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304 - (AO)     Acting Out     10/19/01
Tensions run high when both Grace and Jessie audition for the same role in the school play, while Judy and Sam grapple with the meaning of their ambiguous relationship.

WRITER: Sue Paige and Daniel Paige     DIRECTOR: Michael Engler
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Significant Regulars Sam   
Eric Stoltz as Mr. Dimitri
Ira David Wood - Ajay Lieberman
Natasha Gaty - Alexa Yagoda
Ashlee Turner - Cynthia McCormick
Gina Marie May - the attractive coiffed lady
Court Young - the espresso jerk.

Lily's house
Judy's house
Phil's Restaurant
Karen's office
Upton Sinclair
How 'U' Bean - Jessie and Karen spot Sam


As You Like It - William Shakespere
With Mr. Dimitri as its producer/director, the play "As You Like It" isn't just a study of Shakespeare, it's a lesson in the consequences of ruthless ambition. By the time he chose his cast, Grace no longer wanted the role of Rosalind because she despised herself for what she had done in pursuit of it. But now that she has it, she must play it and must give it her all because the show must go on. And in the process, she's likely to be miserable every minute. This, even more than the poetry of Shakespeare's verse, is what Mr. Dimitri wants her to remember. -- Kyblue52

Nickel and Dimed
On (Not) Getting By in America
- Barbara Ehrenreich

Hey Jude - Beatles
Penny Lane - Beatles


Strong Man Competition
-None-   - " "

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

I'll Fly Away - sung by Evan Rachel Wood
The Water is Wide - sung by Evan Rachel Wood
Birds and Ships - sung by Julia Whelan

Episode Timeline

Six Degrees of Judy
While Judy and Sam are talking at the "under reconstruction" former Phil's, Karen comes in. As they are sorting out how everyone knows everyone else, Rick comes in. Awkward moment ensues that is compounded when Lily comes in. This is finally capped off when Jake appears and makes the (failed) joke about "we should all have lunch ... or something".

The Audition - Take 1
Grace does well at her audition. This after a truly overplayed audition by a friend of hers named Ajay. The auditions are about to end when Jessie is announced. Apparently, she signed up late.

What's your sign?
Sam hates all the preliminary sketches for Judy's new Booklovers logo. Eventually, he brings her a single sketch which she proclaims to be "exactly what I've been looking for". This, of course, leads to their getting back together.

Can you sing?
Mr Dimitri announces that he will be adding old American folk songs to the play and then tells the students that they will be required to also sing. He begins with Jessie (who was the last to do a read). After Jessie's performance, the others beg off, claiming that they need time to prepare.

The Audition - Take 2
We once again see Grace's good performance in reading. She then has to sing and does an adequate job, although clearly nervous about it. It is after this, that she spills the beans to Mr. Dimitri about Jessie's eating disorder and the potential complications the pressure of the lead role might cause.

We can do this
After their encounter at Judy's door, Sam and Judy wind up in bed. They eventually agree that they can have a relationship without commitment and should just enjoy it.

That looks good
Rick and Lily are eating Chinese take-out (a Rick staple) and Judy joins them. They are apparently watching the "World's Strongest Man" competition. Sam materializes, bearing a cubist wall-plate he made as a sample for Rick. He is invited to stay and he and Judy retire to the kitchen to get the food. There is lots of whispering between Lily and Rick about the nature of Sam and Judy's relationship, culminating in Lily barging in to the kitchen to see.

Hey, isn't that ...?
Karen and Jessie are at the Coffee Shop getting a cappucino and muffins when Jessie spots Sam. He is apparently getting the phone number of the cute young barista that he and Rick met the day before. Karen whisks Jessie away, looking disturbed.

That could have come out of Lily's mouth ...
When Judy confides in Karen about her relationship with Sam, Karen takes on the big sister role, up to and including blurting out some of Sam's past misdeeds. It is the fact that Sam had an affair 5 years ago that most disturbs Judy.

