meet Dr Leo for the first time

Eli has his car privileges removed for a month

Let's start a band
Coop and Eli talk about wanting to start a band - been trying for years, since they were 12.
Pardon mon affair
Grace finds out that Jake had an affair with Tiffany while still married to Lily

Now I know
Grace apologizes to Lily for hating her

The next generation
Grace's first date with Jared
Sam and Judy are discovered

Judy breaks up with Sam

Mine to sell
Judy announces to Lily that she's going to sell the bookstore
The families almost meet
Rick and Lily bring the families together at the conclusion of the episode. We never really get to see them interact as a group, but we get the first scene of all six of them together for the first time.

Eli sees Cassidy with another guy
As if to confirm what Grace told him, Eli sees Cassidy kissing some other guy in front of her house as he drives by.

Grace is confronted
Lisa and Rachael, who used to be Jennifer's friends, confront Grace in the girl's locker room to convince her that what Jennifer said about Cassidy's infidelity to Eli was untrue. They also confront her about dating an African American to which Grace gives one of the classic retorts - "Why are you a meshuggenah racist bitch?"

Naomi makes her choice
Naomi apparently decides to distance herself from Lily because she feels the relationship is entirely one way and Lily is too selfish. She also has difficulty handling Lily talking about Rick because she is good friends with Karen

Karen and Judy meet
And apparently enjoy each other's company. Karen visits the bookstore in an attempt to meet Lily and meets Judy instead. They talk about their current relationships.
Jessie's first day in High School
After apparently skipping from 7th to 9th grade, Jessie has her first day in the same High School as Grace. Speculation is that Jessie did all or part of 8th grade during the Summer BEFORE the month-long rock climbing trip.

Lily and Rick get caught (again)
After conspiring to spend the evening together, Rick and Lily fall asleep on the very same couch they almost got caught on in the first episode. This time they actually get caught when Rick is attempting to sneak out.

The pickup
Lily picks up Jessie from school for Rick and brings her to PagesAlive (apparently as she does with her kids). This is because Eli has Karen's car and is at SAT tutoring and Rick has a meeting with a client.

Father to daughter
Rick confesses his loneliness to Jessie after she opens up to him about her fear and confusion following the divorce, the multiple households, and the possible future with Lily.

Lily's quick day-dream of the life with Rick and the united families turns nightmareish with a view of Grace and Eli making out.

The Dreaded Monopoly Game
Two separate occasions. Grace, Lily, and Zoe playing the game. Then, later, Jessie takes Lily's place just in time to witness the argument between Grace and Zoe.
The former My Sister's Bookstore
Judy officially renames the store to "Booklovers". Initially, she was just going to name the event that, but Grace suggests (in front of Lily) that Judy should call the store that also.

Christie meets David
David about Christie: "Not pretty enough.";
Christie about David: "Gay"

Will Gluck
Handyman who builds the patio and fountain (among other things). He is Judy's match in that he is honest and up front where she is guarded and very secretive. He is less educated (I never quite finished high school), but seems more wise.

Rosie finds out about Jake
Rosie, when delivering wine and cheese to Booklovers with Tiffany, spots Jake's picture on the board and quickly leaves, making sure that Tiffany doesn't see it.

Lloyd Lloyd and Debra
They are introduced by Judy.

Tiffany announces that she's going to bartender's school to replace Rosie. This causes Jake some obvious discomfort.

Christy confesses to Lily that she's desperate (for companionship) to the extent that she even has a fully detailed fantasy about David.

Judy claims, all through the episode, that there's something weird about her teeth. They feel different on the inside. She tells Lily and Karen, neither of whom really take any notice. Only Will Gluck, who overheard Judy tell Lily, notices and actually understands.

He's married
Judy finally tells Karen that the Sam is married. She also says that he's gone.

Their first gig
Anti Inflammatory, Eli's band, plays their first gig at a Coffee House.

Doing the deed
After writing song lyrics together at Rick's place, Jennifer and Eli finally "do the deed".

Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder
Eli intentionally misses an appointment with Rick and Karen and the college counselor.

...All the ex-husbands run me over ...
Because he is so upset, Rick doesn't look behind him after dropping Jessie off at Karen's and runs over Leo and his bicycle, not injuring Leo.

Episode Timeline

Meeting Peg
  First introduction to Rick's mom.

Lily and Peg
Lily meets Peg for the first time while Rick and Peg are at the grocery store. Lily is late and they are almost done shopping.

Family insight
Peg and Lily have lunch at a Moroccan restaurant where Peg tells Lily about Mikey.

Oil and water
Rick's mom meets Lily's mom. This happens at Lily's house and the unspoken tension is palpable.

Life without Mikey
Peg's phone conversation with Rick's younger brother, Mikey, while Rick grimaces in the background.

Episode Timeline

The context is about to change
Miles informs Rick and David that the scale of their involvement is increasing because of interest in expanding the project to be an industrial part anchored by the Drentell building.

The Look
Rick silences Lily at the dinner table with a brief but obvious reproachful look. This lead to a follow-up conversation later when he takes her home.

It'll never happen again
When she is dropped off at home by Rick, Lily comes to his car window and tells him in no uncertain terms that she did not appreciate the "look" he gave her at the dinner table. He immediately apologizes. Then, as she turns to her house, he jumps out of the car and apologizes again, reiterating that it'll never happen again.

Worrying about the future
After several brief conversations, Rick suddenly seems to recognize that Eli wants to pursue music as a career. Eli is on his bed playing his electric guitar, and Rick sees behind him a small keyboard, then glances over to the desk covered in CDs, finally ending at the wall with the acoustic guitar.

Suiting Up
Miles surprises Rick by sending a car to bring him to a tailor to have a suit made. It is typical that the suit is cut in the very same style that Miles wears, and is clearly not one that is particularly flattering for Rick.

