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208 - (LOOB)     Life Out of Balance     01/10/01
Lily struggles with the changes in her life and body that come with aging. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Eli and Grace's rebellious best friend, Carla.

WRITER: Lynn Siefert     DIRECTOR: James Eckhouse
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Other Family Judy   
 Significant Regulars Carla   
Coach Herchowl - Pat Skipper

Lily's house
Rick's house
Sammler Cassilli
Rick's car
Karen's car
Upton Sinclair
Carla's house - Eli and Carla "do the deed" in Karen's car parked outside Carla's house.

The Shining - Stephen King

Bleak House - Charles Dickens

Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd(Illustrator)

Korean War history book

Auntie Mame - Patrick Dennis

Upton Sinclair Literary Review
Lily - Help!
Lily - Telling Jake

Rick - I loved when Eli was a baby
Rick - Eli didn't sleep through the night

Lily - No more eggs

Grace - Sometimes people just aren't who you need them to be
Grace - Everyone is living but I'm watching

Rick - Nothing works
Rick - Sex after Jessie's birth

Lily - Jake started cheating during pregnancy with Zoe

Rick - It was a hard pregnancy

Lily - Jake had checked out

Rick - Becoming invisible

Lily - I've never felt so alone

Grace - I have nothing to say

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

Episode Timeline

What's in Your Pants?
Lily successfully hides a pregnancy test kit from Grace, Carla and Zoe, but Judy finds it. Later, Grace finds it and figures out why Lily hasn't noticed that something is wrong with Grace.

I Do Not Like Her
Judy takes an instant dislike to Carla. Eli tells her she knows about trouble. Grace points out her past drug abuse when she realizes what Carla's really like. Carla throws herself at Eli and they require 'something' he carries in his pocket.

Late . . . For?
   Lily tells Rick she might be pregnant. He is shocked and a little horrified because he isn't sure how good a father he is. Rick is relieved that the test is negative, but Lily isn't happy with his reaction.

What Happened to Your Hair?
Jessie catches Eli with hair dye, but he says he isn't going to use it. Eli appears at the Pep Rally with bright blue hair. Grace, Carla and Jessie show their surprise in different ways. Carla doesn't think Eli needs the 'jock' label to feel good about himself. He is suspended from the basketball team, then quits.

Auntie Mame
Judy takes Zoe out for dinner and buys her makeup. She wishes she were in Lily's place, but that the test were positive.

Just a Little Dent
Grace is upset when Carla gets a ride home with Eli. Rick lets her drive his car but, distracted by Eli and Carla, she crashes it into a post. No one is hurt.

A baby, maybe, if that's what we want
Rick lets himself into Lily's house and finds her taking out the garbage. He shows her that he is the man she wants him to be by telling her that he is committed to her and that there might be a baby in their future. Will they ever tell the baby it could have been conceived on the washing machine?


Day One: (Friday)
After school: Lily accidentally leaves the pregnancy test on the counter, but it goes unnoticed by Grace and Carla. Judy arrives from bulk shopping with Zoe. Lily tells Judy she might be pregnant. Carla and Grace are getting ready to go to the pep rally.

Meanwhile, Rick is doing laundry (SHOCK!!) as Eli and Jessie are about to leave for the pep rally.

Rick brings take out to Lily's and Judy offers to take Zoe out for double whammies. During dinner, Lily tells Rick that she's late. They decide to take the pregnancy test then, which turns out negative. Lily and Rick discuss his reaction to her possible pregnancy. Rick leaves to pick up the kids from the game. On the way home, Grace crashes Rick's truck while checking out Carla putting the moves on Eli. Lily offers to pay for the damages, which Rick refuses. Judy drops off Zoe and finds out the results of the pregnancy test. No Goodnight Moon.

Later: Eli arrives home from the pep rally, long past curfew. Rick discovers that Eli has dyed his hair blue.