We can't do this
When Judy discovers that Sam has had affairs before her (5 years ago according to Karen), she decides to break it off again with Sam. She realizes that she wants more from the relationship and that he has a problem committing to anything long-term.



Apart from a few expected question marks, there were some nice clues in AO. The action was spread over 7 days.

Day # 1 -- Actually, dinner time, with the troops eating in all parts of the house. Eli tells Zoe the paint in the garage will dry in 8-12 hrs, and Grace reports the Drama Club hold auditions "tomorrow."

Day # 2 -- Six degrees of Judy Brooks at Phil's -- Lily arrives speaking to her cell phone, saying she'll be back "in one hour with your lunch," the Super-Sized version. All disperse except Sam, who doesn't care for Judy's BL mockups. Auditions at school. R&L swap sandwiches in (I guess) Rick's car. That evening, Judy arrives home to find Sam with his version of Booklovers.

Day # 3 -- The next morning (6:55) -- Lily's bed --Zoe, Grace, and Jessie pop by. Meanwhile, Sam and Judy are lazy in her bed, rousted soon by Rick and Lily, who deduce over the phone what has transpired. Lunch at school, and Jessie joins the thespians. Alexa reports that callbacks will be posted at 3:30PM. Judy hustles in to Phil's, and tells Karen she was up late "with someone." Some time after 3:30, Grace sees the callback sheet. That night, Asian food, Strong Man Competition, and Sam&Judy are found almost cutting up on the butcher block. Jessie and Grace brush their teeth. Down the hall, a flustered Lily really liked Will Gluck, but Rick doesn't want to get involved. Very late, back at Judy's, Sam gets dressed to go home.

Day # 4 -- I'd like to think this happened on the weekend, as it's not connected to anything. Grace and Jessie practice their singing.

Day # 5 -- On stage at school, Jessie sings "I'll Fly Away," soon followed by Grace and her selection. Sam and Rick stop by a coffee shop and, presumably at the radio station, Judy has lunch with Lily. Grace catches her breath following her callback, then reveals a little too much to Mr. Dimitri.

Day # 6 -- Probably the next morning, Lily checks the fridge as a stressed Grace prepares for school. **Noteworthy moment ** We see Jessie with her mom, at the coffee shop before school. This means she finally spent a night with her mother. Judy joins Karen for lunch at K's office, revealing Sam's affair "5 years ago." At school, Mr. Dimitri tells Grace he'll be calling instead of posting. She backpedals about Jessie. Late that night, Sam arrives at Judy's with wine and his toothbrush. He needs "some time," but Judy lets him go.

Day # 7 -- Lily assembles macaroni and cheese, then answers the phone on behalf of Grace and Jessie. It's Mr. Dimitri with the news. The clock says 5:10PM. "I'll Fly Away" reprise.



Who's Jamie?
Sam has a son named Jamie

Five years ago, Sam had a major affair.

Karen used to use vanilla extract for perfume.

Karen and Jeanine are friends.

Alexa smokes.

Lily liked Will Gluck.

"Walking on eggshells"
- Judy's B&W in KOB
- Rick and Lily hear this on TV in AO
- Grace says it about Jessie in AO

Take out the Book?
as it's answered under Lit. Refs


Eli in the garage with a paint brush
Eli has paint on his shirt and says that the paint in his new garage apartment will be dry in 10 to 12 hours. For the rest of the season, the garage isn't painted.

Magic Money
Mr. Dimitri tries his dollar twice in the vending machine, puts it away and then a bottle of water falls out.

Original episode spoilers

Zap2It Zap2It Gist TV Franknero Local TV Guide
ABC Evan Rachael Wood Site TV Guide ABC ABC

From Best Bets:
10:00 P.M. -ABC-

It's bad enough that Grace (Julia Whelan) and Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood) have to live in the same house and breathe the same air now that Lily (Sela Ward) and Rick (Billy Campbell) are married. Add to that the fact that they're both auditioning for the same role in the school play and you have what clinicians call "sibling rivalry." Or step-sibling rivalry, in this case.

