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I will be forever effected by the characters of this show. And that is something very special. I thank the writers for their words, the actors for their passion and life, and the producers who fought just as hard as we did to keep this going. I hope the fight never ends, and I can't wait for the third season to hit the shelves.
Brittany Krueger <>
Woodbridge, VA USA -
What an awesome site! I really love this show and I am so sad that they cancelled it. I feel the story wasn't over yet. Keep up doing the good work with this amazing site! Ít's good to know people still care.
The Netherlands -
Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!
Bob <Bob>
us, us usa -
I love this serie, I would like to know if I could find it whith sibtitles? Because I´ve tried to buy it in Mexico, buy I just Found it in English but without subtitles!!!! Thanks
mary <>
mexico city, mexico -
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
Sergej Brin <>
New York, NY USA -
I love this show. I would watch once and again every monday night on abc. and I have missed watching the show. So I have rented the dvd's of the show online and i got obsessed woth the show. I love everything about the show, the cast,the situations. Just about everything. thanks
Renee Henderson <>
Dearborn, MI USA -
Hiii ! I just wanna know if... someone have the audio of the music played before, during and after the kiss between Katie and Jessie, in The Gay-Straight Alliance... In the music section, it's written that it's The Innocence Mission "Today"... but it's not that. Answer me by mail or add me on MSN Messenger if you know what's the title of the song =] ...
Soso <>
Dear other fans,
I must say that I just love Once and again. I just saw some re-runs on tv and they hit me - like a few years ago, as well. Only this time I have myself experienced divorce, as well. This series is such a beautiful fun and gives you so much positive thoughts and energy. Wishing you all the best new year 2006!
Helsinki, Finland -
When are you going to bring the show back, it was too good to cancel in the first place.
Ken Wahl <>
Summerville, SC USA -
I am watching the show in re-runs and it still affects me the way it did when I first saw it. I still can't believe that it was cancelled.
Hey has once and again been cancelled from ABC1 in the UK
Phil Armitage <>
Leeds W.Yorks, UK -
I love the show, thats all i can say, Jessie rocks! (and Katie, Mischa Barton)
Annie <>
Helsinki, Finland -
i love the show.
Helsinki, Finland -
does anyone know why abc1 showed the first episode of season 3 and it hasn't been on since? when is once and again coming back on, please help, i need to see the rest of series 3.
Laura <>
england -
This was one of my favorite shows - I have every episode on tape but it's not a good quality. I will purchase all 3 seasons as soon as I can find them.
Angela Smith <>
Torrance, CA USA -
I love the programme-and watch it religously!!!!I cant belive there is only 3 series!! And ABC1 are near the end of series 2 already !!I accidentally read the previews of the rest of the series-oops!!I couldnt help myself-and I cant belive it -I am guessing that Lily is pregnant ... I cant believe that it will all be over soon!!!
rachel < >
London, UK -
I started to see "Once and Again" because of Evan Rachel Wood.
I realy realy love her,and because of her now I love "Once and Again".
It's a great show!
R, Israel -
Why is the Season 3 DVD being cancelled? I had pre-ordered it from, and received an e-mail the other day saying that it would not be released at all. Why is Buena Vista doing this??? The fans of this show have campaigned tirelessly to get this DVD released. It is only fair that they let us own the entire series!!!
Jean <>
Boston, MA USA -
I love o & a.I look forward to watching the show everyday on abc1.I am so addicted and i love and identfy with all the characters .I dread the day season 3 ends.Lets hope abc make a special tv episode for all the fans worldwide to bring the characters back together once and again!
Phil Armitage <>
Leeds W.Yorks, UK -
Hey! I just want to say that I really like "Once and again" and I´m sad about the fact that there are no more episodes. I hope the DVD box releases in Austria too because I can´t see this series too often. I also want to say that I specially like Eric Stolz alias August Dimitri and I´m so sad about the fact that he and Grace did not come together. Now I just say bye and I send you 1000000000000000000000 greetings from Austria!! love
Marie-Therese <>
Austria -
Hey you! I think "Once and again" is a great show. I really like the show!!! I also love the artists!!!
Austria -
Hello everybody ! One week ago, (august 2005), I've seen the show once and again "Deuxième chance" in French, and . . . I really really loved it! I know, the show is not anymore broadcoasted , but I would like to say that it's a really really cool TV show, and it's nice to see the little Evan Rachel wood when she was younger! Big Kiss to everybody ! Barbara from Belgium !
Barbara <>
Brussels, ? Belgium -
09/07/05 j'ai vraiment ador‚ once and again ici en france cette s‚rie passe trŠs souvent...quel chance!ma pr‚f‚r‚e et sans hesiter jessie sammler donc evan rachel wood elle est vraiment formidable c'est d'ailleurs dans cette s‚rie que j'ai eu la chance de la connaitre!j‚spŠre que cette ann‚e il pourront repasser les 3saisons de once and again!
alyssa <>
strasbourg, 67 FRANCE -
08/01/05 I sooo LOVE your show , watch it every chance I get. I would love your help with my home , if you are ever going to be near Thunder Bay , Ontario Canada, I would love to meet you and your crew !
Jocelyn <>
Thunder Bay, Canada -
Fine site! Respect
james <>
la, la james -
I like once and again very much and I love Billy Campbell. Where is Billy now?
rossella <>
priverno, italia -
I cant beleive the show is gone ill admit i was crying at the end i just hope abc will bring out a new series of the show. Iam now going to buy a three of the series on dvd so i can laugh and cry at o and a all over again.
David Stevenson <>
Montrose, Angus Scot;and -
Jennifer Ellis <>
Just to say that I LOVE Once and Again, I wish that it would be brought back. It is one of the only truly worthwhile programs out there. I am glad that they are playing the 3rd series on abc1! Also glad to see Stuart on E.R (wouldn't bother with it otherwise). Can't wait for the dvd release of series 3!!
Dawn Shields <>
Herts, UK -
Eggs <>
O and a is the best show i have ever seen at first it was bland and seemed to lack true family values but you soon move on from this and i learnt to like the show. I can,t beleive that the show was canceled after only three series since i live in the uk the final series is being shown on the channel abc1 i cant miss an episode i set my vcr daily to tape the show.My favorite characters are lilly and grace the acting skills shown between these two is fantastic. I truly love the show and dont want it to end.
David Stevenson <>
Montrose, Uk -
The show once and again i found a bit bland at the beginning but as the series progressed i could hardly miss an episode. The thrid series of once and again is just away to air in the uk tommorrow thursday 27 of january 2005. I cant wait to see what married life is like for rick and lily. Lilly Sela Ward is my favorite character in the whole show as well as julia Whelan i think. I only wish the show wasint cancelled to i could get more of an insite in to the lifes of rick and lilly to see if there marrage lasts or fails. thanks again for produsing this greate show David James Stevenson Montrose Scotland
David Stevenson <>
Montrose, Angus Scotland -
Hello! I just discovered this wonderful show that is O&A. As many of you, I'm dying to see the season 2 and 3. Hope It will be release one day... Congratulations for this great website. There is a lot of interesting informations! Bye!
Judith Reed
Montreal (QC), Canada -
Hello! Nice O&A site! I really hope Buena Vista will release it. Now that I've seen the first season on DVD, I want to know what happens next!!! I talked about the petition and the other stuff people can do to get the company to release it on a couple of bulletin boards, in case some other fans are interested. I hope it's gonna work! Véronique Québec
Québec -
"Once and Again" has been shown in the UK on an obsure TV channel between 6.00am to 6.00pm, sandwiched between shows like Empty nest and General Hospital. I am very impressed with the outstanding quality of the programme, the writing, the acting, and in particluar Ms Sela Ward, who really made the whole show work, and who has not been fully acknowledged for her contribuation. For a US TV production, this series rates among the very best quality drama that I have ever seen, and really deserves more credit & recognition. It's refreshiong to see a US TV show relating to "real life", rather than some hyped-up super life, which I suspect most people in the real world can not relate to.
Phil Barber <>
Manchester, UK UK -
Hello! I just discovered this wonderful show that is O&A. As many of you, I'm dying to see the season 2 and 3. Hope It will be release one day... Congratulations for this great website. There is a lot of interesting informations! Bye!