Red Handed
David finds out that Miles' delaying tactics since May were because he (Miles) lost his foreign funding for the building. Rick, armed with this information, confronts Miles who easily disarms him. This clearly frustrates David who sees Rick changing into something he's not sure he likes.

The small matter of our young David
The final scene of the episode as Miles and Rick are pacing out their empire, Miles casually asks if Rick can handle David. Surprisingly, Rick does not protest, rather, he simply says yes.


Meeting the shrink

The Birthday Party

Meeting the shrink - Part II

Collision course


The Learner's Permit
Grace receives it in the mail. Apparently, she was taking driver's ed during the summer, during which she shared a car with Spencer and Pace.

The First Driving Lesson with Mom
A very traumatic experience during which Lily is totally stressed and even forgets to wear her seatbelt.

Driving with Dad
Very relaxed.

Nobody's watching the movie.
On the date, Spencer and Grace go to a "B" movie. It is apparently some variety of Sci-Fi adventure flick. The theater is pretty empty except for couples making out. Spencer is talking incessantly.

Jake meets Spencer
Just before he lets Grace go on the date, Jake insists on meeting Spencer. It turns out that Spencer is wholly comfortable with it and proceeds to tell Jake all about his Tae-Kwon-Do experience with Pace who knocked him unconscious and somehow that led to Spencer liking coffee.

Jake "dissing" Tiffany

Zoe's Volcano
Zoe, throughout the episode, is building a huge volcano as a school project. We finally get to see it erupt, but in true O&A fashion, it is a slow gurgling lava flow, not a huge bang. A foreshadow of the Jake/Tiffany split, and the subtle change in the Grace/Spencer and Grace/Pace relationship.

Coffee for 4?
Grace and Spencer run into Jake and Ronnie at the Coffee House.

The Evanston Review
Tiffany arranges for this paper to do a spread on Phil's Restaurant, cashing in favors from her radio station. Jake obviously is happy to use the opportunity, but when it comes time for the photograph, awkwardly leaves her out of the picture.

Jake simply coughs and chokes when Zoe asks "Are you and Tiffany going to get married?"

I guess I broke up with your dad
Tiffany runs into Grace at Jake's apartment after she breaks up with Jake. It's an awkward situation after Tiffany tells Grace she's broken up with her dad, and only gets worse when she says she still loves him but he's not ready and how men use women and how things should not be that way.

Dream Sequence
Grace has a dream that encompasses both her obsessions at the moment - driving and Pace. This is interrupted by Zoe

I'm not ready for a boyfriend
It becomes apparent that Spencer fully understands Grace and is happy to be in her company without being in a relationship. He is more aware and honest of the situation than she is.

Episode Timeline

What's in Your Pants?
Lily successfully hides a pregnancy test kit from Grace, Carla and Zoe, but Judy finds it. Later, Grace finds it and figures out why Lily hasn't noticed that something is wrong with Grace.

I Do Not Like Her
Judy takes an instant dislike to Carla. Eli tells her she knows about trouble. Grace points out her past drug abuse when she realizes what Carla's really like. Carla throws herself at Eli and they require 'something' he carries in his pocket.

Late . . . For?
   Lily tells Rick she might be pregnant. He is shocked and a little horrified because he isn't sure how good a father he is. Rick is relieved that the test is negative, but Lily isn't happy with his reaction.

What Happened to Your Hair?
Jessie catches Eli with hair dye, but he says he isn't going to use it. Eli appears at the Pep Rally with bright blue hair. Grace, Carla and Jessie show their surprise in different ways. Carla doesn't think Eli needs the 'jock' label to feel good about himself. He is suspended from the basketball team, then quits.

Auntie Mame
Judy takes Zoe out for dinner and buys her makeup. She wishes she were in Lily's place, but that the test were positive.

Just a Little Dent
Grace is upset when Carla gets a ride home with Eli. Rick lets her drive his car but, distracted by Eli and Carla, she crashes it into a post. No one is hurt.

A baby, maybe, if that's what we want
Rick lets himself into Lily's house and finds her taking out the garbage. He shows her that he is the man she wants him to be by telling her that he is committed to her and that there might be a baby in their future. Will they ever tell the baby it could have been conceived on the washing machine?


Grace and Zoe fight over the computer
They are really upset because they are left alone so frequently. Lily and Jake decide to "bribe" Grace to baby-sit with a new computer. Zoe is then upset that Grace gets the newer, better computer: "So I got an extra sweater and she got five more years in a non-divorced family. And I think that means you owe me a computer." Zoe sets up the computer for Grace and they have a pillow fight.

Booklovers is successful
Lily signs legal papers while discussing the success with Judy. Judy gets upset because Lily stole her idea. Lily apologizes and asks if she can use Judy's idea.

PagesAlive lays off staff
Christy sends "stealth e-mails" to some of the staff to send a message to the venture capitalists that she has everything under control. Lily's in-box is empty because Christy needs Lily to watch her back. Artie the webmaster gets upset and quits. Christy stays up all night doing his work. Lily helps Christy get him back.

Rick and Lily have lunch
They discuss sticky eyeballs, pierced tongues, sistercide and the webmastermobile. Rick's not jealous of Graham; he just wants to know what he looks like and if he's a billionaire. Lily confided in Rick about how bad she feels about hurting Judy and getting fired.

Lily has a good idea
Christy dismisses the idea during a staff meeting but privately tells Lily that she likes it. Graham hears about Lily's idea and wants to use it.

How do you spell Ropaulski?
Christy tells Lily to find out all she can about Graham. She enlists Zoe to find his driver's license on the web.

Christy is resistant to Graham's suggestions
She doesn't trust him and thinks he wants to turn the magazine into a shopping mall. The venture capitalists think they work well together.

Lily gets fired Christy is a little jealous that Graham likes Lily better and she's upset because Lily had breakfast with Graham. After being fired, Lily goes to Christy and offers to stand by her for the meeting with the venture capitalists. The presentation goes well. Does Lily get her job back?