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From Zap2It:
Zap2It Video Promo Back to top
Once and Again: "Acting Out"
Friday, Oct. 19
ABC, 10 to 11 p.m. ET

The relationship between Grace (Julia Whelan) and Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood), which was already frosty, isn't getting any warmer now that they're both auditioning for the same role in the school play. As usual, Lily (Sela Ward) and Rick (Billy Campbell) are in the middle. They're also in the middle of the growing, yet nebulous, relationship between Judy (Marin Hinkle) and Sam (Steven Webber).

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From Franknero at the ABC Board:
I've seen a tape of "Acting Out." Good scenes to look out for:

"Six Degrees of Judy Brooks"

the dual phone call to Judy's apartment. (this is a brilliantly edited scene)

Jessie singing. She does a gospel song that's also featured on the soundtrack to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Overall - a great scene. Lots of Grace, Jessie, Judy, and Sam. Back to top
From Judy's local TV Guide:
Once and Again

Problems at school spill over at home for Grace (Julia Whelan) and Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood) in this new episode. They're both going after the central role in a play, and Lily (Sela Ward) and Rick (Billy Campbell) find themselves frequent mediators between the girls. Meanwhile, Judy (Marin Hinkle) and Sam (Steven Weber) try to determine where their relationship is heading.

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From ABC:

UPDATE (ONCE AND AGAIN) - "Acting Out" - This episode carries a TV- PG,S parental guideline (HDTV/5.1) (CLOSED-CAPTIONED)

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From Official Evan Rachel Wood Site:

Ira [David Wood] recently completed filming an episode of ONCE AND AGAIN - appearing with his sister, Evan who is a regular on the series (see pix below!). The episode will be the fourth one in the Fall season's line-up.

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Acting Out

Competition for a major role in a school play pits Grace against Jessie; concern over the blossoming affair between Judy and Sam (Steven Weber) preoccupies Rick and Lily. August Dimitri: Eric Stoltz. Cynthia: Ashlee Turner. Ajay: Ira David Wood. Alexa: Natasha Gaty. Judy: Marin Hinkle. Grace: Julia Whelan. Jessie: Evan Rachel Wood.

Rating: TV-PG
Content: Explicit Sexual Situations Back to top
From ABC:
FRIDAY, October 19 as of 9/28
10:00 11:00 PM
UPDATE (ONCE AND AGAIN) - Tonight's episode is "Acting 0ut"

Tension and jealousy run high when both Grace and Jessie audition for the lead role in the school play, while Judy and Sam grapple with the meaning of their ambiguous relationship. HDTV/5.1 (A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate) (CLOSED-CAPTIONED)

Pictures courtesy of ABC (Click on thumbnails for bigger picture)
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From ABC:

"Acting Out" -- Tension and jealousy run high when both Grace and Jessie audition for the lead role in the school play, while Judy and Sam grapple with the meaning of their ambiguous relationship, on "Once and Again," FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

"Once and Again" stars Sela Ward as Lily Sammler, Billy Campbell as Rick Sammler, Julia Whelan as Grace Manning, Shane West as Eli Sammler, Meredith Deane as Zoe Manning, Evan Rachel Wood as Jessie Sammler, Susanna Thompson as Karen Sammler, Jeffrey Nordling as Jake Manning, Marin Hinkle as Judy Brooks, Steven Weber as Samuel Blue and Ever Carradine as Tiffany Porter.

Guest starring are Eric Stoltz as Mr. Dimitri, Ira David Wood as Ajay Lieberman, Natasha Gaty as Alexa Yagoda, Ashlee Turner as Cynthia McCormick, Gina Marie May as the attractive coiffed lady and Court Young as the espresso jerk.

"Acting Out" was written by Sue and Daniel Paige and directed by Michael Engler.

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