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302 - (TAT)     The Awful Truth     10/05/01
Grace questions her self worth when her new teacher pushes her to the limit.

WRITER: Winnie Holzman     DIRECTOR: Michael Engler
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Significant Regulars Tiffany    Will
Mr August Dimitri Eric Stoltz
Paul Dooley
Delaune Michel
Tom Nigh
Libby Bancroft.

Lily's house
Judy's house
Phil's Restaurant
Karen's office
Upton Sinclair
Corporate office - Lily has an interview
Worksite - Will Gluck gets a call from Judy
Radio Station - Lily has her strange non-interview
Diner - Lily and Judy talk about her interviews

Baby name book -  

The Awful Truth - by Patrick J. Conway

Miles Davis-Kind of Blue - by Hal Leonard (Editor), Miles Davis (Hardcover - September 2001)
-also a musical reference

The Chicago Tribune

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -- by Stephen R. Covey

Emily Dickinson

Grace's Diary

Marcel Proust

I Ching
Tiffany quotes: "If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead, he goes astray, but if he follows . . ."

The Musketeer.
Japanese monster movie, possibly Gamerra vs Monster Zero.

VH1 - The Go Go's are back together.

Augie Meyers

Judy - "Seventeen years ago ..."

Lily - "I'm the older sister ..."

Jake - "Jake. Form of Jacob ..."

Grace - "August. Shortened form of Augustus ..."

Judy - "I'm different now."

Judy - "Why did I think I needed her?"

Lily - "Why did I think she needed me?"

Judy - "I don't need this!"

Lily - "I don't need this!"

Judy - "I have to tell her."

Lily - "She'll understand."

Jessie - "Eli means The Highest. I should tell him that."

Tiffany - "I'm not even in the book."

Judy - "If you look up Will ..."

Judy and Lily

- "Lily means A Lily. Judith. She who shall be praised."
W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

Episode Timeline

Here's an idea
Tiffany casually mentions the idea of merging Booklovers and Phils to Judy who then takes it and runs with it.

Let's be partners
Judy offers Lily a partnership in the new Booklovers Cafe idea. Lily reluctantly agrees, knowing full well that she is glad not to be in business with her sister.

The Musketeer Movie
Karen calls Jessie to take her to the Musketeer movie. Jessie turns down the offer, saying that Eli would be taking her - "just the two of us". Only then does she ask Eli, who agrees and then immediately invites Grace - much to Jessie's dismay.

Can we talk?
Grace confronts Mr Dimitri for having embarrassed her in class the day before. This is when he challenges her to be brave - not the bravest person in the world, just the bravest writer.

Can we talk - take II
As a result of the challenge from Mr. Dimitri, Grace actually makes an appointment with Eli and then follows through with a very awkward meeting with Eli, after which she begins to write aggressively.

Don't bogart that ...
After the meeting with Grace, Eli apparently lights up a joint. This is almost immediately interrupted by Jessie who, for some reason, doesn't smell the smoke.

Another idea
Tiffany unknowingly interrupts a meeting at Phils between Judy, Jake, and Lily, when she calls Lily about the radio job. Lily, surprisingly, agrees to go to the interview and leaves hurridly.

I found her
Will tells Judy that he's found his daughter, Cayley, who is now 19 and living in Tallahassee, FL. "She waxes people's legs".

Eli DOES smoke dope, at least this one time, in spite of what he's said to his parent.

Judy DOES tell Lily's secrets to Karen, at least some of them.

Lily and Judy now have separate professional lives and they really cannot work together.

Lily's actually willing to compromise her ethical standards and lie on her resume to get a job, despite already having one with Judy.

For Jake, that Judy is really in charge, that Tiffany knows better what to do with his life, and that he is no longer in immediate control of his career.



This 5-day episode has a slightly confusing beginning, but then tightens up nicely.

Day # 1 -- Presumably a weekday afternoon, with Judy showing her logos to the ice cream-eating kids. Tiffany arrives to borrow The Name Book. Lily's not there because she's awaiting her turn for a job interview.

Day # 2 -- Not the same day. Lily, in different attire from day #1, is interviewed and, like her college credits, comes up short. Some time later, she sits with Judy in a restaurant and assumes her sister has been seeing Will Gluck "since the wedding." At school, Mr. Dmetri defines "nice" for Grace. Judy, hungry once again, delivers a thank you basket to Karen.

That night, the four kids sit together (temporarily) on the LR sofa watching, maybe, "Godzilla." In the kitchen, Lily tells Rick about her name confusion from "the other day, at one of those interviews." [ This makes me think Day#1 may have been a Friday ] Judy arrives, surprising Lily.