Judy and Paul
Total of 5 dates during which she really likes him to discovering that she needs more attention and intimacy from him, to sleeping with him before breaking off the relationship.

Judy and Will
A total of no dates during which she is really attracted to him but resists, to intentionally running into him at Lily's place to sleep with him before breaking off the relationship.

Eli and Carla - Interruption part 1
Carla tempts Eli into making out in his room with Rick in the house. They almost get caught when Rick comes upstairs to check on Eli. Carla hides behind the door while Eli and Rick talk. We see a glimpse of Eli's quick thinking to talk his way out a situation.

Eli and Carla - Interruption part 2
Carla tempts Eli into making out in the faculty restroom, to which she has mysteriously acquired a key. The get caught when a teacher comes in and again, we see Eli's ability to make up an excuse on demand. They escape without punishment.

Payback is divine
Judy and Will make love in Lily's room on her bed. Judy reports this as "very good". Their post-event cuddling is interrupted by Lily's return. Judy and Lily have a discussion about the difference between this event and Lily and Rick's rendevous at Judy's.

Relationship counseling
Karen comes to Booklovers to pick up books for her book club. The apparent friendship between Judy and Karen continues when they talk about relationships, especially Judy's "I have two men" problem. Interesting note: when Judy thanks Karen for helping her make decisions about her relationship, Karen off-handedly comments that she only wishes she could do the same for her own relationship.

The long reflective moment
Just after breaking up with Will, Judy looks back at Lily and the kids and there is this long, painful moment where she realizes she's not going to have what she sees Lily having - a family.


Just sort of friends
Grace, Eli, and Carla start hanging out together, mainly because of Carla.

Stuffing herself
Carla shoplifts some snack food while hanging out with Grace and Eli. She does this by stuffing handfuls of the packages into her shirt.

You're lost that sparkle
While killing time in Jessie's room (when Eli and Carla are "otherwise occupied" in his room), Grace happens on a jar of cosmetic sparkle. She starts to try some and is interrupted. For some reason, she tucks it into her bag.

Lily overhears Carla lying to her step-father (we presume) that she's had dinner with Grace and Lily. We are led to believe that Carla also has problems at home.

Sneaking a peek
Over at Karen's house, Rick becomes suspicious of Karen's behavior when he entered and opens her bag when she's doing something with Jessie. In it, he finds a Private Investigator report on Miles Drentell. This causes him to become totally paranoid.

Come shopping with me
Rick asks and then takes Grace shopping with him to find a present for Lily's birthday. The entire experience is awkward until they start talking about why people do things they don't normally do.

Why would she want to look pretty?
In therapy, Jessie starts to break down when she describes her mom (Karen) trying to look pretty for Leo. She is angry that Karen is only dong that now, implying that she thinks if Karen did this earlier, they would still be a family now.

Look what I stole
Zoe shows Jessie the sparkle she stole from her sister. Obviously, it's the exact one Grace took from Jessie. It's also the same one, Jessie stole from Karen.


Inappropriate Behavior - Part 1
In an apparent impulsive display happiness for Lily's good idea, Graham suddenly kisses her on the forehead. It clearly shakes Lily up. Later, she confronts him about it and he confesses that it was inappropriate but attributes it to his recent break-up with his fiance. Lily accepts this and moves on.

Inappropriate Behavior - Part 2
While trying to confess his "inappropriate" feelings for Lily, Graham suddenly kisses her on the lips. This is the point at which Graham clearly crosses the line. It causes Lily to rethink workplace ethics.

The Love Counselor - Session 1
Judy as love consultant. Lily bouncing workplace ethics questions off of her sister, and receiving relationship advice in return.

The Lover Counselor - Session 2
Karen comes to the store. She and Judy casually discuss her relationship with Leo. Later, Leo comes to pick up Karen and meets Judy. As they leave, Judy whispers (very like a sister-to-sister conversation), "he's nice."

Jessie and Leo - Take 1
All is happiness as Leo and Jessie return from a trip to the library. He's doing Karen a favor by taking Jessie, but clearly doesn't understand the "rules" and brings her back late, wired on coffee and cookies, and never called Karen to let her know. It is clear in this sequence that Jessie really likes Leo (counter to her earlier resentment).

Jessie and Leo - Take 2
Leo fails to show up or even call when he is supposed to take Jessie to the Museum. When Karen returns, she finds Jessie sitting alone in the dark - acting out the abandonment issues she already clearly feels from her parents.

You don't need to be afraid
While Lily is trying to explain to Graham that his behavior is making her uncomfortable, he begins to tell her that he "really cares" for her and starts to really confuse things with his emotions. He also tells her that he's willing to wait and see how things will turn out. In doing this, he takes her hand (which for some reason, she doesn't resist), and just at that moment, Rick walks in. Uncomfortable moment ensues while Rick and Graham get introduced and then Rick quickly extricates himself to wait outside.

Pardon me while I take this shoe out of my mouth
Lily, following Judy's advice, tries to tell Christy about her issues with Graham. Unfortunately, Christy is too tied up in the business consequences to see that this is a legal problem, and give Lily the worst advice possible - ignore it and it'll go away, don't cause a problem. Lily walks out in frustration.

I just need to know you love me
Before going to work to resolve her issues with Graham (and Christy), Lily first visits Rick at Sammler-Cassilli. She interrupts his meeting and tells him there there are issues with Graham, but never really tells him what they are. Rick (the caveman) offers to go over while she's thinking about what to do, and beat him up for her. Lily, uncharacteristically decisive, tells him to trust her. She just wants his support. "I just need to know you love me."

Where is this going?
Karen breaks up with Leo although it is clear it really hurts her to do it. It brings Leo almost to tears. She never really says the words "break-up" or "end the relationship" but it's clear what she means. The conversation begins with a simple "where is this going?"

