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107 - (TEF)     The Ex-Files     11/02/99
The Sammlers go away for a weekeknd to see Eli play in a basketball game. His team wins, but he badly injures his ankle. Meanwhile, Grace and Zoe meet their father's young girlfriend. Karen, realizing she's been alone too long, agrees to go out with a balding but devoted man.

WRITER: Winnie Holzman     DIRECTOR: Robert Black
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Business David   
 Significant Regulars Naomi    Jennifer   

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Sammler Cassilli
My Sister's Bookstore
Lily's car
Rick's car
Upton Sinclair

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens
Grace is reading a book - was it A Tale of Two Cities again?

The Fasting Cure - Upton Sinclair

The Enneagram Workbook: Understanding Yourself & Others - Klausberndt Vollmar

Jake: I've been trying to wind things down ...
Jake: ... this is temporary ...
Jake: ... I need that.
Jake: ... strange, that's the only word for it.
Jake: I want my family back.

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

Episode Timeline



The episode covers just three days, a long weekend. Rather than making paragraphs, I have used italics to mark a change in location.

Rick and Karen express dread of the basketball tournament weekend to Lily and Saj respectively. Naomi returns a Yoga video just in time for Lily's self-improvement weekend. Tiffany arrives at Jake's apartment and comments that at least his hair (Grace had spike it.) is glad to see him. She accompanies Jake and the girls to dinner at Bite Size, a restaurant. Rick is surprised to have an adjoining door to Karen's motel room. Lloyd Lloyd is delighted to see Karen at the tournament. Rick, Karen and Jessie sit together to cheer for Eli's team. The Sammlers share more than one laugh about Lloyd Lloyd.

A restless Lily "makes" her bed, then calls Rick at the motel. As the towel-clad Rick answers the phone, he catches a glimpse of Karen in her undies. After the short, awkward telephone conversation, Lily shoves a doughnut into her mouth and returns to her messy bedroom with more doughnuts and a bag of candy. Lonely Lily calls to check on the girls and is surprised to hear that Grace is not happy at Jake's place. Eli's winning team is being cheered on by Lloyd Lloyd and the Sammlers. Rick teases Karen about Lloyd Lloyd liking her. Lily and Judy share a pastrami lunch while Judy tells Lily she is jealous of Tiffany. As the buzzer signals the end of the game, Eli scores the winning points and sprains his ankle.

Karen is talking to Jessie and Eli, as he ices his ankle, when Rick's phone rings. A startled Lily hangs up immediately. Lloyd Lloyd invites Karen to meet him in the coffee shop. Tiffany arrives at Jake's with the promised radio station tickets in hand. Grace does not want to go to the gathering, however, Zoe is enthusiastic about it. Eli tries walking on his ankle and decides that it is too painful to play in the next game. When Rick interrupts Karen and Lloyd Lloyd in the coffee shop, Karen unleashes her wrath on him. Lily arrives at Jake's to find an unhappy Grace and a bubbling Zoe, both emotions evoked by the presence of Tiffany. The girls leave with Lily and Tiffany tells Jake that he should not blame her if he is afraid to be alone with his girls. A disappointed Eli is comforted by both of his parents after he walks out of the game. Jake goes to Lily's home to make amends with Grace. He also tells Lily that a weekend can be a very long time -- as she now well knows. Lloyd Lloyd calls Karen, she peeks in her ultra-organized closet, and she says she would like to see him again.



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