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104 - (LAOS)     Liars and Other Strangers     10/12/99
Rick and Lily, desperate for a place to be alone, make love in Judy's apartment. Judy meets Rick, and doesn't like him. Eli feels compelled to hide his father's blossoming romance from his mother.

WRITER: Winnie Holzman     DIRECTOR: Ron Lagomarsino
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Business David   
 Significant Regulars Naomi    Jennifer   
Mrs. Gonzalez. Teacher leading the "mock trial".
Mali bookkeeper at the store - Rachel True
Graces's two friends - unnamed

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Judy's house
Sammler Cassilli
Karen's office
My Sister's Bookstore
Lily's car
Rick's car
Karen's car
Upton Sinclair
Outside on sidewalk in Lily's neighborhood.

The Crucible - Arthur Miller

Judy: First of all, I never thought she'd say yes ...
Judy: It's part of the human condition ...

Lily: ... the floor worked surprisingly well ...
Lily: She came back early to check him out, obviously ...

Judy: I hated him

Karen: I need to hear that she's a miserable, shallow person, who will make his life a living hell

Judy: He's typical
Judy: Who are you, and what have you done with my repressed boring sister?

Lily: I never wanted to have sex ...
Lily: You're wrong, I do want it ...
Lily: Maybe it's something about me ...
Lily: ... I can't justify it ...

Judy: It's hard to admit things ...

Karen: It's my fault ...

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
Keb' Mo', "Rainmaker," from the album Slow Down
Episode Timeline

Mock Trial

Rick and Judy's first meeting

Rick leaves scarf at Judy's place

The spider incident at Karen's place

Rick and Lily "use" Judy's place

Eli overhears Rick and Lily at Rick's place

Grace and Jen
Grace meets Jennifer and almost likes her

The Gray Scarf
Black and White flashback of Karen, Rick, and Eli at Christmas when Karen gives Rick the gray scarf in question

Judy's boyfriends
Judy talks about "Philip" and "Franco" who taught her to make crepes


Uh-oh, it's that time, you guys! :o)

I own a xerox of the script, and will make a comparative observation about the First Act shortly..

This takes place over 4 weekdays, though a weekend tried to assert itself. There's one glaring abnormality, but what are you gonna do..

Day # 1 (call it Monday) -- Lily lunch-making, readying the girls for school, chase around the kitchen when Rick calls. He can sneak out at 4, so they plan to meet at his place at 4:03P, an eternity for both. As they babble, Grace complains how Mrs.Anderson doesn't appreciate people being late for homeroom. As they leave, Lily observes that the girls are "having dinner with Dad tonight."

At the bookstore later, Lily is about to leave to meet Rick but takes her coat off after learning his kids will be back from the mall early because they have lots of homework. I used to think that the snack in the courtyard scene (Grace, w/Carter and Annie, spying Eli cuddling with Jen) took place at school, but it's clear now it's at the mall foodcourt -- after school.....because Eli says he has to find his sister. Carter tells Grace about Mock Trial, which "starts tomorrow.."

Back to the bookstore, Judy offers her loft as an assignation (thanks, Karen, for that word..) -- Lily flies off to call Rick... And it's clear that she flies home to freshen up first, because when they arrive at the loft, she's changed her blouse and applied glitter. Of course we know that R&L are taken' it easy and don't hear Judy's call.. She leaves the movie early, surprises them, and doesn't like Rick. [ okay, it used to bother me that she closed the bookstore early on a weekday to go to a movie, but what the heck.. And what's "early" -- she may have closed at 5, gone to movie, walked out, and it's still light out when she arrives at her loft.. ]

Very late that afternoon, Jessie and Eli are back at their dad's studying... and Karen stops by to pick them up -- she can't talk to Rick because he's "in the shower.." Hmm, did Rick not know that Karen would be picking the kids up that day?