The confrontation
Lily drags Christy into Graham's office and confronts him about inappropriate behavior. In this sequence, Lily (courtesy of the writers), delivers absolutely the correct language to Graham about harassment - laying out in no uncertain terms what behavior is unacceptable, and the consequences of continuing it. She also (correctly) did not accept any of the responsibility or the blame. Finally, she made it clear to Christy, her boss, that is a clear legal matter and has no bearing on business relationships.


That's it, I've had enough
David, after struggling to deal with Miles and his effect on Rick, finally quits. This takes Rick completely by surprise. The most surprising thing, though, is the civility with which they treat each other during this tense moment. Rick is clearly struggling with feelings of abandonment by the other half of his longest relationship, and David is feeling left behind by his longtime friend. The parting shot is when Rick finally pleads "I can't do this alone", to which David replies "You already have been."

Grace on the picket line
Rick, after David's resignation, walks out of the trailer and spots Grace in the picket line. He has a quick argument with her, not about her picketing, but about Lily not knowing where she was. Just then, Lily calls, and Rick eventually puts Grace on the phone with her, but not till after a shouting match that ends with Grace yelling back "You can't order me around - you're not my father."

David and Christy, sitting in a tree ...
David and Christy are finally formally introduced by Lily. At first, David does not recognize her, although it's clear that Christy does. When Lily goes off to get her bagels, there is a quick, sharp exchange between the two that is a priceless moment, ending with Christy giving David her number, saying "Don't ever call me", and David replying "That's the plan".

When did this start?
Lily accidently stumbles onto David and Christy having lunch at a restaurant. Clearly uncomfortable, she quickly leaves. There follows a phone call with Rick about when the two got together or even if David mentioned anything. We find out later that this is where Christy gets info on Rick's past.

Him? He's not with me or anything.
When Grace and Carla go to Rick's place to see Eli, Spencer is brought along. Grace seems a little embarrassed by all of this but it's not clear if it is because she likes Spencer, or she's just embarrassed to have him around. Spencer, on the other hand, is entirely himself, to the point of helping himself to Eli's sandwich from the refridgerator.

The maid left the door open
David and Rick are served with a subpeona for a hearing on Valentine's Day. The person serving the papers is an attractive woman, prompting David to tell her "... and I didn't get you anything."

Atlantor rising
The hearing goes badly for Karen when the judge overturns both motions put forward by her firm. This opens the way for the Atlantor project to proceed because the injunction is denied. At the end, Rick clearly wanted to go over to talk to Karen but is thwarted first by Karen pointedly ignoring him, then by Miles cutting him off to congratulate him.

Turtle Diary
Miles first mentions the turtle as a gift from his niece. It is a 16th century artifact in bronze (must have cost a fortune). Later, at the trial, just before the judgement, Miles slips the turtle to Rick "for luck". This is a rather significant gift, if the history of it is true.

We could still pretend it's Valentine's Day
A very painful moment as Rick, distraught over the events of the Atlantor project, Miles' behavior, and David's departure, wakes Lily up at 2am, comes over, and then presents her first with the 16th century bronze turtle, then what appears to be an engagement ring. Lily is at first happy, then deeply sad as she begins to feel that the proposal is not prompted by his love for her but, rather, his need to alleviate further feelings of abandonment. She gently turns down the proposal, but, significantly, only returns the turtle. Their final embrace. Lily: "Turtles are supposed to bring you luck". Rick: "Not tonight".

Episode Timeline

Jakes Birthday treat
It's Jake's birthday and Grace has promised to work brunch to held her dad out. Lily and Judy both say that they had weird dreams, which I'm sure means something, what I have no idea. [These are bad omens in general, but possibly foreshadow Rick's moving in and Judy's world changing -- cac120] Rick shows up trying to make things right between he and Lily after the botched up proposal. Judy drives Grace to restaurant. Before any of this, our little Zoe is trying to make her dad a cake, but burns it. What a cutie. It's a Saturday. Grace is scheduled to work as receptionist for the first time. Zoe tries to bake a cake (making a complete mess). Note: The alarm goes off at 9:32am, then the smoke alarm goes off a little later. Foreshadow of other alarms.

You sorta asked
Rick and Lily have a brief argument about his "almost" proposal. She claims it to be blindsiding. He claims not to have had a manual. Either way, it's clear that she's upset that he never actually asked her to marry him, rather, he just implied it.

Here's Nana
Spencer brings his Nana for brunch at Phil's, knowing that Grace is working there as a receptionist.

Tiffany returns
Tiffany shows appears at the restaurant unexpectedly. She gives Jake a present she's held on to for some time - a date book with all his important dates already filled in.

The Prima Donna
Chef Gian-Carlo picks on the lowly bus-boy Bennie. Apparently, he picks on all those he views as beneath him.

He's got a gun!
The busboy "Bennie" didn't like the way the cook was treating him. He was asked to leave by Jake because of the tension between the busboy and the cook. Bennie came back to have words with the cook. When Jake questioned why he wanted to talk now, Bennie pulled a gun. The cook sees this and books out the back leaving the entire restaurant to be held hostage.

Breaking News
The news of the hostage situation is broken in three ways - Karen calls Rick, Zoe sees it on TV, and Judy arrives - all within 5 seconds.

The right thing to do
Karen and Jessie come over to Lily's to offer support. Judy and Zoe are there, and Karen's friendship with Judy is evident as they hug each other for comfort.

He's good in a crisis
Lily admits to the police that Jake is good in a crisis. He seems to prove this over and over again during this crisis as he attempts to comfort his guests and to protect them from Bennie. He first tries to have Bennie let them go, then he makes every effort to keep himself between Bennie and them. Eventually, it is he who talks Bennie into ending the situation.

I've got something to tell you
Tiffany tells Jake that she is pregnant. Interestingly, there is never any question about his role in it. A sign that Jake is growing up and able to take responsibility. He shows remarkable understanding of her needs and never questions or belittles her announcement.

