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119 - (CITH)     Cat-in-the-Hat     04/03/00
Karen pushes herself far beyond her comfort zone when her involvement with a younger man becomes more serious. Meanwhile, Eli plays his parents against each other when he finds their restrictions unacceptable.

WRITER: Michael Weller     DIRECTOR: Claudia Weill
 Brooks-Manning Lily   
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Business David    Christy
 Significant Regulars Naomi    Leo   
Paul Sentadelli (sp?) (in the Tae-Kwon-Do class)
Toby - Naomi's son, also in Tae-Kwon-Do
Master Kim - Tae-Kwon-Do instructor
Coop - Eli's best friend
Blake and Jenny - Eli's friends now in a band
Libby - Karen's secretary
Greg - Karen's boss (or partner)

Rick's house
Karen's house
Karen's office
Rick's car
Karen's car
The Doghouse - The bar downtown. Karen and Dr Leo go there on a date, at which she begins to loosen up. Eli and Coop go there to see a friend's band play. Eli runs into Karen.
Tae-Kwon-Do class - Jessie kicks Paul's butt in a sparring match. Later, Jessie earns her black belt with Karen and Rick watching.
Al's Guitar Shop - Eli and Coop try out guitar and drums there (apparently often enough for the owner to know them).
Dr Leo's apartment - The episode begins with Karen waking up there, and ends with her learning to relax there.

The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

Karen: What am I doing?
Karen: ... I don't know what I'm doing ...
Karen: ... I'm a rotator of underwear ...
Karen: I'm not a strict rotator ...
Karen: I have this fear ...
Karen: I like to blame my mother for everything ...
Karen: She was consumed with fear ...
Karen: It just frightens me ...
Karen: I've thought a lot about it ...
Karen: Why do we become so afraid ...?

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
Rilo Kiley "The Frug"
Jessie kicks Paul's butt in Tae-Kwon-Do class

Black belt
Jessie earns her black belt

Rick and Lily meet Dr Leo for the first time

Meetings, part 2
Eli and Jessie meet Dr Leo for the first time

Eli has his car privileges removed for a month

Let's start a band
Coop and Eli talk about wanting to start a band - been trying for years, since they were 12.


Not currently available


Today is?
The episode opens on a Thursday

Unbalanced sleeves
Why is it that Eli has one sleeve (left) pulled up while the other is not?

Eli plays guitar, Coop plays drums

Inside joke
In Tae-Kwon-Do class, the pair called to spar after Jessie and Paul are named "Edward and Marshall".

Underwear rotation 101
Karen arranges her underwear, newest at the bottom, so that they will all have "equal time".

Who's Mohan?
Eli's fake ID is under the name "Mohan."

Karen's Krush
Karen had a crush on a boy named "Ethan Kale" in high school. She ran against him for class presedent and blew it in the debates.

Pet Frog
Karen had a frog when she was 7.

Karen's mom
Karen's mom died of cancer.
Karen's Office
This is now smaller than in previous episodes. It is narrower.

Different Coops
In "Sneaky Feelings", Coop is tall with straight hair. In this episode, Coop is shorter with curly hair.

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