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Writers and Directors - By Season
Season 1
EpWritten byDirected by
101Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzEdward Zwick
102Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzMarshall Herskovitz
103Marshall HerskovitzDan Lerner
104Winnie HolzmanRon Lagomarsino
105Liberty GodshallRon Lieberman
106Jan OxenbergScott Winant
107Winnie HolzmanRobert Black
108Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzEdward Zwick
109Alexa JungeTodd Field
110Donald MarguliesClaudia Weill
111Michael WellerEdward Zwick
112Pamela GrayDan Lerner
113Pamela GrayPeter Horton
114Sue Paige and Daniel PaigeClaudia Weill
115Sue Paige and Daniel PaigeDan Lerner
116Liberty GodshallBarnett Kellman
117Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzEdward Zwick
118Richard KramerMarshall Herskovitz
119Michael WellerClaudia Weill
120Jan OxenbergDan Lerner
121Alexa JungePeter Horton
122Winnie HolzmanDan Lerner
Season 2
EpWritten byDirected by
201Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzMarshall Herskovitz
202Winnie HolzmanDan Lerner
203Sue Paige and Daniel PaigePeter Horton
204Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzClaudia Weill
205James DoughertyMichael Engler
206Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzEdward Zwick
207Liberty GodshallArvin Brown
208Lynn SiefertJames Eckhouse
209Jan OxenbergDan Lerner
210Emily WhitesellMichael Engler
211Winnie HolzmanClaudia Weill
212Liberty GodshallJames Eckhouse
213Winnie HoltzmanDan Lerner
214Sue Paige and Daniel PaigeBob Berlinger
215Jan OxenbergArlene Sanford
216Richard KramerJim Kramer
217Lynn Siefert and Winnie HolzmanDan Lerner
218 Emily WhitesellBarnet Kellman
219Edward Zwick, Marshall HerskovitzMarshall Herskovitz
220Liberty Godshall, Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz Dan Lerner
221Sue Paige and Daniel PaigeKen Collins
222Winnie HolzmanDan Lerner
Season 3
EpWritten byDirected by
301Marshall Herskovitz and Edward ZwickDan Lerner
302Winnie HolzmanMichael Engler
303Richard KramerPeter Horton
304Sue Paige and Daniel PaigeMichael Engler
305Winnie HolzmanKen Collins
306Sue Paige and Daniel PaigeMark Piznarski
307Liberty GodshallJames Eckhouse
308Emily WhitesellDan Lerner
309Maggie FriedmanJim Kramer
310Alexa JungeDan Lerner
311David SchulnerMark Piznarski
312Richard Kramer Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick
313Sue Paige and Daniel Paige Eric Stoltz
314Winnie Holzman and Maggie FriedmanEric Stoltz
315David SchulnerElodie Keene
316Richard KramerDan Lerner
317Winnie Holzman and Maggie FriedmanMatt Shakman
318Liberty GodshallJim Kramer
319Sue Paige, Daniel Paige, Marshall Herskovitz and Edward ZwickDan Lerner

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