Do the right thing - part 2
Jake finally manages to talk Bennie into letting the hostages go. Unfortunately, he chooses to have him "do the right thing" because he's "a good boy". Bennie takes this in the worst way possible. Eventually, Jake is forced to leave, and Bennie ends it.

You have me
When the crisis is over and Jake has cleaned up the mess, he sits alone at a table when Tiffany comes back. The fatalist in Jake finally comes out, bemoaning the likely end of the restaurant because of the suicide. He ends by saying "... I have nothing...", to which Tiffany responds, "...there's me...". Quietly, he pulls her to him and kisses her stomach - where their child now grows.

I sorta accept
Lily accepts Rick's proposal of marriage by coming down after the girls are put to bed wearing his ring, they hug and kiss. Very good scene. --Judyb414
After everything is over, Lily and Rick are in the kitchen together. He tries to let her know that he isn't going to pressure her, while she tries to tell him that she wants him in her life. Finally, she shows him the ring on her hand. Never actually saying "l accept".


Let's all move in
Rick and Lily plan on moving in together to Lily's house, because "Rick's lease is almost up, and we have lots of space". Rick goes as far as officially spending the night there.

Family Meeting
The first official family (extended family) meeting apparently goes wrong when the kids decide to vote the meeting over. This, however, appears to be the actual plan as we see Rick and Lily give each other "low" fives after the kids leave the room together.

I can't do this
Jake, in a clear attempt to be honest and up front, tells Tiffany that he will definitely be the father to their unborn child - including money and support and feedings - but he can't be with her. In typical Tiffany fashion, she tells him that he's not a psychic and can't tell the future, implying that she'll hang around anyway.

How about a bay window here?
Jake and Rick bond while at Lily's house waiting for her to bring the girls home. When she returns, we see Rick and Jake banging holes in the wall looking for an oversized header. This turns out to be the final straw that finally wakes both Rick and Lily up from their glazed state and eventually really discuss the impact of moving in together.

Lily and I, we're getting married
Rick tells Karen (at her office) that he and Lily are going to get married. When Karen asks when, he replies that he doesn't know. There is a brief discussion about he and the kids moving in to Lily's house, which is the only time (surprisingly) that Karen shows she is upset, but even then, her reaction is subdued.

I didn't want to make this a big deal
Lily tells the Grace and Zoe that she and Rick will be getting married. Unfortunately, their reaction is less than euphoric. When she asks if this is a surprise, Zoe speaks for everyone in replying, "Duh."

Can my band play at the wedding?
Rick tells Jessie and Eli of the engagement, and here too the reaction is unsurprised. Jessie appears upset when she hears that they will be moving in to Lily's place and not getting a new house. Eli's only contribution is asking if his band can play the wedding because "we need the gig."

What are you talking about?
Tiffany tells Grace she's pregnant after giving more than enough clues for a smart girl to figure out. Tiffany and Lily unwittingly tell each other their news.

Poor Me
After hearing about Lily and Rick's engagement and Jake and Tiffany's baby, Judy wonders why these things haven't happened to her yet.


Love is Like Snow
Aaron and Grace understand each other and each notices when the other isn't doing well. She tells him about her feelings for Spencer. He confides in her about the voices he hears. A man comes to him and tells him what to say and do.

Snow Must Melt
Grace left the phone in her bed after talking to Spencer at 11:32 pm. Grace decides they should write about the hostage-taking. Spencer is having trouble sleeping and he starts to panic when they go to Phil's. Spencer tells Grace she's too intense and he's not ready for a girlfriend.

Aaron at Booklovers
After a child on a scooter bumps him, Judy tells Lily that Aaron is more fragile than Lily thinks.

Aaron at Home
Shelley tells Lily that Aaron needs to be needed. He helps to set the table. The number of place settings increase every night, until the crowding overwhelms Aaron. Judy tries to subdue Aaron and Rick helps to restrain him as Lily stands by helplessly.

Walk & Talk
Rick and Lily discuss their problems with their brothers. Rick help Lily realize that Aaron can't give her hope; it has to come from within her.

You're a good sister.
Grace and Lily feel responsible for Aaron's episode but they reassure each other. Shelley tells then Aaron is still doing well.

Episode Timeline

The Heavy Breather
Judy twice receives a phone call with nothing but heavy breathing on the other end. The first time, in the opening scene, she lets the answering machine pick up (while she does her nails), the second time, later in the episode, she actually picks up.

The leak
Rick and Lily (at 11:43pm) cannot sleep so they go to the kitchen to get some ice cream. Rick spots the leak and actually makes it worse by touching it. Later, we learn that the leak is because of ice damage (foreshadowed by the extra-hard ice-cream that Rick pulls out of the freezer). This leak apparently originates in the roof, through the attic, down the wall, and across the ceiling of the kitchen. Some leak.

The return of Will Gluck
Lily hires Will to do two things - fix the leak in the roof, and convert the attic to a workspace for Rick.

Jake's new flame
We learn that Jake is spending time with a new woman, Jenica, who, it turns out, is also his new bartender. By the end of the episode, Jake appears to break up with her.

Isn't this what you want?
In a strange demonstration of "support" for Lily's ideas and ability, Christy assigns her to work with Grahame on a special project to develop ideas for outside funding. This is a very uncomfortable pairing for Lily, and moreso for Rick.

Noelle, Noelle
Christy hires a temp to fill in for Lily while she is on assignment with Grahame. This temp, Noelle, is young, pretty, and not quite all there. She also seems to be a great distraction for Grahame, which further irritates Lily.

Is this wierd for you?
Judy and Karen have lunch at Phil's Restaurant. At Judy's questioning about the upcoming Rick and Lily wedding, Karen seems unaffected and shrugs indifferently. We also see Jake make a couple of inquiries about who Judy's friend is, eventually introducing himself. It is very telling of Judy's understanding of Jake that she whisks Karen away, preventing further conversation.