Judith Reed
Montreal (Qc), Canada -
I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been to your site since ABC announced that it was dumping Once and Again. I watched and taped every episode; knowing that this beautiful series would soon be no more. I never forgot the show; its quality and poignancy made it one of the best - if not THE best - shows I'd ever seen. Recently I got a DVD player that plays multi-zones; so I was able to order the Season One box set. It's been an absolute delight to see O&A again. I'm watching only one or two ep's at a time, to eek it out for as long as possible. Have asked Amazon to keep me posted if Series Two becomes avail on DVD. I'll be one of the first customers, for sure! I note that cable TV here in Australia is showing O&A again. Pity I don't have cable, grrr. Finally, thanks for the section keeping us updated on what the cast and crew are doing now. Hope to see them on Australian TV soon! Fiona, Australia
Australia -
I love Once and Again and I wish that the show would come back on.I signed the guestbook the other evening but it is nowhere to be seen.I hope this makes it on the board this time.Sela and Billy and the rest of the crew are just the best.Please come back.I miss you so very much and I love ya'll.Love Linda In Pa.12-20-04
Linda Noton <>
Hello and Merry Christmas.I am a really big fan of Once and Again and I was very sad when the show ended.I was always very excited when your show was scheduled to be on.I am a mother of four and I can relate with many topics you touched on.I smiled and cried with you weekly.Wish your show would come back on.Is there any chance of this ever happening.I hope each of you get to be with family this holiday season,and may the Lord Bless each of you.Sincerely,Linda
Linda Noton <>
Williamstown, Pa. USA -
I loved Once and Again. I've got the complete first season on DVD and I've been looking to Seasons 2 & 3. If anyone knows how to get them please let me know.
Cyndi Couey <>
Cleveland, MS USA -
I love this show and i love shane west!!!
elodie <>
france -
i wish it had never ended
I absolutely LOVE this show. I laughed and I cried. I felt like I knew all of the characters personally.
Patricia Honeycutt <>
Tampa, fl USA -
Norwegian TV3 ( is showing reruns of the second season on Saturdays (times differ, usually around 13.00 - 14.00. Swedish TV4 is showing 3rd season on Sundays. Times also differ. Around 13.00, though. ( The series is called Once and Again in both countries (sometimes titles of series are translated, but not this one)
Norway -
hi to all fans. the show has got many fans in slovakia too. we are watching the 3. session of the show now. many greetings from slovakia!!
Kezmarok, SK Slovakia -
I'm a big fan of this TV show, congratulations to all the actors.
Kristine Bauwens <>
Londerzeel, Belgium -
God! I have never in my entire life seen that show called "Once and Again". Maybe I will watch it if Lifetime brings it back on Monday. And remember, it WILL be on Lifetime every Monday through Friday at 5PM/4C and every Saturday at 11AM/10C starting 7/12/04. Keep watching Lifetime for more information on "Once and Again"!
Jamie Gee <>
Kennedy, NY USA -
I really like your site and how you have updated. I read all your visions. I guess the future is relative to individuals cause none of them are the same with only one exception.
Canada -
Great job with the website and petition lets keep it up to get the other seasons released!
Julia Landry <>
Baton Rouge, LA USA -
Hi, i live in Belgium and i love the show. Whe are watching te last season of the show and i can't understand why it's stopt. Can anyone telle me that? Many thanks and greetings from belgium!
Johan <>
Ninove, Belgium -
Ohhh my God. I love this show and everytime i saw it i used to take notes, all life's things and literature quotes!!!. (i saw it on cable tv so in mexico nobody knows it, and i wanted to coment this passion for it, but...) this program left trace on my heart and mind. thank you a lot fot this BEAUTIFUL Page Alejandra Valdez
ale valdez <>
monterrey, nl mexico -
Thanks so much for this wonderful site! Just when I was about to give up on seasons 2 and 3 I see amazon is taking votes. I love the new stories. And badly miss the show! Thanks for having this site for us fans!!
On my last message I accidently said Angelo instead of Mario. It was Mario's ending which I liked the best.
I liked Angelo's positive happy ending to the show. I disagree with the girl who called Jessie and Katie's relationship a highschool crush. ERW made it clear they were in love with eachother. the season finale left everything open for interpretaion so I suppose none of your opinions are wrong. Whatever we want to happen can happen the season finale was so upbeat about everybody's future and relatonships that I think we are free to assume things end relatively well. I am curious how you think things will work out beyond this time. is there any chance of a Jessie/Katie reunion or a Grace/Dimitri one. Most couples who are together at the end of a series are assumed to stay that way. thats the only thing good about a show's ending anything good is aloud to stay that way unless the viewer doesn't want it to. In my mind Jessie and katie stay together as do Karen and Henry.
This homepage is one of the best homepages about once and again I've ever seen on the Internet.
Bea-Angi Potter
Dresden, Saxonia Germany -
Glad to see this great site is still here, and updating the activities of the best cast ever assembled on TV. P.S. Susan Lyne and Lloyd Braun just got cancelled at ABC. About time those show-killing hackmeisters got the boot. P.P.S. has a page for Once and Again Season Two, where it does list it but as a set not in production, but you can vote for the show there as well, as well as on My tapes are getting thin, so let's saturate these sites and get the last two seasons out. I am greedy, but this show was/is too good to not be fully released.
Canada - is taking names for a possible release of Season 2. It seems that Buena Vista is trying to determine if there's enough interest to warrant a Season 2 DVD. So get to Amazon and put your name down so we can get Seasons 2 and 3.
Mark Berry <>
Statesboro, GA USA - is taking names for a possible Season 2 DVD. Buena Vista is apparently trying to decide if there's enough interest. So sign up NOW!!
Mark Berry <>
Statesboro, GA USA -
I loved this show. It was nice to see this site after the show has been cancelled for so long. I don't have much hope left for seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. In my opinion, this was the best television show there ever was.
Hendrik <>
Wingham, ON Canada -
I love this serie. My life appears to be like Lili's life. Actually (April 2004), through cable tv station Sony Entertainment Tv, I enjoy it a lot. Thanks all for this marvelous story.
Melba Lora <>
Santo Domingo, Rep .Dominicana -
Hi! Great website. Very informative. Thank you!
Sweden -
I loved this show. It was nice to see this site after the show has been cancelled for so long. I don't have much hope left for seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. In my opinion, this was the best television show there ever was.
Hendrik <>
Wingham, ON Canada -
I love this serie. My life appears to be like Lili's life. Actually (April 2004), through cable tv station Sony Entertainment Tv, I enjoy it a lot. Thanks all for this marvelous story.
Melba Lora <>
Santo Domingo, Rep .Dominicana -
great site, keep up the good work!
Very nice Homepage! I'm looking forward to visit Your Page again. Good work. Well done. Go on with it. Love, Tamara
Tamara <>
Havixbeck, NRW Germany -
I absolutely love this show and miss it so much. I am so looking forward to owning seasons 2 and 3 on dvd to go along with the first one. This was such a first rate show and I can't believe that they took off such quality and put on such crap in it's place! There is no family quality t.v. anymore and this show was such a groundbreaker in issues and the chemistry of the actors was unbelievable. I miss it very much and I hope that they will do me the honor of at least owning a little piece of quality t.v. Also, I think and feel it would be highly stupid to put season 1 out there and not let me have a chance to own the whole shebang! Good luck in this endeavor. I cannot convey my great disappointment if this should not happen. Sincerely, Linda S. Paine Thanks for listening.
Linda S. Paine <>
bristol, CT USA -
Hi, I'm from Argentina and OandA is my favourite show. Here, it's just finished, but Sony channel it's showing it again. I love it and ples, if you have MSN, add me:
Buenos Aires, Argentina -
Hi, i see once and again every day at 1:00pm in my country since october 2003 and Eli is very cute, i like he
Caroline <>
Chichiriviche, Falcon Venezuela -
Hi Shane West I think your charming and you got something really nice about you I like you as a actor The film league genlemen was really good Will takecare Love Sarah Please feel free to write back
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Great website! How wonderful to have a place like this for fans of OandA to come to. Thanks!!
FYI FAQ: O&A Season 1 was shown in Germany (dubbed in german) under a title that retranslates as "Once again with feeling". Season 2 and 3 never aired.
Germany -
Help us get seasons 2 and 3 of Once and Again on DVD and VHS. Sign the petition at the URL below.
Jessica <>
North Haven, CT USA -
You should have a reunion episode/episodes or bring the show back all together because i know alot of people miss the show including myself and would like to see it back on the air . . .Think about it really! That would be cool! Or atleast bring back the old episodes
Hi, I am a huge Grace/Mr Dimitri fan;their "almost" love story had such a big potential.Great story could unfolded. Too bad nobody realized, and they cancelled the show.
