Lily's House
ADDRESS: In Deerfield, Illinois, on Oak Street OUTSIDE COLOR: ??
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First Floor

Second Floor
I'll take you on a tour of Lily's house as though we are walking through it.

First I should say that it is a rectangle with bump outs at the back left for the laundry room and booth / Lily's bathroom and on the left front for the garage. I don't know about sizes; when I was drawing my plan I kept moving things until the proportions looked right. The front part of the living room is the same width as the kitchen -- maybe 12'. The foyer is narrower, maybe 10'.

We enter through the front door, at the centre of the facade. It has side lites, is hinged on the left and swings into the house. Straight ahead is the single-door-sized arch to the dining room. I think it is in the centre of the foyer wall, but it is not in the centre of the dining room. To the right is the double-sized arch into the living room, also centred on the foyer wall. On the left, at the back of the foyer, a hall runs to the side wall of the house, ending with a window. There is an arch at the beginning of the hallway. The stairs start at the end of the hall, and run against the left wall back toward the door, turn with a small landing and go up over the door. The stairs lose their support wall just before the door, making that little corner where the coat hooks are, and the mirror just inside the door. There is a window on the stairs, directly over the door. I think that the stairs end at the edge of the foyer, even though this seems to give the main floor very high ceilings.

Come back down the stairs now and we'll go into the living room, still looking at it from the front of the house. There are two windows on the front wall. The right hand wall has a fire place in the centre and a large window on either side. The left wall has the aforementioned arch into the foyer, with two steps that are rounded on the edges (it is actually three steps down, but draw 2 on the plan), and a jog, setting it back about 2 feet into the dining room space. The jog is just a bit wider than a bookcase. There is another wide arch in the centre of the wall between the living and dining rooms. Centred on the back wall are French doors.

From the foyer, there are two steps down into the dining room, again they are rounded on the edges. The right wall has the arch to the living room. There are two windows on the back wall. The left wall has two more steps up to a single arch into the kitchen.

Between the kitchen and dining rooms is a long narrow space that I believe to be basement stairs. Draw them from the hallway to the dining room arch on the kitchen side of the wall. The door is in the hallway and is hinged on the left. I think it swings into the stairs, which probably means there is a small landing at the top of the stairs.

Now into the kitchen. On the wall by the stairs, starting at the front, there is a pantry cabinet, a counter that is two cabinets wide and the double wide stove. This ends just short of the end of the stairs / corner going to dining room. Back to the front of the kitchen. There is a space between the hallway and the kitchen cabinets on the left. This was once part of that disappearing bathroom and I suspect that they didn't want to have to replace the kitchen cabinets when they changed the floorplan so this is now an empty space. If you want to give it a designation on the plan, say that it is for plumbing and heating ducts. If we ever get to see the basement, maybe the furnace is below this space. Anyway, the cabinets on the other side of this space are 4 wide and wrap around the corner another 2. (The yellow mixer is often in this corner.) Then the upper cabinets stop for the window above the double sink. I think that there are 2 more cabinets above and the dishwasher below and then the side-by-side refrigerator. There is a small space, about 2 feet or less, between the 'fridge and the back wall. (In the pilot, there was a narrower 'fridge and a broom closet.) Lily still keeps her brooms in this corner.

The back wall of the kitchen is wider because of the little hall to the dining room behind the basement stairs. This is also where the bump out is. I think it is about 7 feet wide, just wide enough for the washer and dryer to be squeezed in. The door into the laundry room is hinged on the left, swinging into the kitchen, starting about 3 feet from the corner with the brooms. To the right of the door is a 2 cabinet counter. Between the counter and the dining room door is the booth with a window at the back of it. In the laundry room the washer and dryer are behind the little kitchen cabinet, sharing a wall with the booth. The dryer is closer to the kitchen. There is a window centred in the back wall. On the left wall is the back door. It is centred and is hinged from the front, swinging into the room. There is a table island in the centre of the kitchen floor.

If you go back to the hallway, there are two more arches. One into the kitchen and another across the hall just to the right (continue the line from the front of the pantry cabinet). On either side of this arch is a door into the mystery rooms. They are both close to the arch, hinged on the outside edges and swing into the rooms. The mystery room has two windows on the front wall that mirror the living room. My best guess is that the door on the right, closer to the stairs goes into a bathroom. This room would be a small rectangle, leaving a larger L-shaped room. This room might have a fireplace (because it is below the one in Lily's room) and there may also be a closet under the stair landing.

I hope that's enough to get you started; I'll do the upstairs later. Let me know if you have any questions about this. If you want furniture, I can do that too, but she does move it around a bit. Have fun doing the drawing.

Catherine, aka CAC

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