Day # 3 -- The next morning. As Rick shaves, Lily shares that working with Judy could mean working with Jake as well. In the kitchen, Jessie takes a call from Karen, who reminds her daughter of the Musketeer movie opening "this weekend." She tells Jess, "I'll see you Sunday." Jessie asks Eli, "Are you really busy this weekend?" Judy phones Will, who was going to call her "a bunch of times." Soon, Jake tells Tiffany about Judy's great idea.

At school, August Dmetri challenges Grace to stop being "Gracie."

At Phil's later, Judy shares her vision while Lily and Jake discuss how much food a cafe should serve. Tiffany calls Lily's cell phone with the radio station heads up. At the radio station, Les Creswell tells Lily she can start tomorrow, "24 hours from now." She needs to sleep on it. At home, Lily finds Eli and Judy in the kitchen. When alone, Lily tells her sister that "the other day" she ran into E in a towel.

Day # 4 -- Judy and Karen have breakfast or lunch at a coffee shop. Karen is bewildered that, since Eli was arrested, she hardly ever sees him. Later, at Phil's, Judy&Lily&Jake debate contractors, which ends with Jake and Lily storming out. After school at home, Eli and Jessie scuffle and Grace asks E, "What about tomorrow?" for a chat. She'll knock on his door "around this time." Upstairs, Lily works on her resume as Judy arrives. Grace delivers a note from the guy at the radio station, about the job her mom interviewed for "yesterday."

Day # 5 -- The next morning, Les Creswell wonders to Lily, "I hired you?" She reminds him he called her house "yesterday." At Phil's, Tiffany mediates Jake's apology to Judy, which Judy reciprocates. Back at school, Mr.Dmetri seems to approve of the embarrassing person Grace is writing about. Later at Phil's, Will visits and tells Judy his 19-year old daughter is in Florida and he's moving there. After school, Grace knocks on the attic door and makes herself comfortable for a chat with Eli. After she leaves, Jessie is next to visit. She and her brother share a welcome pillow fight.

That evening, Lily stops by to see Judy at Phil's. She'd hoped to have dinner with her sister. They share a tender moment as they gaze at their father's photograph on the wall.

Sooo, the action in TAT appears to have followed Busted pretty quickly (see Lily's "the other day" towel reference, etc). It's still unclear just when Jessie visits her mom , though they were to be together that Sunday. It was nice to have some "tomorrows" and "yesterdays" to help pinpoint three of the weekdays. This could very well take place over 10 days, with a critical three-day period on consecutive days (days 3, 4, and 5).



Zoe -- life.
Jake -- the supplanter or substitute.
Grace -- about what's sacred.
August -- worthy of honour and respect.
Eli -- the highest.
Tiffany -- not in the book.
Will -- determined protector.
Lily -- a lily.
Elizabeth -- consecrated to God.
Judith -- she who shall be praised.

Tiffany's Job
Tiffany used to work at WIXP.

Applying yourself
Lily is applying for the Assistant to the Program Manager position at WIXP.

Faking a resume
Lily didn't graduate from college, but her new resume says that she received a B.A. with Print Journalism and Graduated with Honours (Dea. . . [probably says she was on the Dean's List]) from Northwestern University in 1987.

More resume faking
Pages was located in Evanston, IL. Lily was the Assistant to the Editor, but her new resume says she was Assistant Editor.

Waxing poetic
Will's daughter is named Kaelie. She's 19 and lives in Tallahassee, FL. She waxes people's legs.

Grace has a poster from The Roxy on her bedroom door

Pillow fights:
- Grace and Zoe in SR
- Eli and Jessie in TAT


Original episode spoilers

TV Guide Boston Globe ABC 302 (Pictures)

From TV Guide:

Employment decisions vex Lily, who's torn between working for Judy or a prominent radio figure (Paul Dooley); Grace has a run-in with her creative-writing teacher (Eric Stoltz). Will Gluck: Mark Valley. Tiffany: Ever Carradine. Judy: Marin Hinkle. Grace: Julia Whelan. Jake: Jeffrey Nordling.

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From The Boston Globe's TV Week:
Grace's world is rocked by her demanding new teacher on "Once and Again."
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From ABC:
Episode 302

ONCE AND AGAIN - "THE AWFUL TRUTH" - Grace deeply questions her self worth when her tough but inspiring new teacher, Mr. Dimitri (Eric Stoltz), pushes her to the limit. Meanwhile, Judy enlists Jake to help with a new business venture, and his ego is sorely tested, on "Once and Again," on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Pictures courtesy of ABC (Click on thumbnails for bigger picture)
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