Zagreb, Croatia -
hi! prolinda !
lin_da_pro_ <>
put the show back on please......
sandra mccarary <>
detroit, mi USA -
Hi all fans! I have been a big fan of this TV series for about 2 years when it aired in Portugal. I just don't understand Jessie's age. She was 12 in the whole first season, when Rick went to Lily's house, on February 14, he told her father that Jessie was 12. I don't get it how she turns 14 in December in the second season. Anyway I love Once & Again and this great site:))
Sofia <>
Portugal -
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Scranton, TX USA -
I began watching Once and Again during the last season and loved it. I also bought the DVD of the first season and watch it over and over again!
Lauren <>
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I am originally from Meridian, Mississippi. I enjoyed the show and hated when it was cancelled. I would like for it to be on Lifetime.
Debbie DuValle <>
Franklin, TN USA -
Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :) Mic
Mic <>
Unfortunatley I only started watching "Onceand Again" as the series was ending but since then I have fallen completly in love with the show. I bought the 1st season DVD set and a fellow O&A fan was nice enought to send me the last two seasons. So I just wanted to say you have a wonderful site and thank you for caring about the show so much!
Tiffani <>
Clarkston, MI USA -
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Once and Again has unfortunately finished in
Mel <>
Sydney, S Australia -
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Hi, This is one of the best shows I've ever seen, I came to AUS from NZ in January so didn't get to see the whole thing. What I saw I loved, and watched it every day with my Mum and both of us wouldn't miss it for anything. The DVD set that you can buy, I was wondering if that includes all Seasons (1,2 &3) or if it's some from each. If this doesn't include all is there anywhere that you can buy them all? I loved every character and so wish that it didn't have to end, I will be a fan for life. Lou
Louise McNamara <>
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Hello to all Once and Again fans...! I adored the show and thought it sometimes dealt with real life issues but it also gave me the chance to escape my own life occasionally and lose myself in such a wonderful show! The music on it was fabulous and it was an all round GREAT show! (If anyone has a copy of Lily and Rick's wedding,plz contact me! Thanks!)
Ally <>
Sydney, NSW Australia -
When are the other 2 seasons coming out on DVD? I can't wait!!!! Is there something we can do to make this happen soon?? Please let me know. Thanks.
Jackie <>
Once and Again was my favourite show. I'm going to miss watching it. I hope they make more episodes in the future because this show was superb.
Katrina <>
Sydney, NSW Australia -
The last episode was shown today and I can't believe its already over. It made my day just to watch "Once and Again", it was so realistic to watch. All of the lead actors/actresses were brilliant in their unique ways of portraying their lovable (Eli) and adorable (Zoe) characters. I wish all the cast the best in future roles, and I hope to see more of Shane West, Julia Whelan, Evan Rachel Wood and Meredith Deane in the near future, gracing the small and big screen. Congratulations to the producers on such a brilliant show. Well Done. Amy
Amy Dudfield <>
Adelaide, SA Australia -
hey, was the last episode in australia today and it sux so bad i cant believe its finished was one of my fave shows on tv
B <>
melbourne, australia -
Just finished watching the final episode today in Australia. So sad to see this show end. It was really touching to have those final short interviews with the actors. Why oh why do they always end great television shows! I loved this series from the pilot and am sad that it came to an end so quickly! I am just glad that they decided to finish its run in Australia ... even if it was in the afternoons!!!
I just want to say I liked the show since it started I hope it comes back again if possible it be a sad thing that this show dies before the storyof this family is really has showed there light. So I think ABC has enough room to try this show again and it will show hem that this show can make it and do more then they think it has. Well thanks for letting me tell you how I feel Good luck in saving the show. Andy Hella Andrew keep off jion lino mplo offf keeep
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John <>
Plymouth , NH USA -
What a great show! I am very sad it has finished. It is one of the best series I have ever seen. I would look forward to seeing it every week. I enjoyed your website.
Jodie <>
NSW Australia -
Love the site. Hey there aren't any fans who would be willing if payed them to make a copy of The gay straight alliance ep if they had it?
Lara <Lara>
Silverton, OR USA -
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Hi, i've found your page in a search engine...greets from Germany!
hey just want to say that this show is one of the best that i have ever seen. it is a shame that it is over as we need more shows like it. if there are any fans out that would like to write to me please feel free to.cya
ruth philicks <>
Sydney, nsw AUSTRALIA -
I am not sure what this is all about yet. Chanced here. What would Bukowski do? That is what we should all be asking. Steve S. from -- come and visit to read stories and see pictures.
Steve Saroff <>
Missoula, MT -
Just surfed in. Nice Web site. Thank you so much for this. --- Calie from
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Just thrilled with my DVD first season set!!!!!!!!!!!! When are the other 2 seasons coming out????? I can't wait!!! Please post as soon as you know so we can order.
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New York City, NY USA -
Thank you for this site and greetings from Bavaria!
I watched this show religiously... very upset that it's been cancelled. You have an amazing site here, and I feel very fortunate to have found it. However, I missed the episode Gay/straight alliance (3x14). Since I'm a lesbian youth... I've been absolutely dying to see it. It's not out on dvd... please, if anyone knows of a way that I could obtain that episode I would be largely, emmensely, giaganticly greatful. I've been searching for weeks to no avail. Thank you =) Again, wonderful site. Thank you for making it!
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You have the best Once and Again site out there! It's great because O & A is still airing Thursday nights/Friday mornings at 1:30 AM on the Lifetime channel. Thanks for all your hard work. We especially love your funny captions. We are huge Grace and Dimitri (Julia Whelan and Eric Stoltz) fans and we like seeing the reviews of the 7 Dimitri episodes. To see a site devoted exclusively to Grace and Dimitri, go to
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i use to love this show. i would say i love this show, but i no longer can see it on my tv. but when i did watch it, i loved it. especially eli (Shane West). i like all the actors on the show but i LOVE Shane West. LOVE, ERIKA CABRERA
erika cabrera <>
diboll, tx USA -
Nice Page! Greets from Germany!
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your page is inspirational ;)
Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :)

Joe D.
Joe <>
Memphis, TN US -

Hi.I m 22 years old. I m from Lisbon, Portugal, in Europe, and I simply love "Once and Again". We re currently showing season 2 (they showed episode 9 yesterday). I took the liberty to read some spoilers of the episodes to come (ooops), and it will be a while before we get to the Grand Finale around here. I just hope they pass the entire show, as it is one of the few things I watch on TV nowadays (btw, it is NOT dubbed, fortunately we in Portugal can see most of the foreign shows with subtitles, in their original language, movies applied too). I just hope you get my message, from a fan of "Once and Again" from Portugal. Best Regards: David Lamy. January 21st, 2003.
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I really miss Once & Again, what were they thinking by canceling it? I can't wait to view all three seasons on DVD....although, it will just tick me off again that it didn't continue for many more years. I wish all the best to the cast members.....Sela Ward & Billy Campbell are awesome.
Trish Wells
Canal Fulton, OH USA -
I know I like when people sign my guestbook so I figured I'd sign yours! Have a happy New Year!
Conde <>
New York, New York USA -
I really miss your show. I thought it was the best show on TV. Everything seemed so honest and true to how situations really happen, often times I was uncomfortable watching it because the feelings were so real and close to home for me. I could relate to the children as well as the parents. I was off limits to everyone for that hour that the show was on. My husband had to watch our 2 girls, he's probably glad it's off the air. Ha. Please come back! P.s Billy is gorgeous!
Molly Kramer
Longmont, CO USA -
Hey, little fine page, keep up ;o) "I have done that," says my memory. "I cannot have done that," says my pride, and remains inexorable. Eventually-memory yields. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Marc <>
Germany -
I have bookmarked your homepage. Please keep this website running.. Cheers
Tokyo, Japan -
I LOVED the show.Even though it has been off the air for a while, I still miss It.Where can we buy the DVDs' in Canada????
Madonna Stevens
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada -
I LOVED the show.Even though it has been off the air for a while, I still miss It.Where can we buy the DVDs' in Canada????
Madonna Stevens
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada -
Wow. Nice and unique site, hope to see more soon.!
Melbourne, Australia -
Great page for a great show!!
Canada -
LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! PItty it had to end!!! Shane West is a babe. I live in Tasmania, we still havent seen the second half of series 2 and series 3. So this show still rox!
Megan Fair <>
Tasmania Australia -
Wow. Nice and unique site, hope to see more soon.!
Melbourne, Australia -
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this site is so good!!!! jam packed with lots of information i love it!!! Do you know if the DVD box set was released in Australia??
Emz <>
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Je voudrais dire que le site est génial, et que c'est vraiment dommage que la série se soit terminée seulement au bout de trois saisons. Surtout que la troisième saison n'a jamais été diffusée en France. Alors, j'en profite pour dire à M6: PASSEZ NOUS LA TROISIEME SAISON DE ONCE AND AGAIN !!!!!!
