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111 - (WTS)     Where There's Smoke     12/07/99
A dinner out to introduce Rick to Grace and Zoe goes awkwardly. Karen struggles to see Eli as a grown-up. Shocked when Jake opens his heart about business problems, Lily finds herself in bed with him.

WRITER: Michael Weller     DIRECTOR: Edward Zwick
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Significant Regulars  
Cliff - Jake's contractor. They have a shoving match outside Lily's house

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
My Sister's Bookstore Lily's car
Rick's car
Cella's - Italian restaurant where Rick has dinner with Lily, Grace, and Zoe.

Women's Soccer: The Game and the World Cup - Jim Trecker (Editor), Charles Miers (Editor), Hank Steinbrecher (Contributor), John Polis (Contributor)

Karen: As a mother, there are these moments ...

Lily: Jake always had secrets ...
Lily: No matter what I did ...
Lily: ... I wanted him to need me ...

Karen: I can't even ask him a question ...
Karen: How would I find out anything ...

Lily: Sometimes, I look at Jake ...

Karen: When he was really little ...
Karen: When Eli was six ...
Karen: It's not fair.

Lily: Jake's father was not a nice person ...
Lily: After Grace was born, we stopped going.

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

Episode Timeline

Something's Burning
Fire at Lily's house, caused by faulty electrical wiring shorting against metal junction boxes.

Moving on down
Eli moves to the basement of Karen's house

Young Eli
Flashback - Karen: Eli as a young boy (once in the kitchen, once in the basement hammering a nail, and once asking permission to go play at Coop's)

Rick as defender
Rick defends Karen - Eli makes an off-handed comment about "totally understanding why you divorced her" and Rick jumps to her defence. He makes it clear that she is a very good person and that Eli is completely out of line.


This is a trim 3-day episode, taking place the second weekend of December, 1999. There's one little "real"time glitch which I will point out shortly. This is one of those reverse-custodial weekends, it looks like, with Lily taking the girls to help Jake (when it turns out he's helping them all weekend!), and Eli and Jess look to be having a "chez" Karen's help him get set up in the basement, of course. Both of these indicate flexible, even amicable, arrangements.

Day # 1 begins 5:30AM Friday morning, following Lily's first sleepover at Rick's (ok, the "action" started late Thursday night, but we weren't exactly included..).. As Lily hurries around gathering clothes to leave, Rick asks what her weekend's like -- she has the kids, says she. He wants to take them out to dinner "tomorrow.."

Lily arrives home to the the fire truck, Jake and the girls, and report of smoke.. This is quite early, before school.. Late afternoon, Lily awaits the electrician's estimate and chops veggies.

At Karen's, Rick and Eli consider Eli's request to move to the basement. Karen enters and Jessie informs her of the plans, so she says this is something to think about for Spring break -- "3 months away!", shouts Eli.

Day # 2 -- Saturday, late afternoon, Jake assesses the damage, it'll take "a couple days" to repair.. Zoe confirms that "tonight" is the night they're going out with her mom's friend. Lily wonders if they can bring something back for Jake.

Rick tightens a pipe which is leaking in the basement, then has to leave.. Soon, R&L play menu peekaboo at Cella's, and the dinner is okay, but not great with the girls. Back home, Jake and Lily talk about Zoe fondly, and he leaves...saying he'll be there first thing in the morning to continue work.

Day # 3 -- Sunday morning at the bookstore (?), Judy reviews Lily's situation. In the basement, Karen delivers a lamp and observes to Rick how uncomfortable the door makes her feel. At the Mannings, the girls arrive home from shopping to find Jake mixing it up with Cliff. Bad timing soon when the thoughtful Rick arrives bearing gifts for the girls. Lily meets him outside and, stressed out, she takes exception to his coddling remarks re: the girls. She leaves him at the curb.

Back at the basement, Rick upbraids Eli for badmouthing Karen.

In Lily's kitchen, there are 5 candles burning for Hanukkah. [ Regrettably, on the "real" calendar the 5th day of Hanukkah fell on a Wednesday. Oh well, at least Xmas week was correct in TGH! ] Phone conversation between R&L, ratatouille at Karen's and Eli starting his homework, Lily finds the distraught Jake in her room....TBM..


Where's the gun?
After making out, Rick and Lily were watching an old black-and-white detective movie. The question was "Where did they do with the pistol", and Lily's response is that he threw it in the trash. This is played out later when Grace throws Rick's gift to her in the trash.

Rick bearing gifts
Rick drives up to Lily's house bringing gifts for her kids. Button candy for Zoe, and a hardcover book on the US Women's Soccer Team for Grace

Scarface Lil
Lily apparently has a scar on her chin that she got when Judy pushed her down when they were kids

A menorah is seen in Lily's house

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