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203 - (ICSU)     I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down)     11/14/00
It's a parenting crisis in the Sammler household when Rick urges his son to get serious about college. Eli, on the other hand, has aspirations of becoming a musician.

WRITER: Sue Paige and Daniel Paige     DIRECTOR: Peter Horton
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Karen
 Other Family  
 Significant Regulars Jennifer    Carla    Leo    Will
Coop - Adam Brody
Ted - Ben Gould
Wink - Jerry Fitzgerald

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Karen's office
Rick's car
Upton Sinclair
Expresso - Coffee House - Eli's band has their semi-acoustic performance
A Park Fountain - Rick and Lily meet for an abbreviated lunch

Making the Band

Emo (sticker on Eli's guitar)

Eli: If you think about it too much ...
Eli: Compare the quantity ...
Eli: Note. This map is not drawn to scale.
Eli: ... replete, nullify ...
Eli: ... truncate, taciturn ...
Eli: ... tantamount ...
Eli: ... erratic ...

Rick: I just can't ...

Karen: ... begin to explain ...

Rick: My father never really left me a roadmap ...

Eli: ... he's too hard on himself ...

Rick: ... this was a rare thing ...

Eli: I really don't know what he thinks ....

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
xx - Sung by Shane West
Eli's song

The song was written by Snuffy Walden. Shane did the vocals, although the acoustic guitar was played by someone else. Unfortunately, I don't recall there ever being a name for the song. -- 4Puck


Their first gig
Anti Inflammatory, Eli's band, plays their first gig at a Coffee House.

Doing the deed
After writing song lyrics together at Rick's place, Jennifer and Eli finally "do the deed".

Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder
Eli intentionally misses an appointment with Rick and Karen and the college counselor.

...All the ex-husbands run me over ...
Because he is so upset, Rick doesn't look behind him after dropping Jessie off at Karen's and runs over Leo and his bicycle, not injuring Leo.


Not currently available


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #202

An Anti-Inflammatory Average Jo
Three of the four members of Anti-Inflammatory are real members of Average Jo. Jerry Fitzgerald (appearing as Wink) is the drummer, Ben Gould (as Ted) really plays bass, and Shane West (Eli) plays guitar.

Who named the band?
Eli tells Jennifer that he named the band after the name "came to me"

Eli plays three different guitars during the episode - He holds an acoustic during the b/w segments, he plays with a blonde electric for the shows, and practices on a Squire Stratocaster.

Where in the world ...?
The address on the SAT results mailed to Karen shows her to live in Wilmette, IL.

Kid games
Rick played baseball as a kid. His dad only watched one game in which Rick was so nervous, he didn't play well.

Elvis sighting
All the episodes written by Sue and Daniel Page are named after Elvis Costello songs: "Mystery Dance," "Sneaky Feelings," "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" and "The Other End of the Telescope."

Lyrics - I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down, by H. Banks & A. Jones
(performed by Elvis Costello)

I'm the living result
I'm a man who's been hurt a little too much
And I've tasted the bitterness of my own tears
Sadness is all my lonely heart can feel

I can't stand up for falling down
I can't stand up for falling down

Simple though love is
Still it confused me
Why I'm not loved the way I should be
Now I've lived with heartaches
And I've roomed with fear
I've dealt with despair
And I've wrestled with tears

I can't stand up for falling down
I can't stand up for falling down

The vow that we made
You broke it in two
But that don't stop me from loving you

I can't stand up for falling down
I can't stand up for falling down

Set visit from bhlawyer:

Hi (chuckle)! I don't really have the time to hang around the set (wish I did) but I believe I wrote you guys about the last time I was there... Did you read my post when my daughter and I watched Peter Horton direct Rick's blow-up scene in the ICSU episode? It took them forever to shoot that scene - but apparently that's typical. My daughter said she wouldn't have the heart to make the cast & crew keep going at it, that late into the evening. I believe Billy and some of the cast had been there since very early in the morning. This scene took hours to shoot, and the cast & crew were still shooting, trying to "get it right," when my daughter and I left around 11 pm. This was the scene in the basement where Eli and gang are practicing, and Eli was supposed to have met Rick and Karen at school in the counselor's office.

The set was like a big wooden box, open on one end so we could see inside. The poor cameraman was inside trying to maneuver in between the cast, the supporting poles, etc., and trying to get some really close up shots. It was easiest to see what was going on by watching the monitors. Since Evan had only a small part in that scene, they let her go early. Billy was reading a book on the stairs, whenever they weren't shooting. Shane and Susanna were downing coffee drinks to stay awake. Billy got some supper instead. Shane's band members (including the "fake" member, Coop or Koop) came up to us to talk, when they had a second. We got to see the cast try doing their lines a zillion different ways, never knowing which one the director would accept in the end... Billy moved around inside that little wooden box like a Neanderthal, I swear. It was way too small for his anger, and those swinging arms. His voice boomed. Occasionally, Shane managed to hit a note high enough to be heard on top. Susannah was just perfect.