Stéphanie <>
Paris, France -
i love shane west's character (eli) and i would like to see more of him in "once and again" i want eli and grace to be together! they are perfect for each other (they almost kissed at the end of season 2) what's going on with that?
shelly reich
jerusalem, israel -
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This is the best show EVER, I can't believe they are acting? It's too real, Lily and Rick send shivers up my spine. I can't wait for each episode.
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I've only come across 'Once' last week - as the first series is now showing on our TV. But I am already hooked and I look forward very much to seeing the series unfold. By the way, what a beautiful lady, Ms Susanna Thompson is - a sheer delight! Much success to you all ... and again, a very thank you for the enjoyment.
Geof Band <>
Chesterfield, UK England -
I Love to watch the show and I really learned alot from the episodes.It's too bad,cause I was really looking forward for the show to come on.I hope they will continue.Good Luck!!!!! Lena. :)
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I am officialy a Once and Again fan now! watch it every schoolday (in holland) now its season 99-00 here, but I hope they go along with the next season after it
Grace Manning <>
-, Netherlands -
Great serie. Best cumpliment: it moved me. Its a shame it had to end...
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I have loved Once and Again from the very first episode. There are not many shows that I HAVE to watch. This show was one of them. I will miss all the characters. I would love to see the show back on the air. What was ABC thinking?! ABC has lost another viewer. I am a Once and Again addict.
Paula <palm24248>
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San Diego, CA US -
This has been one of the truly great American television dramas. This was a show that not only entertained but it educated. It showed us the compassion and generosity of the human nature and how normal people - everyday people, people like us- confront and deal with with their relational problems, how they deal with life. We laughed and we cried, because we recognized ourselves in those characters. And at the end of the show, we somehow always felt uplifted from life's trials and tribulations. The show will be missed. Quality television is a must for great democracies. Let's hope that there will be more shows like this.
Bob Swaim <>
Paris, France -
I'm dying to find out what what teh real season finale was going to be. They said something major was supposed to happen to Eli and for the first time in Shane's life he got a script that said show no one. I have to find this out. Hopefully you can help me and everyone who loves this show to find out. Thankyou.
kelli <>
mt. laurel, nj USA -
hey peoples wuts bouncin. well unfortunately i've never seen this so called kick ass show but i just had to say that Shane West is HOT!!!!!!
Stephanie Arbuckle <>
Miss you guys!!!!
Sheilah <>
Las Vegas, NV USA -
Hi. I very much liked design of your site. I invite you to visit mine. Yours faithfully Andy.
Andy <>
NY, ny USA -
I just so dearly wish that some miracle would happen and once and again would return for a fourth season. It was such a great show. I watched every show twice a week once on abc and once on lifetime. I guess it doesnt hurt to wish. We all have a list of hopes and dreams.
Georgia Carter <>
Barbourville , Ky USA -
Hello everybody - Just wanted to wish you a great day ... :-)
private Krankenversicherung <->
Frankfurt, Germany -
I'm so sorry to read that I would hope that this most beautiful serie continious for a long long time I'm so sad now and need to watch episodes by tapes to keep the characters in my heart Phil from Paris
Phil <>
Paris, France -
The should not cancel this show!
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The show should go on!
For sale by owner
I love your program and think it SHOULD NOT BE CANCELLED. It has just started telling us divorced folks things that we didn't know and how to deal with them. Also showing us that other couples suffer from some of the same problems, a kinship if you will. I look forward to it being RENEWED.
Janet Musgrave <Jon <>
Chicago, IL USA -
I love your logo design and all the design of the site.
Mikk <>
St. Charles, IL USA -
Hey! My name is Amy and I'm 16 years old! I've been watching "Once and Again" ever since it started and I love it! PLEASE don't cancel it! PLEASE! I love the show and it's just getting good!! There are so many fans that hate to see it go and I know now you have prove! I'm a very big fan and I don't want to see it go! It is one of the best, real, shows on TV and I truly feel I'm close to every single one of the characters! Once again (excuse the pun!!) PLEASE don't cancelled this wonderful show!! Thanks!
Amy <>
I am so upset that ABC cancelled it! I will really miss there being new episodes, but I'll watch it on Lifetime. I started watching O&A towards the end, but once I saw it I was hooked. It became part of my life (at least my Mondays)! I'm really going to miss it and I still hold a small grudge against ABC! Love you Shane!
Katianne <>
Austintown, Ohio USA -
Hello I am writing to get information about getting a hold of one of your episodes. I am a teacher at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz CA. I would really like to use the Gay/Straight Alliance episode 314, in my class as part of a discussion on tolerance and morality within our school. I would of course be willing to pay. If you have any information about how I could acquire this episode on tape please let me know, if not thanks any ways. I don’t know who actually gets these letters, so whoever is reading this let me just say thanks for taking the time. First let me express my appreciation for the Once and Again its a great show which I only began watching recently. I was sorry to hear it was being canceled, but I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Sincerely, Alexis
alexis <>
ca USA -
Dude, why the hell did they cancel such a good show? I cried watching some of them! It touched my heart! I'm watching it tonite @ 11PM EDT on Lifetime.
~*Sigrid*~ <>
Maple Shade, NJ USA -
they should make more episodes of Once and Again to bring it back to life.
Sigrid <>
Maple Shade, NJ USA -
wanner beginnen julie weer
kieken, 21 USa -
I wrote letter, I sent emails, and I still hold hope in my heart.....I love this show and feel so sadden that ABC has cancelled this show. ABC wants to get ratings and have a new fall lineup and they dropped one of their shining spots in our lives. It breaks my heart not to see this show every week, my life echoed the lives of these charachters so closely, they became part of my family. I miss them terribly. Funny how a television show can do that. But Herkowitz and Zwick are good at it....thirtysomething, My So Called Life, Relativity. I look forward to their next project, hopefully not on ABC. And I still hold out hope that by some magic, the Once and Again story will be picked up for fall. We all worked so hard, the cast and crew deserve a chance, as do we to see this story unfold so more as we know it can, again.
Rhonda C Elsaesser <>
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London, Kent England -
I suspect, I am the only one watching your show in Hungary... and that's because I have BG1-which is a Serbian TV channel, and I AM from Serbia... Anyway, I LOVE the series! The second section is being shown on TV right now, and I do hope that the third section will not be the last one... :-)))))
Monica Cora <>
Szeged, Hungary -
Hi. I'm a faithful fan of Once and Again from Hong Kong. I have loved this show for some time and I watched every episode of it. It's definitely the best tv show that I have ever seen. Brilliant acting and thoughtful stories made me tear. I just know this site and I'm surprised that many people feel the same as me. I really hope that Once and Again will return soon.
Inezza <>
Oboy commot there o! go fron, this place has been done.
usma yahaha <>
Actually i never watch it before but my friend told's cool and in the other reason . i like Shane West
Emma <>
Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi Thailand -
Hi! I`m from Germany, and my english ist not so good!! So I`m sorry! But I have a question, and I hope you understand me. We have not the Show O&A in Germany! But I had so much read about it, and I very like the show!! Now my question is do one of you know from where I can get the episodes? Maybe from a I-Net site??? a download??? Please help me, it makes me Crazy to just read about it. Okay, thanky you guys! Bye, Youre Faith
Faith <>
Germany -
Here in france, they're playing back the serie from the beginning in the middle of the afternoon. I've got the chance to work at home and have a break at 3:20pm to see it. It's the second time I see it from the beginning and it's kept its strentgh, sensitivity, accuracy in the expression of the feelings, everything that make it a great show and the best ever for me... Was terribly sorry to hear it had stopped after three seasons and hope the sos/rescue/defense oanda movements will bring it back to screen. Nevertheless, as said by rick to jessie in an early episode (in substance cause i heard it in french) "things change, we'd like they stay still because it makes feel secure, but changes also bring better things, greater everytime". So even if the serie does not come back may be someone talentuous will bring some new serie of that quality or even better though it's hard not to believe they were real persons taking part in our lives. cédric
cédric bouillot <>
Paris, france -
If this show does not come back, I'll be wondering what happened to every single character, beyond the final episode. This is the quality of acting & writing that Once & Again has always given us: to believe these characters are much more than characters, but have a very human and real dimension that you just do not see on television these days. Please bring Once & Again back: it's been the best show on ANY network this year.
hey!! i hope u guys read this.. i just wanna say that i'm not that king of girls who cries 4 everything but hey! this show really touched my heart please keep on air once and again
valentina <>
monagas, venezuela -
It's Saturday evening, 18 May 2002, and the first weekend after the "Anything But Class" network released its O&A-free Fall lineup... There's a bitter taste of hatred that lingers in my mouth: contempt for that piece of shit aka Michael Eisner, and his running-dog lap-lackey Robert Iger, who is best remembered for cancelling 'thirtysomething', 'China Beach' and 'The Wonder Years' all in one year!! It will be a cold day in Hell before I ever watch ABC again. Which begs the question: why do H&Z keep associating with these pigs?? (witness the treatments of thirtysomething, My So-Called Life, Once & Again, etc. -- QED!!)
