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219 - (AP1)     Armageddon - Part One     04/11/01
A criminal investigation threatens to derail the Atlantor Project, as well as Rick's career.

WRITER: Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz     DIRECTOR: Marshall Herskovitz
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Business Miles    Christy
 Significant Regulars  
Robert (assistant DA) DiManjik - Brett Cullen
Stephanie Arlen - Kay Lenz
Amanda - Christina Chang
James Davis - Mark Daniel Cade
Libby - Mary Faulkner

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Sammler Cassilli
Karen's office
Miles' Limo -
DA's Office -
District Courthouse -

Ozymandias - Percy B. Shelley

Hamlet - William Shakespeare
"The lady doth protest too much..."
Actual quote: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." - From Hamlet (III, ii, 239)
Description from
Queen Gertrude speaks these famous words to her son, Prince Hamlet, while watching a play at court. Gertrude does not realize that Hamlet has staged this play to trap her and her new husband, King Claudius, whom Hamlet suspects of having murdered his father. She also does not realize that the lady who "doth protest too much" is actually herself, as the Player King and Queen represent King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude. The former will be poisoned (in this play within the play) by the king's brother, as in reality (Hamlet suspects) Claudius killed King Hamlet. Gertrude's statement is in response to the play-Queen's repetitive statements of loyalty to and love of her first husband.

Rick - "I lied to my father once ... "
Rick - "I had parked the car about a foot back ..."
Rick - "The look on his face was so scary ..."
Rick - "I was never punished ..."

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

A Piece of Work
The piece played in Miles' limo might have been Suite Number 1 in G, BWV 1007: Prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach. -- Harriedwith2angels

Episode Timeline

Jessie in the dress
Lily is over at Rick's and is apparently helping Jessie try on a dress for the wedding.

Enter the DA
Assistant District Attorney Robert ?? appears first by calling Karen out of the blue and being mysterious on the phone, then asking her to his office where he is alternately charming (in an absent-minded sort of way) and annoying as he tries to pry information out of her. We are left with the clear impression that he will do whatever it takes to get his prosecution - regardless of Karen's fears about harming Rick.

... and Miles to go ...
Miles reveals to Rick that he has pancreatic cancer. The only question not answered is "when" did he know - just recently or well before the Atlantor thing began?

Because you need to know
In probably one of the best moments of the series, Rick tells Jessie and Eli the situation as he knows it. During this, Lily enters his apartment (apparently, she has a key), and stands by the doorway to listen to Rick as he tries to explain the state of affairs as well as try to comfort Jessie. Lily then leaves without making her presence known.

You've done excellent work
In a rare moment of humanity, Miles tells Rick that he (Rick) has done excellent work "even of no one else sees it."

Et tu, Christie?
Christy gets wind of the subpoena, and calls Lily into her office. It is quite clear that she's fishing for information and begins by telling Lily that she's going to publish a story that Rick will be indicted. Lily falls for it and tells Christy in no uncertain terms, that Rick is innocent and there is no indictment in the offing.

I thought you could use the company
Eli cuts school and shows up at the county courthouse to be with Rick.

Bring on the Spanish Inquisition
The first day of hearings are centered around Rick as Robert asks pointedly one-sided questions, clearly trying to set up a self-incriminating reply. In this, Rick handles himself astoundingly well - telling the truth as he knows it and challenging Robert to either accuse him clearly or cease. While Rick's bravado may be good for his image and confidence, it does nothing to deter Robert who continues to pursue every little misstep.

Are you Rick Sammler?
Just as Rick and Lily are coming to terms with the inquisition, deputies show up with a search and seizure warrant. Rick, Lily, Eli, and Jessie stand by helplessly and watch as the computers and other documents are taken.


It looks like AP-1 takes place over 6 days, maybe Monday-Saturday (because most days are at-work or in-court type of days)..

Day #1 -- Breakfast with the boxers; that afternoon Jessie at Karen's and braces talk ; Rick in pink pants and funny slate talk with staff...Miles arrives and talks of portents..

Day #2 -- At 10AM, Karen is downtown and meets Bob Damonjik(?); that night, a suspicious Rick picks Jess up at Karen's and they return to his apartment, where he writes his "food" list and Lily assists Jess with her dress and finds out Eli is "in love" with Carla... (whew!)...and the subpoena is delivered; later, Rick is jittery on the phone with Walter, and Lily tries to get him to calm down.

Day #3 -- Rick meets with the lawyers (Kay Lenz & Assoc.); DA Bob surprises Karen at her office; Rick is still trying to reach Miles, and suggests to Amanda that he may be "in flight"; Lily at PA, tells Christie in no uncertain terms that she'd better not print the article w/o interviewing Rick first; that night, Rick talks to Eli and Jessie, and Lily overhears..

Day #4 -- Lily has waffles ready for E and J, as Karen arrives; Lily and Judy converse on the street; Rick downtown to the hearing, meeting Miles first...and seeing Eli there for him; at Lily's that night, she wants to know everything and wants to hold him to make amends for wanting to know everything especially how this will affect their plans.

Day #5 -- Lily cries at the stove, and Grace and Zoe comfort her; Karen brings the files to DA Bob; that night, Amanda tells Rick to "go home, chief," but Miles arrives and reveals his cancer; Rick struggles over to pick Jess up at Karen's..