Day Two: (Saturday)
Eli admits to Rick that he was suspended from the basketball team and has subsequently quit. Lily comes for dinner and a sleepover. (Rick conveniently doesn't have the kids this night). In bed, Lily tells Rick that Grace found the pregnancy test and Rick frets about Eli. Both too exhausted from the days events for any hanky-panky, say an awkward goodnight.

Day Three: (Workday - Monday)
Judy visits Lily at Pages.Alive. Lily informs Judy that Rick may not be who she thought he was. Judy confesses that she wishes she were in Lily's place, but the pregnancy test would have to be positive.

Evening: Lily and Grace talk in Grace's room. Lily, thinking Grace is upset because she believes that Rick and Lily are trying to get pregnant, fails to realize that Grace is unhappy because her life is miserable because of the fact that nothing ever happens to her.

Later: Eli and Carla are driving home in Karen's van. Parked in front of Carla's house, they dive into the back seat for a quickie. At the same time, Rick shows up at Lily's and they have the 'baby, maybe' conversation. Finally putting some of their fears about their commitment to each other to rest, they christen the laundry room.


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #206

Directed by James Eckhouse, who played Karen's boyfriend, Lloyd Lloyd, during season one.

Written by Lynn Siefert

New Trier
Eli's team plays the one from Billy Campbell and James Eckhouse's Winnetka, IL high school. This school was also mentioned in Sneaky Feelings.

Fortune Cookies
Lily's -- When your heart speaks, listen.
Ricks -- Man who build straw house cannot light fire.
Lily tells Rick her's says -- Do not store food cartons in the refrigerator more than two days.

Carla was kicked out of her old school.

Koyaanisqatsi (thanks to Jeanne)
-- a Hopi word, meaning Life Out Of Balance
It's also a movie reference.

Judy's T-Shirt
Namaste - a Sanskrit word, meaning "I bow to the divine in you"

Another blue hair!
From TV Guide Chat with Shane West:
Question: Whose idea was the Blue hair? Yours or the people on Once and Again?

West: They actually took the idea of the blue hair from my real life. I had come to the set with blue hair occasionally because I like to dye it on my own from time to time. So suddenly they just surprised me by putting it in an episode.


Original episode spoilers

USA Today Detriot Free Press Yahoo Chicago Tribune Wanda Judy Tooncer Wanda Gail Pennington
clowny12 TV Times TV ABC Boards ABC Boards KU_Arch Wanda  

From Robert Bianco in USA Today:

ABC's Once and Again (10 p.m. ET/PT) begins its run in its new Wednesday slot with an episode that returns the focus to Rick and Lily. When Lily tells

Rick she may be pregnant, she's dismayed by his reaction - a disappointment reflected in Grace's discovery that "sometimes, people aren't who you need them to be at a certain moment." While it's not one of the show's strongest episodes, it has great moments and a great ending.

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From Mike Duffy in The Detroit Free Press:

Holy maternity crisis! Lily Manning (Sela Ward) worries she might be pregnant as "Once and Again" moves to Wednesday nights. But, while Lily's all wrapped up in her own problems, teen daughter Grace (Julia Whelan) is suffering an emotional meltdown.

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From Yahoo:

Rick (Billy Campbell) and Lily's (Sela Ward) relationship faces a new hurdle: the possibility that she may be pregnant. The situation leads each of them to confront painful truths about their respective failed marriages - which both seemed to fall apart around the time that each of their second children was born. Rick's reaction to the prospect of being a father again upsets Lily and drives a momentary wedge between them. Meanwhile, Grace is disappointed when her friend Carla (Audrey Anderson) makes a successful play for Eli's attention.

-Art Smith Back to top
From Chicago Tribune:

But the sense of real lives carefully observed is what predominates here. In Wednesday's eps. Lily, the woman, is LATE, and the reaction of Rick the man, sets her worrying. Meanwhile, his son Eli starts to move out of his jock world, while her daughter Grace discovers a new friend may have more complicated motives. It has also proven to be, as the show has progressed, a touching exploration of the lives of their teenage children.