Scott Wilbur <>
Verdi, NV USA -
I love Once and Again. I was heart broke when I saw the last show and realized no more. I don't want it to go off the air. It makes you laugh and cry. This show is the greatest. I don't know what I'm going to do when I can't see old episode from lifetime. Please bring the show back.
Nicole Littlejohn <>
Pasdena, CA USA -
I would definitely like to see the series Over and Again return for a new season. I looked forward to seeing it every Monday night after a busy weekend.
Jacqueline Duda <>
Northlake, il USA -
I just want to say I liked the show since it started I hope it comes back again if possible it be a sad thing that this show dies before the storyof this family is really has showed there light. So I think ABC has enough room to try this show again and it will show hem that this show can make it and do more then they think it has. Well thanks for letting me tell you how I feel Good luck in saving the show. Andy Hella
Andrew Hella <>
Tecumseh, mi USA -
I loved the show Once and Again and was so sad to let it go. if it was considered "the best show your not watching", dont you think its worth it to keep the show going? i hope it comes back soon!
Meg <>
East Hampton, NY USA -

I think Once and Again was the best television show that actually dealt with real issues of today. The families weren't wealthy like some other family shows that we have had: Ex: The cosby show For once we had a couple who dealt with divorce when Lilly told Jake that the house payment had not been made a lot of people could relate to her. The kids trying to get them all together for dinner I definately related to that. They actually dealt with things the way normal people do.The sister rivalry, but yet they are close who couldn't relate to that unless your an only child. I truly hope that we have not seen the last of this show. The chemistry between the cast is wonderful and the storyline's were brilliant. It was a show that will forever be close to my heart and hopefully be back!!!!
Christyl <>
West Carrollton, Ohio USA -
I can't believe ABC has cancelled this show. I've been watching it and have been hooked on it since it started. I agree that another Network should pick it up. I think it would great. I think NBC would give it the recognition it deserves (and keep it from changing from one day to another). There's soo much more that can be done with this show. Please, help them come to their senses about this!
Shawna <>
Orlando, FL USA -
I loved this show for three years. How can you just rip it off the air. Please bring it back. It really touched alot of people. Everyone at work loves this show.
Annalesa <>
chicago, il USA -
I still can't believe the show is gone! I have been searching for any current news. Are there any possibilities of the show being picked up by another network. Possibly a cable network? This was the only show I made a point to watch (when I could find it) each week. I was not even aware that the latest episode was the series finale b/c I don't ever have ABC on except to look for this show. Now I have more reason not to watch this station! With the garbage each chooses to continue like "The Bachelor" and the quality shows it cancels like "Once and Again" I don't feel that I am a market ABC is after!
Tina <>
Sacramento, CA USA -
Please let Once and Again return to TV in the fall. This was the best show on television in years I have never missed an episode.
Angela Nugent <>
New Orleans, LA USA -
I have been upset for weeks over ABC's cancllation of "Once And Again." I am going through a divorce, and this show was one of my coping mechanisms. The wonderful writing, acting, directing, music - everything with this series was so right. ABC, who does not know what to do with quality programming, really shot themselves in the foot with the cancellation of this brilliant series.
Patrick Waters <>
Edison, NJ USA -
Hi Melinda, I haveef="">>
Sacramento, CA USA -
Please let Once and Again return to TV in the fall. This was the best show on television in years I have never missed an episode.
Angela Nugent <>
New Orleans, LA USA -
I have been upset for weeks over ABC's cancllation of "Once And Again." I am going through a divorce, and this show was one of my coping mechanisms. The wonderful writing, acting, directing, music - everything with this series was so right. ABC, who does not know what to do with quality programming, really shot themselves in the foot with the cancellation of this brilliant series.
Patrick Waters <>
Edison, NJ USA -
Hi Melinda, I have been thinking of this for weeks. Why not mount or ask the producers of the show to see if the Lifetime Network would pick up the show?? They run the reruns and were the first to do so for a current show which I found fascinating. Lifetime did this back in 1988ish when they picked up The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd starring Blair Brown and it did well. What can I do to help? Also why is it that the producers of this show hardly ever get real support from the network. Look what they did to 30 something and My So Called Life. Oh well. All my best, Jeff Peluse
Jeff Peluse <>
Bel Air, MD USA -
This is a wonderful show. It deals with issues so many people are dealing with in their lives. The writers/actors are phenomenal. Please don't take it off the air. Thanks for your consideration.
Kim Castle <>
Severn, MD USA -
I certainly hope that ABC reconsiders their cancellation of the best show on ABC & on network TV, as far as I am concerned. This is the ONLY show that kept my attention & stopped the channel hopping! I could & did watch this show twice a week, "Once" on ABC & then "Again" on LIFETIME!!! ABC, how do you like them apples?!?!?!?
Nancy Crabtree <>
Bristol, TN USA -
I am appalled with the cancellation of Once and Again. I sent posters and messages to try to save the ever so popular show, much to no avail.. My question: Why are we wasting out time with ABC bringing back the show? Why don't the producers, writers, and actors themselves plea for a different network to pick up the show. NBC, CBS, or any other network would prosper with this quality family show that deals with realistic family issues and every day life. ABC will see what a mistake that they have made when the show goes number one and stays there.
Candice Carnes <>
Arlington, TX USA -
I have never been sooooo upset about a show being cancelled in my entire life. There are only 4 shows a WEEK (Gilmore Girls, Smallville and Ed being the other three) that I watch because the rest of tv is just so crappy and now I'm down to only 3. What ever happened to giving a show a chance to grow? I just don't understand tv networks anymore; they would rather keep junk like the Drew Carey show on, but not quality shows like OandA, just because the ratings are low. I have never seen a show that I identified with so much; all of the characters represents a little part of me. I cried during each show because it was so eerie watching fictional characters mimic my life so much. And I have to say that the last show was such an injustice to the show. ABC didn't even have the decency to end it with a well-written show, but instead gave us a hasty ending filled with cliffhangers that we will never know the answers to. This whole thing really, really, really blows. Sorry for the long posting, but I had to say it. This show REALLY meant a lot to me. If anybody wants to vent too, feel free to email me, ok? And don't forget to send those baby wipes to ABC!!!!! Take care, everyone
TLM <>
New York, NY USA -
hey luv ur site AND SHANE WEST!!! i want to meet him so bad
barbara <>
Calgary, AB Canada -
I have NEVER been so upset about hearing a show has been canceled. I hate to say it, but Once and Again is so important in my life and I feel so helpless to make a difference. Anything I can do from here other than send money??
Nancy J. Williams <>
Atlanta, GA USA -
I think it is a shame that the show was cancelled. It was one of the last good, quality shows left on TV. The stars were excellent and worked hard every week. It was a program everyone could relate to.
Margie <>
This show meant a tremendous amount to me. It's a sad commentary on the poor tastes of the American public that it didn't receive many more viewers.