Day # 6 -- (Saturday? since we don't see any sign of work or court?) Rick listens that night to Jessie speak about the Romans, hugs her...Lily hugs him and Eli is impressed that she cooked; the Cook County police arrive with their warrant..

That's it in a nutshell... Now, perhaps GB will pick right up where we left off....or close to it...


Setting a date
Rick and Lily's wedding date will be May 12.

...and grill for ...
Rick's testimony took about 5 hours on the first day.

A sign
The big blue sign in Rick's office has been changed to "Sammler and Associates". It used to say "Sammler Cassilli and Associates".

The county
Not a surprise, Rick's apartment is in Cook County.

The bag man
The judge who made the decision on the TRO, was caught on tape accepting a bribe from a Mr. Gummersall. The actor who played Bennie Jannetti (the suicidal busboy in TOEotT, ep 214) is Devon Gummerall, who, coincidentally, was also on My So Called Life.


In the opening sequence, the cereal boxes are laying on their sides, then standing, then back on their sides, then standing again.

I'm guessing that they needed the boxes standing so Rick could easily grab one to cover his enlargement problems, totally due to Lily's caresses! But then when Zoe comes in, the boxes would have blocked her face, so they were toppled over so she wouldn't be hidden. -- Divorced_Again

Original episode spoilers

Trish's Teasers David Bianculli TunnelDiver Art Smith Brett Cullen's Web Site TV TV Now ABC TV Guide Chat

From Trish's Teasers:

What's Rick hiding behind the cereal box?
Consensual back scratching.
Pretty in pink.
Yes, she still likes him.
Guess who's coming to breakfast?
Fugitive from justice.
Big arms and big hands.
The dumbest thing you can ever do is lie to a Grand Jury.
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From David Bianculli at The New York Daily News:

10:00 (ABC) "Once and Again." Part 1 of 2. You'd think Rick (Billy Campbell) would be flying high, now that he and Lily (Sela Ward) have pushed their relationship up quite a few notches in recent weeks. Yet tonight he crashes pretty low, thanks to continuing problems related to the grand-jury investigation into Atlantor.

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From Tunneldiver's Quotes:
Rick in court, Rick in tears and Rick in his boxers!!
Great episode!!
"I'm sorry, truly sorry, and that is one word I don't use often"
"We are all held hostage to the politics of scale"
"I hear those white collar prisons are OK"
"I would completely understand if you were to walk away with those right now"
"Lily, ferocious in defense of her man"
"The room is a little small for a high horse"
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From Art Smith at
Once and Again:
"Armageddon" (Part 1)
Wednesday, April 11
ABC, 10 to 11 p.m. ET

Rick (Billy Campbell) finds himself in over his head and facing indictment when illegalities surrounding the Atlantor Project become the subject of a criminal investigation. Later, in the courtroom, Rick is grilled by a lawyer (Brett Cullen) who seems to have gotten to Karen (Susanna Thompson) in a big way.

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From Brett Cullen's web site:
Once and Again is This Week -- April 6, 2001

"Armageddon, Part One" and "Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight?" will air Wednesday, April 11th and 18th at 10:00 p.m. EST. Brett plays Robert, the District Attorney who falls in love with Karen, Rick's ex wife.

Dates of Brett's Once and Again Episodes Available -- March 25, 2001

Brett's two episodes of "Once and Again" will air in April. The first, "Armageddon - Part One," will air Wednesday, April 18th. "Won't Someone Save George Bailey" will air on Wednesday, April 25th. Click here for a brief summary of the first episode and a photograph of Brett as Robert, the Assistant District Attorney.

Once and Again, (2001)
Character Name: Robert
About the Show:

Brett's appears in the episodes "Armageddon - Part One" and "Won't Someone Help George Bailey." He plays the role of Robert, an Assistant District Attorney, who falls in love with Karen, Rick's ex-wife.

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Armageddon, Part 1

Suspicions of Atlantor illegalities foreshadow Rick's appearance before a grand jury, where he's grilled by a lawyer (Brett Cullen) who's gotten to his ex-wife, Karen. Part 1 of two. Stephanie: Kay Lenz. Miles Drentell: David Clennon. Amanda: Christina Chang. Christie: Jennifer Crystal Foley. James: Mark Daniel Cade. Libby: Mary Faulkner.

Cast: Billy Campbell, Sela Ward, Shane West, Evan Rachel Wood, Meredith Deane, Julia Whelan, Susanna Thompson, Marin Hinkle, David Clennon, Kay Lenz, Christina Chang, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Mark Daniel Cade, Mary Faulkner

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From TV Now:
Armageddon, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2, N, In Stereo
starring Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, Julia Whelan Shane West, Meredith Deane, Evan Rachel Wood

The Atlantor Project is targeted for a criminal investigation, which could mean an indictment for Rick (Billy Campbell).

Wed Apr 11 10:00P ABC- ABC

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From ABC:
4/11/01 10:00 - 11:00 PM

UPDATE (ONCE AND AGAIN) - Tonight's episode is "Armageddon, Part 1" - Rick may face indictment when the Atlantor Project becomes the subject of a criminal investigation. (A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate) (CLOSED-CAPTIONED)

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From TV Guide Chat with Shane West:

Question: Can you give us any hints about upcoming episodes of Once and Again??? I LOVE you on that show.

West: Well, the families start to move in together which causes a lot of tension and Billy or I guess, Rick Sammler is brought back to court because of the Atlantor Project and is almost thrown in jail. My character is going to not make it into college, but I won't say more than that.

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