Day # 2 (Tuesday) -- Back in Lily's kitchen (drum roll.....), Zoe runs in to show her mom the pictures she found at Dad's, and Lily asks Grace, "How was your weekend?" and if she got her homework done. !??! Ok, so maybe she forgot to ask Grace on Monday.. Outside, Grace tells her mom that she's staying for Mock Trial after school, thus can't go shopping. Across town, Karen leaves her house with Naomi, on a volunteer cupcake mission to school. At the bookstore, Lily's anxious to hear Judy's true thoughts about Rick...mentions his scarf, about which Judy wonders, it being October and all. At Rick's office, David plies him with questions about the Playboy and Playgirl in "the sister's" bathroom. Back at school, Mock Court is now in session. That night, Judy stops by to offer a Legal Dictionary to Grace and a scarf to Lily. On her bed, Lily ravishes the scarf, and excuses herself to dash to Rick's (by Judy's leave, who observes that "his kids are with their mom..")

At the apartment, R&L are besotted. Eli, who comes over to get his World Cultures book, hears the sounds from upstairs, and leaves w/o book.

Day # 3 (Wednesday) -- Breakfast at Karen's, and she asks Eli, "How late did you stay up studying last night? Did you get the chapter read?" At school, "E" is gloomy thinking about the test; at the bookstore, Rick and Judy share some awkward moments while awaiting Lily, and soon Judy tells Lily she won't be lying for her anymore. At Karen's office later, she's already heard from his teacher that he failed his test. Jen approaches Grace about the dirty looks she, Grace, has been giving her, Jen. Tensions ease. That night, Jess interviews her dad, and finds the missing book on the bedroom floor just as Karen arrives. Back at Karen's, she's very distressed Eli lied to her about studying. He goes back to the apartment and is very upset -- Rick finds out his son "was here, last night.." and heard the sounds.

Day # 4 (Thursday) -- At the bookstore, Lily apologizes to Judy for being late -- she met Naomi for lunch.. Lily admits to her sister that she's besotted and doesn't know how to handle this fact around Grace. Rick visits Karen at her office, she confesses in a b/w the distress signals she's sending her son. Later that day, at home, Eli saves Jess and his mom from the spider. Over at Lily's, she drags Grace out for a walk....Grace says, "I met a girl I kinda like today.." (though it was yesterday that tensions eased between Jen and Grace).. Tensions ease between mother and daughter as they agree to respect one another's personal lives.

[ Note -- The opening Act is a rewrite from the original script, which opens with Lily and Rick tangled up in sheets at a seedy motel. It's not the first time visiting a motel, either. The scene fast-forwards to Lily saying to Judy, "They're (motels) costing us a fortune." It's a Sunday now, the bookstore is closing early and Lily doesn't relish the thought of going back to a motel. This Sunday scenario would've worked much better in the opening Act, explaining 1) Judy going to an afternoon movie, 2) Grace and her friends being at the mall -- which they clearly are in the script -- talking about Mock Trial starting "tomorrow", and 3) LIly asking Grace the following day how her weekend was... So, we have a resulting mishmash wherein the storytellers wanted to advance the story without paying attention to timeline details... One more little example -- Eli forgot his World Cultures book at the apartment on Day #1, and didn't miss it until the night of Day #2 -- he didn't miss it in class that day? Ah, the little things.... ]

So, I rest my case...

Sue (thinking it might not appear as bad as I'd remembered..)


Reality TV
Judge Judy appears when Grace is watching TV.

TV plug
Reference is made to "The Practice" by one of Grace's friends

Rick wears plain white boxers

Judy does NOT have cats

This apparently occurs sometime in October

When did they tell her?
In the Pilot, Rick says that Karen went and got the kids and then they told them together that they were getting separated. In one of her interviews, Jessie says that she was having coffee with Rick when Karen came in and then they told her.

Does Eli know Judy?
There is a mistake in the DVD; in the write up for Episode 4 on the cover of disc One. It says: "Eli decides to hide what he learns when he stumbles on Rick and Lily making love in Judy's apartment." We all know of course that it was at Rick's apartment. -- Dowilly

Spiders scary, blood not
[Jessie's fear of a spider] in LAOS, seemed all the more improbable in TBD, as Jessie confided that she had to pick up the injured rabbit when her dad was too squeamish. -- LaChefski

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