I remember I was sitting in a chair marked for Shane and some young person in the crew came up to me and said I didn't belong there. I smiled and said I was the kid's mother, and he didn't need his chair right now. I don't know whether they believed me or not, but they left me alone after that. I don't look like either one of my children (chuckle). Perhaps they just thought I was crazy, but harmless.

We'll probably go visit the set again soon. I really enjoyed watching everybody work.

Original episode spoilers

Detroit Free Press again Wanda2 TV Guide Coffeerooms
O&A Once Again tv-now Average Jo bhlawyer Wanda Fan Reports

From Detroit Free Press::
"Once and Again"

Just another superb, emotionally nuanced episode of the best drama series on television not named "The West Wing." It's an anxiety-laden father-son thing tonight when high-schooler Eli (Shane West) would rather focus his energies on songwriting and his garage band than getting into college. This turns Dad Sammler (Billy Campbell) into one miffed parent.

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Shane West Performs On 'Again'

LOS ANGELES ( - Shane West is showing off his musical talent on ABC's "Once And Again." West's real-life pop/punk band, Average Jo, will perform on the Nov. 17 episode of "Once and Again."

West's fellow band members, Ben Gould and Jerry Fitzgerald join him in the episode "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" that deals with Eli (West) growing sick of school and opting to go down a path that concerns his parents.

West recently starred in the teen comedy "Whatever It Takes" and will next be seen in "Getting Over Allison."

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From Wanda2
From Wanda:

From Chrissy: Will Once and Again's Eli be dating anyone this season? He is not on the show enough, if you ask me!

You're in luck. Tonight's ep is all about Eli and his band. Leo (his mom's boyfriend) gets Eli a gig at a coffeehouse, and it causes friction because Rick thinks he should be worrying about SATs and college instead. Also, Jennifer (Kimberly McCullough) is back. She helps Eli with some song lyrics, and they end up doin' the deed. They're not back together, but she's definitely back in the picture.

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Shane West's Band Performs On "ONCE AND AGAIN"(11/14/00)

Shane West (Eli Sammler) and his real-life pop/punk band, Average Joe, will showcase their talent on "Once and Again." West's fellow band members, Ben Gould and Jerry Fitzgerald, guest star, on "Once and Again," airing TUESDAY, NOV. 14 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

In the episode, "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down," Eli tires of his continuous struggles with school and allows his love of music to propel him on a path that alarms his parents.

"Once and Again" stars Sela Ward as Lily Manning, Billy Campbell as Rick Sammler, Julia Whelan as Grace Manning, Shane West as Eli Sammler, Meredith Deane as Zoe Manning, Evan Rachel Wood as Jessie Sammler, Susanna Thompson as Karen Sammler, Jeffrey Nordling as Jake Manning, Todd Field as David Casilli, Marin Hinkle as Judy, David Clennon as Miles Drentell and Jennifer Crystal as Christie Parker.

"I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" was written by Daniel and Sue Paige and directed by Peter Horton ("The Geena Davis Show").

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From TV Guide
Once and Again
I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down)

Parental pressure bears down on Eli (Shane West) to get his act together for college. But the teen is marching to a different drummer: he wants to form a music group. Jennifer: Kimberly McCullough. Leo: Mark Feuerstein. Coop: Adam Brody. Wink: Jerry Fitzgerald. Ted: Ben Gould. Rick: Billy Campbell. Karen: Susanna Thompson. Grace: Julia Whelan.

Cast: Billy Campbell, Sela Ward, Shane West, Evan Rachel Wood, Meredith Deane, Julia Whelan, Susanna Thompson, Jeffrey Nordling, Todd Field, Marin Hinkle, Kimberly McCullough, Mark Feuerstein, Adam Brody, Jerry Fitzgerald, Ben Gould.

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From Coffeerooms Once and Again:
November 14, 2000 "I CANíT STAND UP (FOR FALLING DOWN)"

Eli feels the pressure of his senior year including the dreaded SATs which his parents want him to take it again for the second time. But half way through taking the SAT for the second time, he realizes itís not going too well. As the evening draws near, the scene cuts to Eli in his basement rehearsing with his band. Rick tries to get some info regarding the SAT but Eli is vague with his answers and tells Rick it went fine. But Rick senses that it did not go too well and gets up to leave, but as he sees Eli rehearsing, he realizes how talented his son is. The next day, we see Eli sitting near a tree working on his lyrics and Jennifer stops by and ends up helping Eli with the lyrics. Then moments later Grace and Carla also stop by, and Jennifer notices Eliís interest in Carla which makes her slightly jealous. Leo who has taken an interest in the band announces to the band that he has booked a gig for them at a coffee house, not a paying one, but still a gig. But Rick and Karen is not too thrilled with the idea and tells Eli to focus on college, but Eli refuses and further angering his parents when he doesn't show up to meet with his senior advisor at school. And father and son clash.