Sandra Bregar <>
San Jose, CA USA -
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take once and again away. It was my most favorite show of all time and one out of two shows i really care to watch on t.v. my mom works at the ajc and her friend writes stories about once and again. for all the other viewers out there she is also helping to keep the show running. it is a "family show" for us and i never miss an episode.
atlanta, ga USA -
Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reni Packer <>
Toronto, ON Canada -
Thanks for trying! I sure hope we can persuade someone to do this show, even if it is on another network. Keep on Keeping ON!
duncan pope <>
Dubuque, IA USA -
I know it's a long shot and there are a million reasons why this probably would never happen (mainly money) but if Once and Again does not get to come back this fall, what about a campaign to have lifetime negotiate to produce the show. I don't know if Lifetime has the kind of money ABC does but they produce other shows such as Any Day Now and Strong Medicine, and they already pay to syndicate Once and Again every week I guess it would be mainly a matter of salaries, etc. Anyway, just a thought - maybe I'm just grasping at straws :( Donovan
Donovan Lord <>
Dallas, TX USA -
I was so upset when i heard that Once and Again, my favorite shpw is cancelled. Since I started watching it I have been a faithful fan and haven't missed one episode!! I am doing professional acting now and always found the acting on the show incredible and inspirational. Evan rachelWood is also extremely talented and Shane West is HOT!!! It's is the only show on that deals with actual real life issues while still being really good!. I hate all those law and doctor shows because they always have the same things over and over. Once and Again deals with issues like divorce, anorexia, drugs, sexuality and tons more, on a very realistic scale. I have never written on the internet like this before but I had to when i saw all the messages other fans have left here. Alot of my friends miss the show but haven't done anything about it. If all the fans of Once and Again can do something together and not just assume we are helpless, maybe we can convince those people at ABC to bring back the best show on tv!! Anyways, let's all cross our fingers! bye
Bring it back! Once and Again was truly the highest quality show on TV. The acting, the writing and oh, those story lines...I was drawn in by each episode and couldn't wait for the next. I hope that you will bring Once and Again back, for there never will be a better family drama for these times. My husband and I are nightly watchers of our local ABC new coverage, WJET-TV 24 in Erie, Pa, and wouldn't consider missing Peter Jennings on ABC World News Tonight. You have to bring back O & A. I recently visited NYC and the best part of the trip was Times Square and seeing the ABC studios
Lisa <>
Bemus Point, NY USA -
I am a faithful Once and Again watcher. And if I'm not home, the VCR will be set to tape. The whole story is so beautiful; the way that everything has unfolded, the good and the bad. It is so easy to feel just like you are there with Lily and Rick, and the kids, right there in the kitchen. I have laughed and cried with them every step of the way. Thank you, Once and Again, for telling the stories of life, sharing them with families in such a wonderful way. For not hesititating to go for the nitty-gritty things of life that nobody wants to talk about, the really important things that people should talk about. My husband calls it a "chick show", but he's right there with me every time to see what's going to happen. I think it's the best show on right now and I was very sad to hear that it's going to end. If the show could find a time slot and just stay there. Or, find a network that wouln't kill the best show on, we would all be happy. It's been wonderful! Keep up the good work and good luck! I love you all! Thanks
Diane Sullivan <>
I am saddened by the cancellation of this wonderful show and haven't missed one episode since it began. Please reconsider by keeping this show on the air. Thank you.
Barbara S. Cummins <>
Batavia, Ohio USA -
I am still hopeful that ABC will bring Once and Again back for a fourth seems so stupid to take off one of their best shows. Would it not be smarter to keep a show that fans like and look forward to watching, rather than axe it and find new shows to air in its place that no one has ever heard of. Please keep things the way the are...and if Once and Again is part of the line up next season, please leave it on Mondays at nine...stop switching nights and times...that is what took it off the air in the first place, people had no idea when it was on after awhile and gave up looking...the storylines were great, that was not the problem, it was changing days and times, besides once it was placed in the Monday night slot, the ratings started to go back, please, have a heart, give it another chance and bring it is one show I look forward to watching every week!!! Thank you -- Lindsey Wolff
Lindsey Wolff <>
I hope your efforts work and I will try too.
Rosemary Liverett <>
Warren, MI USA -
OH MY GOD! That's all I can say, I'm a college student and I work full-time and it's not like I get to watch that much t.v. anyway, but to cancel the one show I rearranged my schedule for is totally nuts. I wathced the show from it's birth when it was on lifetime, and I followed it to ABC (I NEVER WATCH ABC)! If at all possible, could you rearrange something and bring it back. I'm confused about what happened, but I refuse to believe it was the ratings. I thought the little twist that they did at the end by putting the African American guy on the last couple of episodes was cool (thumbs up)!
Tonya <>
Little Rock, AR USA -
Is ABC crazy or something?! I still don't understand why they cancelled this show (and I hope it still has a chance!). I love that show and looked forward to watching it! There's only a few on ABC that I like cause otherwise CBS/NBC have shows that rock - so I hope they get with the program!
Wendy <>
San Bruno, CA USA -
I have never missed an episode of Once and Again. It seems to me that the network used the old "keep moving the show around" ploy in order to to have justification for cancelling probably one of the best shows to air on TV in many a year. It angers me that so-called "reality" shows and other inane programs are kept on for years. I think it is a sad commentary to ABC to shut down a quality program because it claims no one is watching. Well, I'm glad to see that I have a great deal of company in protesting the cancellation of this show. Intelligent viewers watching an intelligent program (no bombs, guns or boobs) a novel concept I'm sure. If the powers that be at ABC really want to do the right thing. Bring the show back and try to keep it in one spot (loyal viewers will follow it anywhere) but maybe, just maybe the show will pick up new viewers if they don't have to search every few weeks to find it.
sonia <>
I had no idea that I had this many "friends". I did not know this website existed. I was so disappointed when I heard that "Once and Again" was going to be cancelled, that I emailed ABC. I never do anything like that. I told them that I couldn't possibly be the only one to feel that way. I had no idea that there were so many of you out there. Imagine my surpise when I accidentally stumbled across this website! Maybe there is hope after all...
Irene <>
As a man you has a blended family.....I really enjoyed this show. Although many times unreal. I LOVED Lily and Rick.....situations that this family has to go through. I was very upset that this show is cancelled. If you could bring it back....that would be GREAT. Maybe...Lifetime could put it in there T.V. schedule. That is another thing I really liked. If I had to miss a show..I could watch it later on Lifetime.
Vance R. Baker <>
Edmonds, WA USA -
How can ABC expect a show to do well with all the time/day changes? Pick a permanent time slot and watch the ratings soar! I suppose ABC is going to replace this show with yet another "reality" TV show. Once and Again was closer to "reality" than anything else on TV.
Brenda <>
Ishpeming, MI USA -
My most favorite show. The fact that ABC kept moving its time slot and it being preempted didn't help. Keep it same time and place for a season and watch the rating soar!
Belinda Scudder <>
Miami, FL USA -
With all the crap and violence on TV you would think this show would stay. I cried at the end of the last episode and can't believe they would take it off the air. What else can I watch but one violent cop shop after another. I learned soo many things from this show and want to find out what will happen with all the characters. I love this show and pray it stays on the air.
Marcy <>
What does everyone have against Zwick and Herskovitz? Another amazing production by these two is wrongfully cancelled. Maybe the idiot who scheduled the show on Friday nights at the beginning of the season should be fired instead of cancelling the show!
Sara <>


ABC and Disney, please listen to the millions of fans who beg you to return Once & Again for its 4th season! I cannot understand what you're thinking here! How can you cancel the best show ever? Please reconsider and make millions of people very happy. We all want to see Lily & Rick's new baby, and follow Karen and Henry's romance, etc. There are too many story lines to leave dangling, and this show is too good to drop!
Kim <>
St. Cloud, MN USA -
This was a great show and I was disappointed when ABC decided to pull it. The management at ABC don't seem to care about differentiating themselves by keeping high-quality shows on their line-up. I hope another network is smart enough to realize the potential of this show- and keep it on one timeslot.
Rachel <>
northridge, CA USA -
Why can't they leave this show alone? It is the only show I can relate to in my life. The kept screwing around with it's day and time, and I think if they do bring it back that they need to not stray so far from Lilly and Rick's relationship. This show is not geared toward teenage viewers, it's for the thirty and forty somethings like me. They got a little carried away with the other characters lives and the show should stay centered around Lilly and Rick in every episode. Otherwise, I am in mourning. Why did they have to hook you in even more with that final episode? Just rip my heart out why don't ya!
Jacqueline Kearney <>
Portland, OR USA -
I think that the show should go on, but if it's not making any money, or the ratings are down, then life sucks, shit happens, GET OVER IT! The show's off, MOVE ON!
Jason <>
why is it that when a great written show comes on the air the stations pre empt it with garbage or show repeats? thats the best way to lose an audiance?!? this was a good show. shame you take it off the air for more mindless dribble. law shows,doctor shows are a thing of the past. so are mindless sitcoms. try to get another "roseanne, or tool time on now there was good t.v.! bring back once and again, at least in made for t.v. movies once a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jack bozzi <>
waldorf, md USA -
I am very upset that ABC cancelled this show. It was one of the best shows on television. In my opinion the only reason this show had bad ratings was due to the fact that they kept switching the days and times of the show. Considering ABC really does not have any good quality shows worth watching, I personally don't think I will watch the channel anymore. Too bad for ABC, they let a good thing slip away. It would be great if another channel picked up the show. But I guess I will have to settle for the reruns on Lifetime.