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From Wanda:

What's the latest on Once and Again? Will we see more of Lily and Rick together?

Very much so. After Lily's pregnancy scare (she's NOT, by the way), they celebrate their newfound freedom with a romantic shag session on top of the washing machine.

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From Judy at the ABC Message Board:
Once and Again

The series continues on a new night, as Lily (Sela Ward) and Rick (Billy Campbell) face a potential threshold in their relationship. Lily believes that she may be pregnant, forcing both her and Rick to do some serious thinking about a future that may arrive sooner for them then they thought. Meanwhile, Eli (Shane West) considers romance with Grace's (Julia Whelan) friend (Audrey Anderson).

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From Tooncer at the ABC Message Board:

The laundry scene is, indeed, supposed to be quite hot. Also .... There is another lovemaking scene between another couple on this episode!

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From Wanda:
Is Lily really pregnant on Once and Again?

Let's just say Lily (Sela Ward) does take a pregnancy test, and the whole ordeal puts a major strain on her relationship with Rick (Billy Campbell). However, the real drama revolves around Lily's daughter Grace, who becomes so jealous over one of her friends boinking Rick's son, Eli, that she frames the unassuming gal-pal with her own sticky fingers.

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From Gail Pennington at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

This week's remarkable episode is no exception, as Lily confronts Rick with a possible turning point in their relationship. Another turning point comes for Rick's teen-age son, Eli (Shane West).

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From clowny12 (ABC Message Board):

. . .[In] TV Guide, there is a picture of R&L with a caption that says something like "There are events in life that can shake a relationship to its core, for Rick and Lily, that event hits tonight"

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Life Out of Balance

ABC moves the series to Wednesday night, where the first episode on its new day plays to the show's strong suits: sensitivity, honesty and believability.

In the primary plot, Lily (Sela Ward) tells Rick (Billy Campbell) that she might be pregnant. His reaction---confusion and alarm tinged with dismay---gives her pause and causes their ardor to chill. As Lily confides to her sister Judy (Marin Hinkle), "I'm not sure [Rick's] who I thought he was."

In another storyline, Rick's recalcitrant son, Eli (Shane West), begins to fall for Grace's rebellious friend, Carla (Audrey Anderson). And their ardor intensifies.

Zoe: Meredith Deane. Coach Herchow: Pat Skipper
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Click Here Once and Again - Life Out of Balance
Lily and Rick (Sela Ward, Billy Campbell) deal with her possible pregnancy; Grace's (Julia Whelan) best friend catches Eli's (Shane West) eye. (In Stereo) Performers: Billy Campbell, Meredith Deane, Marin Hinkle, Jeffrey Nordling, Susanna Thompson, Sela Ward, Shane West, Julia Whelan, Evan Rachel Wood
Parental Rating: TV-PG
Airing:Wed 1/10/01
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From TV Times:

Lily and Rick prepare for a possible pregnancy.

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From ABC Message Board:

"Life Out of Balance" - Lily struggles with the changes in her life and body that come with aging. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Eli and Grace's rebellious best friend, Carla.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET)
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From ABC Message Board:

Hmmm. Could be misleading.

"Sparks fly" between Eli and Carla at some point leads to them making out in the car in front of Karen's house after Carla bums a ride from Eli.

You may be right on the mid life thing, but Lily buys an EPT, which Grace later spots in the trash.

We'll also see Eli with his psychedelic hair which was glimpsed briefly during the previews after WULS, and Eli will get suspended from school.

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From KU_Arch at the ABC Message Board:

I don't know if I mentioned that Audrey Anderson (Carla) is also in "Life Out of Balance." I lost track of Eli's girlfriend's names. Would it be a spoiler if I said . . . Eli and Carla make out in "Life Out of Balance"?

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From Watch with Wanda:

Lily and Rick have a few major head aches ahead. Lily has a pregnancy scare and loses her job.

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