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From Once and Again . . . Once Again:
"I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" airs November 14, 2000

Eli tires of his continuous struggles with school, and allows his love of music to propel him on a path that alarms his parents on "Once and Again."

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I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down)
60 minutes- (CC), N, In Stereo
starring Sela Ward, Bill Campbell, Julia Whelan Shane West, Meredith Deane, Evan Rachel Wood
Eli (Shane West), tired of his struggles in school, allows his love for music to propel him on a different path which shocks his parents.
Tue Nov 14 10:00P ABC- ABC

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From Average Jo's website:

The band will actually appear on the second [now third] episode this season of the ABC drama "Once & Again". . . There is one catch though....instead of having three band members and playing pop punk, the band is called "Anti-Inflammatory" with four band members playing....well, soft pop. Anyway, it was fun for us. We will post the actual air date as soon as we know.

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From bhlawyer:

Shane said to let you know that, while Eli's band WILL be playing, they will not be playing Average Jo music (at least in this particular episode). Apparently, a decision was made while Shane was in Toronto shooting "Getting Over Allison" and as a result of it he, Ben, and Jerry had to learn to sing and play someone else's music instead! Good song, though, from the little I have heard...

Also, at least for the moment, Eli's "band" will also include Koop. Koop was put on the bass, the bass player Ben is doubling on guitar, and Shane is singing and playing guitar.

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From EOnline - Wanda

Eli's going to start snubbing school when he decides he wants to devote his life to music and his new band.

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Fan Reports from the set
Title: I Can't Stand Up For...

The following are two reports from visits to the set on July 21st, during filming of this episode. Both have been edited to remove all non-spoiler material.

Blu182 observed filming at the high school. Her report can be found on the ABC message board, starting at

The big city Chicago scene took place in a pathway outside. It will look all larger than life on screen. We'll see a daytime City scene w/ Karen on the phone, Lily gets out of the car & says [Hi to] Jessie. The first scene was with Susanna, a bus, a taxi and a hot dog cart .. She was talking on her cell as she crossed the street, the bus says Chicago on it. It doesn't look like her. . . So, look for the scene when Karen looks like she's crossing the street before the bus. It's funny the street scene was a small hole.

They were filming outside. 2 was Sela picking up the girls, she gets out of the car & waves hi, I believe that Karen and Jesse are close by. She's wearing blue jean type shirt, w/black pants. Talking to someone on her cell.

I was surprised cause Sela was going through a rehearsal without Evan .. She got out of the explorer and waves Hi Jessie, I was looking for Jesse.

After the scene outside they were going to do something in the classrooms . . . The next scene was inside the classroom or Gym.

Billy was going to [film] something on the grass at night .. The production guy told me that we'll be over there at 1100 , meaning the grass.

. . Then I guess Billy's scenes are going to be outside, probably not looking like he's at the school.

One of the prod people told this girl that she looked like the District attorney in episode 2.

LaChefski also visited the set that day. Her full account can be found at

I had already scouted out Hamilton High, the site of the Tuesday location filming.. . . . They were shooting there . . . around back.. And there they were, all set up in the courtyard, very busy getting things ready.. . . . This is the courtyard we've seen in LAOS, maybe others?, where kids hang out between classes.. I saw Julia and Kimberly McCullough right off the bat, then Shane wearing a white tank t-shirt.. . . . The background "students" and "teachers" were immediately noticeable in their Chicago fall attire.. Julia must have been warm in her long jeans skirt... And! The director for this episode, Peter Horton, looking very sleek.. Shane was one moment smoking a cigarette, then sitting strumming his guitar with another guitar guy (maybe more Average Joe?). . .

. . . they were working on [a scene] involving Eli, Jenn and Grace.. It was riveting. A blonde woman, maybe the assist director, called "Background!" to start the students moving, then "Roll film!" Peter was sitting under his director's umbrella watching his screen as two cameras captured the closeup action.. At one point, a lady walked by me carrying a "Sammler/Casselli" clipboard.. . . . I decided we'd better go check out the second location site, about 10 minutes away, and this was a nightclub which would be closed during afternoon work, according to one of the production workers..... The young actors only.. . . . When we returned to the h.s., they were breaking down for one final shot around the corner--of Shane sitting on a bench with his guitar.

It is the second episode [Note: actually filmed as second episode, then rescheduled as third] where the band plays in the cafe . . . Most of the cast was there . . . just about everyone was there. Shane and the band.

Kimberly (Jennifer) Julia, Meredith, Evan Billy, Sela, Susanna . . . Mark Fuerenstein. I'm not sure if Marin was inside with Sela or not.

It's a winter scene. Everyone was wearing pants & sweaters. Shane was wearing Brown corduroy's with a black shirt. Pretty much jeans and stuff. Kimberly was wearing a long jean skirt with black boots and a marroon top. Her hair was in 2 tightly pulled back pig tails . . . But they were all there .. Maybe they all went to see Eli .. I don't know !!!

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