Myrna Bridges <>
Troy, NY USA -
I am soooooooooo sad !!! :( I was an executive at our local ABC station here in Fairbanks, Alaska , and had many clients who wanted to purchase spots in O&A , but unfortunately , they were always all over the page with their programming of the show. How in the heck , do they get accurate ratings when they move around the programming as much as they did with O&A ? you cannot !!! O&A deserves a slot that runs them consistently for atleast a year , THEN they can check the viewer ratings and see that it is probably one of their highest rated programs. Ecspecially in the 32 to 54 demographic. In my opinion, a demographic where ABC could use some ratings . Lets all keep our fingers crossed . Luv, A VERY big O&A fan ! :)
Tami Dailey <>
Fairbanks, AK USA -
I love the show, so gut wrenching and intense. There should be more like it on TV.
Jason <>
Bloomfield Hills, MI USA -
My God! How can they cancel the one and only "reality" show on TV? It's the only place where I've seen fully developed and believable characters. I felt that I got to know real people. I care about the fate of each of the characters. I hate to see them leave. What can I do to help keep the show alive? Brian Heike
Brian Heike <>
Bloomfield, NJ USA -
I cannot believe that there is even a thougth that the show might be canned! That is ludicris! ABC does not know what they have here. They are sooo stupid to even condsider this. I have Watched my FAVORITE show since it started, i have grown to love each of their quirks. They deal with issues that really hit home, so if there is a way to save the show please tell me cause i will gladly do anything!
Jennifer <>
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA -
4/24 OK instead of directing everyone to which might not have the link posted for long, here is the article text below. Keep writing ABC, we still have a chance!! And vote for O&A on in today's poll about which show should not have been cancelled. TEXT: It's the show that refuses to die. Just like Elvis sightings, it seems ABC's romantic drama Once and Again is living beyond its death--which supposedly occurred in a series finale last Monday night. Or did it? First, the Drudge Report claimed that ABC, unhappy with its latest crop of pilots, ordered producers not to tear down the set and told the show's stars to keep their schedules open for a possible fourth season. Now, show costar Billy Campbell tells TV Guide Online that he received a phone call from his Emmy-winning costar Sela Ward saying they might still have jobs. "She called and said, 'Have you heard? It's not definite that we're canceled," he said. "Apparently on the same day that they canceled us, [ABC] called the studio and said, 'Don't knock down the sets, don't release the actors, and why don't you work us up a tentative budget for a Year Four.' "I don't know what to think," he added. "They can't even kill us with dignity." No word on whether Ward was simply reading the Drudge Report for her information, or whether the network really is considering reviving the critically acclaimed series from Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. By all official indications, ABC is sticking with its original announcement--that it's over. Said a network spokeswoman Monday: "Officially, all we can say is that Once and Again has had its series finale on ABC." No one may know for sure until May 14, when ABC announces its fall lineup to advertisers. The show's April 15 finale ended on a nostalgic note, with its stars speaking to the camera about how the series has affected them. Once and Again fans, whose previous "Save Our Show" campaigns were successful, continue to email ABC to bring the series back. But more signs have appeared that Once and Again is truly gone: ABC on Monday finally pulled down the show's message board from its Website. "That's not good," noted Catherine Challenger, who runs the Once and Again fan site, and helped pay for another ad that ran Monday in Daily Variety urging ABC to bring the show back. But "we are still campaigning," she added. "There's a lot of conflicting information coming out right now, and I'm not really sure what to believe. I'm still hopeful, but I think it's getting less likely that it will come back." Herskovitz, meanwhile, is remaining realistic about the show's chances. "I was told we're not coming back, so I'm working under that assumption," he tells the Philadelphia Inquirer. "But if all ABC's development fails, it's remotely possible they could bring us back. It would make them look good." That, of course, means Herskovitz would have to walk away from his role producing the upcoming Tom Cruise flick The Last Samurai, which starts shooting this fall in New Zealand. But he insists that he'll be ready if Once and Again lives on. "It's complicated," he adds. "I'd hate to see the show die. On the other hand, I've already accepted the reality. If they bring it back, I will be there."
Lloyd Lloyd <>
Seattle, WA USA -
Loyal Viewer - look at today and click on the link that says "Once & Again to return?" That is the latest info I've read.
Lloyd Lloyd <>
Seattle, WA USA -
I heard that some talk show said that they might reconsider canceling Once & Again. Has anybody else heard this? Please let us know on this site!!!!! I'll be praying that it's true!!!
loyal viewer
I absolutely loved this show! It was about real life. There's so many of us that are divorced and have remarried! This show demonstrated the real feelings and drama in these relationships! I can't believe they cancelled it! If they would have found a decent time/day for the show to be aired, they would have gotten the audience it needed!
Grand Rapids, MI USA -
What go the execs. expect if they kept changing their time slot. That is not a true committment to the show. I think the show had a great story line with real content and not always the happy side. It was a realistic way to touch the lives of real people. I for one am not happy about this. For once I wish they would admitt that the execs have made a mistake and add it to the fall line up. Then they would have my respect!
debra <>
Evansville, in USA -
I'm gonna miss the show, but I'm gonna miss Eli more!
Canyon, TX USA -
Why do they always get rid of the good ones??????
Leticia Tornes <>
Miami, FL USA -
It never fails. A show that appeals to the 40 to 50 Something crowd and it gets cancelled. We are the ones with money...not our kids (and that is the networks target audience) This is a wonderful show. It makes you laugh, cry, lifts your spirits and makes you uncomfortable. Just like a real family. I don't know if I have seen better performances on a network drama. Please keep the show on.
Pam Purtle <>
St. Charles, MO USA -
What a wonderfully emotion probing show! I hope ABC will realize the meaning of quality shows and the need to consider the viewers wishes. Some of their Prime Time programming that seems to continue on just falls short. PLEASE BRING "ONCE AND AGAIN" back!!!!!
Evelynn <>
, USA -
4/24/02 18:45 PST HURRY!!! Go to today's, as there is a poll to vote for which show deserves a 2nd chance from cancellation. O&A is leading the pack with 42% of the vote!!
Lloyd Lloyd <>
Seatte, WA USA -
The true quality shows never seem to make it. I want it back.
John L. Jones <>
I happen to love this show and was really disappointed that ABC pulled it. It is just about the only thing I ever watch on ABC and by pulling this they have lost me as a viewer. This program was delightfully open about many things, like melded families and the real work that goes into making that work and teens exploring their sexuality. I will miss that openness.
Anne <>
4/24/02 Look on the current page!!!! There is a link to an article about the distant yet possible chances of O&A returning! We are making an effect...PLEASE keep writing, calling & e-mailing ABC!!!
Lloyd Lloyd <>
Seattle, WA USA -
This is one of the few real people shows on tv I have been a fan since day 1 and the very season I recuit 5 watchers it is gone I MISS IT
Pamela Foust <>
Maynardville, TN USA -
The best and original show on tv!!! No other show has tackled mixed marriages the way that once and again has. Please don't cancel it!!!
Michele Di Brito <>
La GrangePK, IL USA -
I'm so unhappy about the show's cancellation. I called ABC and faxed them and sent letters to Michael Eisner. Isn't there anyway that all these emails that come to this site be forwarded to the "dopes" at the network so they can see the far reaching effects of their decision. Each and every actor was superb. Sela Ward is such an amazing actress and she is the character that I will miss the most. I really hope and pray that some other network realizes the show's potential and says to ABC, okay, we're taking the show!
Kathy Lewin <>
New York, NY USA -
I'm devastated that the show was cancelled. I found myself wiping tears from my eyes each and every week. Big mistake...
Mary Lou <>>
Wilmington, MA USA -
This is truly the best show that a large number of us are watching. I had no idea of what to do on Monday night. I went to bed early. I needed the rest but I also need this show because it is real. I am a social worker and it truly is the most realistic show on televison. They are crazy to cancel this show. Are you guys serious? Bring back the show. Bring back the show. Seriously!!
Robbyn Ellison <>
I too was very saddened to learn of the demise of "Once and Again." I feel like I was robbed of the only show on network tv worth viewing. The actors were a top notch group and the writing was outstanding. After perusing today, there was an article stating that the show may possible go on. Cross fingers.
Amanda Allen <>
Woburn, ma USA -
Please bring back Once and Again. It's the best show on TV ever! Great story lines and actors. Also, great writing on this show. Please please bring back Once and Again. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's horrible that ABC wants to/and has (so far) cancelled Once and Again. It's a wonderful, touching, and extremely well written show. I find it to be the only drama out there these days that doesn't have to do with the "doom and gloom" of the world today. For instance, CSI, Law and Order, just to name a few. Everything popular seems to focus on death, murder, etc. I really enjoy Once and Again and hope there is still light at the end of the tunnel.