There must be some misunderstanding
Lily calls Jake to have him pay for half the repair of the ice damage (this by Rick's prompting). This happens to be just after Judy has told Jake that Will is rebuilding the attic for Rick as a workspace. Jake flatly refuses to pay for the work, thinking that Lily is making him pay for work that only benefits Rick.

Baby clothes
In cleaning out the attic, Lily discovers several things - primarily the girls' baby clothes, and an egg coddler. She gives the coddler to Judy but holds on to the baby clothes. Later, she attempts to give Tiffany the baby clothes (we're never sure if it's because she feels sorry for Tiffany, or because she wants to irritate Jake). Tiffany, in a display of style and grace, only takes one item, suggesting instead that the rest go to Judy. Later, we see Lily giving the clothes to a gushing Judy.

Caught in the act
As Lily rushes back to her desk to pick up something (her phone) that she left behind, she sees Grahame and Noelle making out. Her first instinct is that Grahame has coerced Noelle into this position and is harassing her. When Noelle comes over to apologize, Lily discovers (much to her surprise) that Noelle is doing this willingly - "Everyone here is so relaxed I thought I'd just go for it. Am I in trouble?"

Stop bothering Judy Brooks
Jake (in very Jake form) confronts Paul in the kitchen of the restaurant and demands that Paul stop bothering Judy. We see Jake being the family defender, and he ends the confrontation by pushing Paul around. We also see that Jake is still very frazzled by the gun incident.

Jake the defender
Judy twice makes Jake defend her - once when she mentions that Paul MAY be stalking her (leading to the confrontation above) and a second time when she thinks she hears a prowler outside of Booklovers. Instead of calling the police or Lily, she calls Jake (seemingly by habit) and he comes right over with a police officer.

Confused IDs
Throughout the episode we see that characters are often confusing one person for another in phone calls - revealing what they are thinking.
Jake calls Lily "Tiffany"
Jake calls Judy "Tiffany"
Lily calls Jake "Rick"
Lily calls Rick "Jake"

Shoe on the other foot
Judy goes to see Will in the attic to ask him to help her with a security system for Booklovers because of the prowler. He admits to being the "prowler" and also to making the two phone calls. He then opens up and tells her how difficult it's been for him after she dumped him. He also tells her that she's been the unfeeling one. Her response is that she's never been in this position before - she's always been the hurt one. She asks if he can forgive her and his response is immediate - yes.

Episode Timeline

You never cook during the week
Lily makes lasagna for dinner during the week because Judy is coming over and it's the first time she's joining them for dinner since Rick moved in. Apparently, Lily barely cooks during the week and so this is a surprise to everyone, including Rick.

I'm off dairy
Judy announces that she no longer eats dairy - after Lily tells her that they're having lasagna for dinner. There follows an odd conversation between Rick and Judy during which Judy goes on and on about the evils of dairy and that "we feed this to our children - they're humans, not cows!"

The Faint
While getting dressed for soccer practice, Jessie appears somewhat ill and distracted while Grace is talking to her. Then, after Grace leaves, Jessie passes out for a moment and quickly recovers. Her friend Megan, asks if she should call a teacher, but Jessie stops her.

The Call
After Judy finds out from Grace that Jessie passed out briefly at school, she (Judy) decided to call Karen and let her know. This proves awkward from two perspectives. First, Judy is not that comfortable with Karen during the conversation itself, then second, this becomes a source of anger for Lily who sees Judy as completely ignoring her relationship with Rick and preferring to deal with his ex-wife instead.

Judy tells Jessie privately that she was bulemic in high school. This is also when Judy recommends the book "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter". She comments that the book saved her life.

Time for a Change
After determining that the current approach doesn't work, Karen, Rick, and Dr Rosenfeld come up with an alternate approach - making Jessie's recovery like a job - rewarding work well done, and having consequences for work not done. Work in this case is eating.

We see Karen be the overwhelming presence in Jessie's daily life - smothering her to the point that Jessie argues back, even telling her to "please get out of my room". This causes Karen to visit Dr Rosenfeld alone to apparently discuss her need to be in control.

The Ski Trip
The underlying event through all this is the need to go on the ski trip. Every other even triggers off this subtle need. In the earlier b/w Jessie tells of her first time skiing - a family trip where Rick put his skis outside hers and they went down the mountain together. This could be a reference to Season 1's TBD where Jessie mourns the break-up of the family and the way things used to be. The ski trip is the embodyment of the healing process. Where it once was the memory of the great family moment, it now is the moment of breaking free - this will be her first trip away from Karen, her first trip alone. This will be the symbol of real trust of her by both her parents.

Episode Timeline

Jessie in the dress
Lily is over at Rick's and is apparently helping Jessie try on a dress for the wedding.

Enter the DA
Assistant District Attorney Robert ?? appears first by calling Karen out of the blue and being mysterious on the phone, then asking her to his office where he is alternately charming (in an absent-minded sort of way) and annoying as he tries to pry information out of her. We are left with the clear impression that he will do whatever it takes to get his prosecution - regardless of Karen's fears about harming Rick.

... and Miles to go ...
Miles reveals to Rick that he has pancreatic cancer. The only question not answered is "when" did he know - just recently or well before the Atlantor thing began?

Because you need to know
In probably one of the best moments of the series, Rick tells Jessie and Eli the situation as he knows it. During this, Lily enters his apartment (apparently, she has a key), and stands by the doorway to listen to Rick as he tries to explain the state of affairs as well as try to comfort Jessie. Lily then leaves without making her presence known.

You've done excellent work
In a rare moment of humanity, Miles tells Rick that he (Rick) has done excellent work "even of no one else sees it."

Et tu, Christie?
Christy gets wind of the subpoena, and calls Lily into her office. It is quite clear that she's fishing for information and begins by telling Lily that she's going to publish a story that Rick will be indicted. Lily falls for it and tells Christy in no uncertain terms, that Rick is innocent and there is no indictment in the offing.

