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Millennium Quilt

1. Jan
Crossword puzzle with the names of cast and crew members

2. Ashley -
Starburst with cast names

3. Charles
2 into 1
Two families
Two exes
Two lives

Two hearts
Two souls
Two lives

One day
One glance
One light

One passion
One love
One life

Happy 2001

4. Doreen
Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Still Addicted to Once and Again
10. It's not illegal, there's no hangover, and it doesn't cause me to gain weight.
9. Brilliant writing.
8. Emmy award worthy performances by every member of the cast.
7. Outstanding direction.
6. Long periods of anticipation thanks to ABC rarely airing reruns (thank God for Lifetime and VCR's).
5. "Mediation", "Mediation", "Mediation"…Thank God!
4. Wonderful people I met on the Once and Again message board to share my addiction with.
3. A second season that achieves the incredibly high standards established by the first season.
2. All of the beautiful revealing moments in "Let's Spend the Night Together".
And the #1 Reason Why I'm Still Addicted:
I never have to resolve on New Year's Eve to give it up!
I wish the remarkable cast and crew of Once and Again continued creative
success in the new millennium - and lots and lots of renewals!

5. Jeanne
2 = Two Wonderful, Memorable Seasons
0 = There's None Other That Can Compare
0 = It Touches My Heart Like No Other Show, and I can't wait to see what happens to Rick and Lily and everyone on Once and Again in the ...
1 = First Year of the New Millennium

6. Jeff
An "As We Enter the True New Millennium" Toast
To Marshall and Ed: for seeing the talent in everyone around them that makes this show the moment we wait for every week
To Sela: for taking on a project that might not have happened if she hadn't wanted to "feel safe"
To Billy: for raising the bar for the rest of the romantic and chivalrous men out there! (I count myself among them)
To Shane: for sharing his many talents this season, and for having the guts to pursue them all
To Julia: for continuing to grow as an actress and portraying the angst that every viewer has gone through with sincerity and honesty
To Evan: for portraying the daughter I one day hope to have
To Meredith: who sometimes can steal a scene with one line, and make us all smile in doing so
To Marin: who continues to glow in spite of the huge starlights around her
To Susanna and Jeff: without whom this show would feel quite incomplete

You all have touched my life without planning to do so. I don't fit in the demographic you aim for, I can't relate to characters that are divorced, children of divorce, or who have had to deal with the death of a parent. I'm just a single 20-something male, searching for his place in the world, and his place in the lives around him. Despite all of that, you have given me characters to whom I am drawn, the best reason to watch TV in the past two years and above all friends across the country with whom I can share this experience. In return, I've given you my respect, my admiration, my tears on occasion, and my loyal support for as long as this trip continues

To the New Year, and the New Millenium: Cheers!

7. Judy
To the Cast and Crew
On 9/21/99 you gave us Boy Meets Girl.
And we all thought it couldn't get better then this.
You proved us wrong.
On 1/24/00 you gave us Mediation and blew us away.
What will the new Millennium bring us?
We look forward to finding out.
It's been a hell of a ride so far.
Thanks for bringing love, laughter and yes even tears into our lives.

8. Karen

(this is difficult to copy because it is the cover of a "script" with a red X going through it and a message that says: "YOU have to write your own script for the new millennium-- Begin with grand ideas, a lot of plans, high expectations, a sense of humor and a big ol' smile! "

2001 - The True New Millennium
Story by Karen Ramsey
Teleplay by Karen Ramsey
First Draft: December 31, 2000
(C) 2000, Ramsey Productions. All rights reserved. No part of this teleplay may be reproduced without the express permission of Ramsey Productions

9. Lauren
Once & Again a Door Opens
Thank you Creators and Cast
I have found my soul again

10. Lyn
(pictures of various means of transportation and a Tae Kwon Do emblem with the wording below)
No Matter Your Choice
Move Into the New Millennium with a Vengeance!

11. Paula
Once and Again

I want to thank you for creating this wonderful show. It came along in a time in my life when I thought I was missing something. I have never had a show affect me as much as much as this one has. The cast, writing and directing is beyond amazing.

The chemistry between the actors on the show is the best I have ever seen. This show is witty, charming and full of human emotion. It premiered on my birthday and I will forever be grateful for the best Birthday gift I ever received - A Remarkable Television Show.

12. Sheila
Though history's filled with tales of love,
Of heights and depths of true devotion,
Those which sing of new love found
Are those to which our hearts are bound.

There's something in those tales of woe
That after trial and torment find
The rainbow's end - the happy end -
That cause the toughest hearts to rend.

Each era's claimed its lovers fair
And tell their sagas time again.
Now Rick and Lily's names we lend
To start the new millenium.

13. Sisko
The Love Odyssey Continues

14. Suzanne
Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But our show is so delightful
From us who watch O&A
Happy New Year to you we'd like to say

The champagne corks are popping
The VCRs are not stopping
The lights are turned way down low
Let's all toast to our favourite show!

Thanks for one and a half terrific seasons - and here's to many more!

15. Trish
A Millennium Wish
May it be a time for new beginnings and second chances.
Journeys filled with love and laughter, family and friends.
Expeditions that uncover a wealth of riches; blessings of health and
happiness & the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.
Voyages of discovery, pilgrimages of peace and goodwill and the ultimate
reward of having someone to walk beside you.
Open your mind to the gift of new opportunities.
Open your eyes to the wonders of the world.
Open your ears to the song of life.
Open your heart to the dance of love.

Let the promise of tomorrow feed your spirit.
And your soul will be nourished.


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