Amy Gordon <>
Denver, CO USA -
i love once and again it was the best show I feel it is a real show with real life problems every body is wonderful it in it and i feel for there brother MR EISNER AND ABC NETWORK PLEASE GIVE US A FORTH SEASON PLEASE !!!!!!
karen gogarty <>
laurel, de USA -
I am so sick and tired of loving a show just to have it canceled! ABC needs to bring it back to Mon. or Tues. night at ten and keep it there!!! It is such a quality show with great writers and actors. ABC please don't give up on the show!
Dina <>
Just deal with it and let it end
claudia spadaro <>
glendale heights, IL United States -
Great show, hope it returns. what is the literary reference used for jake and Tiffany's wedding vows?
Annalisa <>
Well, ABC has successfully cancelled the last family drama on television today. It makes me so angry that they cancel a show because of a ratings issue. Maybe if they would return it for another season and actually keep it in one time slot it would have a fighting chance. No one never knew when it was coming on because they changed it so often. Let's hope they come to their senses and bring it back one more time.
Michelle Harris
I really enjoy watching Once And Again. I hope to see it returning on next seasons line-up.
Rene' McDaniel <>
Center, Tx. USA -
ABC is responsible for this wonderful series not garnering high ratings. They shifted it around constantly, and I never knew which night it was on after a while. I do hope they bring it back and give it a regular HOME on the same night each week!
Carole <>
Camarillo, CA USA -
Once and Again was one of my favorite shows. I looked forward to Monday night. On the nights I was tired and falling asleep I would tape it to watch another night. I was so disappointed when they said it was good-bye. Please try and have a fourth season. Thank you.
Linda <>
Temple City, Ca. USA -
Here's another contact for ABC (from E! Online) (And I hope everyone is doing the baby wipes thing! That's sure to get attention from the media!) You can write to their networks for support. For "Once and Again": Stu Bloomberg Cochairman ABC Entertainment 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, California 91521
J Roy <>
Lakeville, MN USA -
How can they cancel such a great show? I love it. It's the best show I have watched since "Thirtysomething" I hope another network picks it up, then ABC would be sorry.
Renee <>
Muncie, In USA -
ABC Will no longer have my support if they do not bring back OandA, It is without a doubt the best show that has ever been on television---
Wendy Pucino <>
North Kingstown, RI USA -
Hollywood wouldn't know good, family television if it kicked 'em in the butt. Every time a show hits the airwaves that makes us think as well as feel, it is cancelled for some meaningless half hour sitcom. WAKE UP ALREADY!!! :-(
Susan <>
Bastrop, TX USA -
The greatest family show on tv!
Lorie Thomson
Toronto, On Canada -
It is a great show. Is it really ending?
Anita Bethea <>
Newport News, VA USA -

I think the show is great!!! Its so obvious that Grace adores Eli. I alwayz like tt part. P.s( iTS TRUE eLi Is rEaLLi CuTe esp. In thE: MoViE a WaLk To ReMeMbEr)
Liane Lopez <>
Singapore -
I haven't visited you site before, but, as a long-suffering fan of Once and Again, I now feel compelled to write. I was incredibly disappointed, but not surprised, to hear that the series has been cancelled in the US. The show has been give the same shoddy treatment here in Australia, where it has moved timeslots, or been taken on and off the air at a moment's notice (sometimes no notice at all!). It was last taken off a couple of weeks ago. The result? We are only up to Episode 3 or 4 of Series Two - with no guarantee that we'll ever see the remaining episodes! When I rang the TV network to complain, they said that it "would probably" return later in the year (after the final episodes of another excellent series 'Felicity' - which the network has also treated appallingly). The woman I spoke to said that if it did come back, O&A might be on in an even later timeslot, because "it wasn't popular enough"!! Small wonder it wasn't popular - it was on late at night, with hardly any promotional advertising to make people aware of its existence. I only stumbled across it accidentally one night, before becoming totally hooked. The sad truth of all this is that commercial TV networks have absolutely no ideas how to sell a top-quality show to advertisers; much less market it to viewers. If it's not crass, in-your-face and full of cliches and over-tired storylines, they just don't want to know. Yours sincerely Fiona Marsden, Australia
Fiona Marsden <>
Australia -
I am so upset that this wonderful show has been cancelled. Who do I write to? There are numerous cop and law shows on tv, and this cast and shows were wonderful. The Friday nite slot they took away from then, and I will not watch tv afterwork on Fridays anymore. I am sick of the same old shows, like Barbara Walters demanding her 10pm slot back. Boring, boring. After a hard work day and at the end of the week, it was nice to be able to see a good drama with reaL STUFF HAPPENING in a real family. The schizophrenia show was excellent, and i just can't believe this great show is done. I don't get it., but if this continues I will no longer be watching ABC. Monday nites it was hard to watch in that time slot, but it was better than not having this show at all. What a disapointment to a lot of people. Sela Ward and ALL of the other actors are really REAL and true to life on the show. Things were really getting better and better each week. What now? Who can we write to?
Linda Ansnes <>
Lakewood, Ca USA -
I Hardly watch any television...and this is a favorite show!!! Someone please pick up the series!! We will continue to be loyal fans!!
this is a totally awesome family show ,based on the reality of what family is like when they are split apart
erica < >
phila , pa USA -
Hope it isn't too late to register a vote to retain ONCE AND AGAIN on the ABC schedule.
Jacqueline Wilson
Bethel Park, PA USA -
Does anyone have every episode of the series on tape? I am willing to pay really good money for it. Or if you have any episodes on tape, that is fine too. Please email me at Thank you!!
Lexi <>
Valley Stream, NY USA -
I just watched the LAST O&A(on 4/19/02). I always taped the show and was afraid all week to watch it. I just didn't want it to end. I have NEVER missed a show since episode one and I LOVED it so. What a quality show in every way! Outstanding and clearly one of the BEST shows on TV. Thank you CAST, crew, will be SORELY missed by SO MANY. I still can't believe it's over.
Kate <>
Dear Friends of OandA , It is a sad time to see such an amazing artistc work be taken off the air waves. I have watched Oand A from the beginning. Every episode touches something deep with one's soul. I could barely watch the last episode without tears in my eyes. I am so glad though that there are so many out there that were touched by OandA like I was. I so wish that I could have joined those of you in the protest outside ABC Studios. Keep campaining and God willing this beautiful drama will continue on. Whether on ABC or in books or in movie form. Its to good to let just fall away like so many others. Take care and ONCE AND AGAIN FOEVER
Hans Klassen <>
North Battleford , SK Canada -
Please tell me where I can watch the final episode. When and where will it be run again?
Jackie Luce <>
I used to be a viewer of Once and Again. I stopped watching it after they had two teenage girls "deep throat" each other, glorifying lesbianism. You had to go there, didn't you?
Travis <>
This is the only show I rush home to watch. The characters are believable, not like all the other plastic junk on television. Please keep this program on the air. All my friends and fellow teachers watch it. <>
To the Creators, Cast & Crew of "Once and Again": Please don't go! If ABC doesn't appreciate you, please find another network that WILL. Great last episode...and as I wrote in an email to ABC: "'Once & Again' made me laugh, made me cry...made me FEEL!" Not many television shows can do that. Thanks for bringing this great show to all of us. Hopefully, you'll be back soon; but if not, YOU WILL BE MISSED!
San Francisco, CA USA -
O&A was my favorite show and just when i started to watch it every time it was on it got cancled, please put it back on!!
Missi <>
issaquah, Wa USA -
I am still morning the loss of our favorite show. This was the one show my husband and I truly loved to watch together. I am going to support Once and Again until we can get it back on the air. I was actuallly shocked at the end of this episode to see that it was the end. I must have been living in a cave not to have known!! I will do my part to get it back!!!!
Lemya <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -
ABC's decision to cancel the show was a big mistake. I wish there was something that could have been done to enable the show to continue.
Melinda <>
Los, CA CA -
I am totally devastated not to have seen the final episode. I had set my VCR to tape since I was not going to be home. Alas, the power went out. Is there any way I can get a copy of the final episode?
Melanie <>
This show has been a favorite of mine since it first aired. I could count on 1 hand the shows I follow. The writing was extrodinary as was each actor who fit his or her part perfectly. You will be missed by many.
Laurie Patrick <>
Bakersfield, CA. USA -
I can't believe that ABC has canceled this wonderful show. This is the first show I have been hooked on in a long time. I can miss just about any show but this one. I really hope they bring it back - there was so much more t it back - there was so much more t