I thought you could use the company
Eli cuts school and shows up at the county courthouse to be with Rick.

Bring on the Spanish Inquisition
The first day of hearings are centered around Rick as Robert asks pointedly one-sided questions, clearly trying to set up a self-incriminating reply. In this, Rick handles himself astoundingly well - telling the truth as he knows it and challenging Robert to either accuse him clearly or cease. While Rick's bravado may be good for his image and confidence, it does nothing to deter Robert who continues to pursue every little misstep.

Are you Rick Sammler?
Just as Rick and Lily are coming to terms with the inquisition, deputies show up with a search and seizure warrant. Rick, Lily, Eli, and Jessie stand by helplessly and watch as the computers and other documents are taken.

Episode Timeline

The Ex-Wives' Club
Lily goes to see Judy at Booklovers to complain about Rick's treatment, not realizing that Karen is there, hidden behind the bookshelves. After making some comment about "not being sure what Karen's said", Karen comes out and there is an awkward moment.

The conscience of Chicago
Rick is invited to a talk show to explain "his side". Unfortunately, it turns out to be a sensationalist witch hunt and Rick wisely walks out.




The Scarlet Letter
Carla sends a letter to Grace on red paper in a red envelope. Zoe guesses that it's from Carla, but her explanation on how is because the "return address is JAIL". In this letter, Carla says she misses Grace but NOT Eli.

The Scarlet Letter comes back
Eli discovers the letter in Graces' room and reads it, devastating him.

The Scarlet Letter strikes
As Grace tries to console Eli, he confesses that she's the only one who understands him. They share a moment and close in for a kiss.

The Dream
Lily has a dream about the wedding that turns out to be strangely accurate - it is in a room with white billowing walls, "nobody came", "Will Gluck was there for some reason", her mom is dressed in black, and she can't find Rick.

The Wedding
               The actual wedding happens on a Friday night, after Lily and Rick call off the original planned wedding. It is held in the back yard under the parachute tent erected by Will Gluck, presided over by Will Gluck, and conducted partially in Hebrew as faxed over to Rick by his accountant Arnold. Eli plays the wedding march on his guitar, and Jessie sings "When the red, red Robin, comes bob-bob-bobbin' along".

What is lost
Lily, pushed on by her vision of her deceased father, eventually asks Jake "what is lost?". This prompts the confession by Jake that the restaurant is pretty much dead and gone - the banks have begun foreclosure.

Zoe can't find her handmirror. It is Rick who discovers it in the refridgerator, but it is the ghost of Phil who places it on the top of the kitchen cupboard for Rick to retrieve later when he is alone with Zoe.

Episode Timeline

The entire "new family" is gathered in one way or another for breakfast. The world spins around Lily. We see squabbling and arguing.

Minor "Bust" #1
PagesAlive closes. Christie feels "found out" as the person who didn't believe hard enough in the company.

Arresting behavior
Eli has a fender-bender that leads to the police searching his (Rick's) vehicle, whereupon the bag of grass is discovered. Contrary to popular belief, and Grace's later assertions, this is a legal search due to probable cause, and that the officer got the driver's permission. We are led to believe that the baggie belongs to Coop, from whose jacket it appeared.

I'm an officer of the court
Karen sets into Eli and lays down the law. This is where she declares that there will be "no music" for him until he gets a real job.

Minor "Bust" #2
Jessie asks to stay with Karen full time because of her problems with Zoe. She also casually says "... besides, you're lonely".

Your band is so edgy
Lily helps Eli get a job with a Recording Studio by charming her way into conversation with a band that's unpacking. Eli is suitably impressed and this goes a long way to helping their bonding process. He begins to see Lily in a new light as the supportive, understanding person, completely opposite of his smothering mother.

You want me to shut up?
Karen confronts Lily in front of Lily's house. Rick is both literally and figuratively caught in the middle and is completely silent throughout the barely- civil exchange. The outcome is Lily agreeing not to interfere with Eli's parenting.

Yes. My life
Eli finally stands up to his mother, they way he used to stand up to his dad. This, unfortunately, triggers the ensuing confrontation between Karen and Lily.

Minor &Bust" #3
Lily tells Rick in no uncertain terms that he and Karen don't really understand Eli and seem to parent from afar.

Episode Timeline

Here's an idea
Tiffany casually mentions the idea of merging Booklovers and Phils to Judy who then takes it and runs with it.

Let's be partners
Judy offers Lily a partnership in the new Booklovers Cafe idea. Lily reluctantly agrees, knowing full well that she is glad not to be in business with her sister.

The Musketeer Movie
Karen calls Jessie to take her to the Musketeer movie. Jessie turns down the offer, saying that Eli would be taking her - "just the two of us". Only then does she ask Eli, who agrees and then immediately invites Grace - much to Jessie's dismay.

Can we talk?
Grace confronts Mr Dimitri for having embarrassed her in class the day before. This is when he challenges her to be brave - not the bravest person in the world, just the bravest writer.

Can we talk - take II
As a result of the challenge from Mr. Dimitri, Grace actually makes an appointment with Eli and then follows through with a very awkward meeting with Eli, after which she begins to write aggressively.

Don't bogart that ...
After the meeting with Grace, Eli apparently lights up a joint. This is almost immediately interrupted by Jessie who, for some reason, doesn't smell the smoke.

Another idea
Tiffany unknowingly interrupts a meeting at Phils between Judy, Jake, and Lily, when she calls Lily about the radio job. Lily, surprisingly, agrees to go to the interview and leaves hurridly.

I found her
Will tells Judy that he's found his daughter, Cayley, who is now 19 and living in Tallahassee, FL. "She waxes people's legs".

Eli DOES smoke dope, at least this one time, in spite of what he's said to his parent.

Judy DOES tell Lily's secrets to Karen, at least some of them.

Lily and Judy now have separate professional lives and they really cannot work together.

Lily's actually willing to compromise her ethical standards and lie on her resume to get a job, despite already having one with Judy.

For Jake, that Judy is really in charge, that Tiffany knows better what to do with his life, and that he is no longer in immediate control of his career.

Episode Timeline

Six Degrees of Judy
While Judy and Sam are talking at the "under reconstruction" former Phil's, Karen comes in. As they are sorting out how everyone knows everyone else, Rick comes in. Awkward moment ensues that is compounded when Lily comes in. This is finally capped off when Jake appears and makes the (failed) joke about "we should all have lunch ... or something".

The Audition - Take 1
Grace does well at her audition. This after a truly overplayed audition by a friend of hers named Ajay. The auditions are about to end when Jessie is announced. Apparently, she signed up late.

What's your sign?
Sam hates all the preliminary sketches for Judy's new Booklovers logo. Eventually, he brings her a single sketch which she proclaims to be "exactly what I've been looking for". This, of course, leads to their getting back together.

Can you sing?
Mr Dimitri announces that he will be adding old American folk songs to the play and then tells the students that they will be required to also sing. He begins with Jessie (who was the last to do a read). After Jessie's performance, the others beg off, claiming that they need time to prepare.

The Audition - Take 2
We once again see Grace's good performance in reading. She then has to sing and does an adequate job, although clearly nervous about it. It is after this, that she spills the beans to Mr. Dimitri about Jessie's eating disorder and the potential complications the pressure of the lead role might cause.

We can do this
After their encounter at Judy's door, Sam and Judy wind up in bed. They eventually agree that they can have a relationship without commitment and should just enjoy it.

That looks good
Rick and Lily are eating Chinese take-out (a Rick staple) and Judy joins them. They are apparently watching the "World's Strongest Man" competition. Sam materializes, bearing a cubist wall-plate he made as a sample for Rick. He is invited to stay and he and Judy retire to the kitchen to get the food. There is lots of whispering between Lily and Rick about the nature of Sam and Judy's relationship, culminating in Lily barging in to the kitchen to see.

Hey, isn't that ...?
Karen and Jessie are at the Coffee Shop getting a cappucino and muffins when Jessie spots Sam. He is apparently getting the phone number of the cute young barista that he and Rick met the day before. Karen whisks Jessie away, looking disturbed.

That could have come out of Lily's mouth ...
When Judy confides in Karen about her relationship with Sam, Karen takes on the big sister role, up to and including blurting out some of Sam's past misdeeds. It is the fact that Sam had an affair 5 years ago that most disturbs Judy.

We can't do this
When Judy discovers that Sam has had affairs before her (5 years ago according to Karen), she decides to break it off again with Sam. She realizes that she wants more from the relationship and that he has a problem committing to anything long-term.

Episode Timeline

My Associate has an opinion
After Dr Sherri goes overboard berating a caller (not the first such incident), Les gets rid of her in mid-show. He attempts to take over, but is unable to. In desperation, he turns to Lily who is only trying to get him his lunch.

Is Jessie home?
Dreamy Tad calls the Sammler house and Grace picks up. She thinks he's calling for her until he asks for Jessie. Apparently, he called Karen first who gave him Lily's number. Tad then, very awkwardly, asks Jessie out on her first date. This news is poorly received by Grace.

The Pearl Necklace
At one time, Grace asked to borrow Lily's Pearl Necklace (given to her by Phil), but was turned down because "what if you lost it?". Later, Grace sees the necklace out and after being questioned, Lily admits having offered it to Jessie because Grace forgot about having offered her seashell necklace and was nowhere to be found.

It's the shiny kind
When Rick drops Jessie off on her date, he gives her a new necklace he got for the occassion. This is the very same "shiny kind" that Jessie had said earlier (to Lily) that she hates.

Episode Timeline

Tiffany's Shower
The on-again, off-again shower eventually takes place. Judy, Lily, Grace, and Zoe are there, and Jake makes an appearance. The highlight of the event is the Goddess Circle orchestrated by Zoe.

Fall down, go boom
Jakes finally explodes when he feels barraged by unreasonable requests of him by all the women in his life. Unfortunately, he does this when Grace and Zoe are present and this affects him the most.

It has nothing to do with you as a father
Lily actually apologizes to Jake in private about her recent treatment of him. The heart of the exchange is that his behavior as Jake the husband has nothing to do with his behavior as Jake the father.


Spew Alert
As she begins her preparations for "Dead Bird Day," Lily's kitchen tap starts spewing brown muck. Lily gets increasingly upset about no one being around to help. Rick has to work, Jessie and Grace are at rehearsals and Eli is practicing with his band. Judy and Sam are not sure they want to attend if the other is there.

Raoul - Super Plumber
Raoul, the plumber, comes to the rescue, fixing not only the sink, but much of the dinner.

I have plans
Karen plans to spend Thanksgiving with friends Deb and Steve but cancels to spend the day alone. She's so depressed she doesn't even get dressed.

Karen remembers a happy Thanksgiving with Rick and the kids that weren't so happy as they appeared. Lily remembers happy pie nights with her Mom that weren't really so happy as she remembers.

What else can go wrong?
The rehearsals are going so badly that Mr. Dimitri makes the cast rehearse on Thanksgiving morning. After being kicked out of the theatre, the rehearsal is moved to Lily's living room. Grace leaves Jessie at school and she has to walk home. After realizing that Karen wants to be alone, Eli takes the band to Lily's to rehearse in the garage.

Tiffany feels a Braxton Hicks contraction and sets a lit candle on the stove.

Even though everyone isn't there yet, they sit down to dinner and the bickering starts. Lily yells at them for not trying to be a family, as a fire starts in the kitchen. Rick arrives as the fire department are leaving.

Lemonade out of lemons
Rick Tiffany, Raoul and the kids salvage dinner. Same and Judy decide to join them. Lily says a prayer and Jessie takes dinner to Karen.

























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