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211 - (TLU)     Thieves Like Us     01/31/01
Grace gets caught in the middle of Eli and Carla's destructive relationship.

WRITER: Winnie Holzman     DIRECTOR: Claudia Weill
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Karen
 Other Family  
 Business Miles   
 Significant Regulars Carla    Jared   
Dr. Daniel Rosenfeld - Ed Zwick
Spencer Lewicki - Marco Gould
Mr. Nerolik - Danton Stone
Mary Albee - The stunt coordinator

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Sammler Cassilli
  Upton Sinclair

The Tell Tale Heart - Edgar Allen Poe

Grace - It's kinda like we're all friends ...
Jessie - It's just the way he sips his water ...
Grace - No
Karen - It's that glittery stuff ...
Karen - It's too young for me
Grace - Here's the question ...

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music


Just sort of friends
Grace, Eli, and Carla start hanging out together, mainly because of Carla.

Stuffing herself
Carla shoplifts some snack food while hanging out with Grace and Eli. She does this by stuffing handfuls of the packages into her shirt.

You're lost that sparkle
While killing time in Jessie's room (when Eli and Carla are "otherwise occupied" in his room), Grace happens on a jar of cosmetic sparkle. She starts to try some and is interrupted. For some reason, she tucks it into her bag.

Lily overhears Carla lying to her step-father (we presume) that she's had dinner with Grace and Lily. We are led to believe that Carla also has problems at home.

Sneaking a peek
Over at Karen's house, Rick becomes suspicious of Karen's behavior when he entered and opens her bag when she's doing something with Jessie. In it, he finds a Private Investigator report on Miles Drentell. This causes him to become totally paranoid.

Come shopping with me
Rick asks and then takes Grace shopping with him to find a present for Lily's birthday. The entire experience is awkward until they start talking about why people do things they don't normally do.

Why would she want to look pretty?
In therapy, Jessie starts to break down when she describes her mom (Karen) trying to look pretty for Leo. She is angry that Karen is only dong that now, implying that she thinks if Karen did this earlier, they would still be a family now.

Look what I stole
Zoe shows Jessie the sparkle she stole from her sister. Obviously, it's the exact one Grace took from Jessie. It's also the same one, Jessie stole from Karen.


Not currently available


Almost birthday
Lily's birthday is 2 weeks away from when this episode takes place..

Hear the chimes?
Everytime someone mentions or holds the glitter, there are soft chimes in the background

Moroccan Restaurant Revisited
This appears to be the same restaurant Lily took Peg to

Goth Gum
Carla chews black gum - eight sticks at a time

Just read the card
The card Eli intended to give to Carla says "Dear Carla, your kiss leaves me breathless"

Hamming it up
The inside of Jessie's bedroom door is covered with a very large poster of Mia Hamm

Both Lily and Miles use the same saying to Rick - "chop, chop"

You're on loan now?
Lily cancels dinner with Rick because Christie's "loaned" her to Grahame for a project.



Original episode spoilers

Neuroticat20 Westcott1212 Zap2It Yahoo TV NY Daily News Dowilly Washington Post
Noahax ClickTV Wanda ABC ABC Boards  

From Neuroticat20 at the ABC Message Board:

I too liked the show. I found myself laughing out loud several times, which hardly ever happens with this show (it's generally not known for its humor IMO)

Just to add to Trish's teasers:
1.How well is Jesse's therapy going?
2.Bonding while shopping
3.I'm starting to like Eli less and less, but I feel bad for him too
5.Poor sweet paranoid, hilariously criminal Rick
6.Unity of Effect heavily saturates this one

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From Westcott1212 at the ABC Message Board:

Another wonderful episode again tonight. So many funny scenes interspersed with some serious and touching moments. Most of the cast were featured and the stories meshed together really well. It was truly enjoyable.

Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart" comes heavily into play in this episode. As does his theory, "Unity of Effects", (all the inconsistencies contribute, even the seemingly insignificant ones). <g>

1) Grace gives herself a tour.
2) Zoe's in the thick of things
3) Happy Birthday!
4) Who is Karen looking pretty for?
5) Eli's sending a Hallmark
6) Jessie's keeping secrets
7) Lily's surprised by Rick's confession
8) Rick's getting suspicious, maybe a wee bit paranoid.

There's something in this episode for everyone. I'm sure you'll love it.

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From Zap2It:

Just in case the Lily/Rick relationship was getting too functional, tonight's episode finds plenty of other relationships to wreck havoc on. Jealousy, guilt and lies abound for Eli, Carla, Jessie and Grace, whose klepto tendencies tend to complicate things. -- Cheryl Klein

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From Yahoo TV:

Poor Grace (Julia Whelan) — first she falls for Eli (Shane West), and then her mom (Sela Ward) starts dating his dad (Billy Campbell). Now, her new pal, Carla (Audrey Anderson), is involved with Eli, and Grace somehow finds herself in the middle of that duo's twisted relationship. Her jealousy and a petty larceny winds up propelling her, along with Rick (Campbell) and Jessie(Evan Rachel Wood), down a path she never thought she'd wind up on. —Art Smith

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From New York Daily News:

10:00 (ABC) "Once and Again." In the sitcom genre, TV producer Garry Marshall ("Happy Days," "Mork & Mindy," "The Odd Couple") displayed an amazing talent in front of the camera. Once and again, he proved he was as gifted a performer as any of his stars — and in the dramatic TV arena, this show's co-executive producer Ed Zwick is proving just as amazing. He appears tonight, once again, as Jesse's therapist, a role he fills so well that guest-actor Emmy nomination would be richly deserved. -- David Bianculli

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From Dowilly at the ABC Message Board:

Enough: "She has struggled to be an impartial bystander, but in the new episode, Grace (Julie Whelan) finds herself drawn into the romance of two people she's linked. She becomes the reluctant listener to the problems of Eli (Shane West) and Carla (Audrey Anderson) landing her in a difficult situation. She doesn't want to be the mediator of their relationship troubles."

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From the Washington Post TV Guide:

Grace is embroiled in Eli's and Carla's destructive relationship.

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From Noahax at the ABC Message Board:

There's a great deal of action in this episode about some missing glitter. Yes, that's right - missing glitter, the kind that some people use for make-up. And, for those of you who don't care much for Carla - well, you're certainly not going to like her anymore after this episode.

Meanwhile, Karen's fight against Miles Drentell and the evil Atlantor Corporation heats up. Rick really feels caught in the middle between Miles and his ex-wife.

And, Ed Zwick returns as Jessie's therapist. It's good to see that some of the storylines introduced earlier in the season are coming back around.

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From ClickTV:
Once and Again - Thieves Like Us

Description: Grace (Julia Whelan) becomes embroiled in Eli and Carla's destructive relationship. With Shane West. (In Stereo)

Performers: Billy Campbell, Meredith Deane, Marin Hinkle, Jeffrey Nordling, Susanna Thompson, Sela Ward, Shane West, Julia Whelan, Evan Rachel Wood

Parental Rating: TV-PG
Airing:Wed 1/31/01
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From Wanda:
Any news on Once and Again?

Yes. Eli is going to hook up with Carla, which sends Grace into a destructive downward spiral. She's so jealous she ends up stealing something out of Eli's room and blaming it on Eli's new squeeze. Rick is none too pleased.

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Thieves like Us
60 min.

Deception, guilt and jealousy figure in plots entangling Eli, Carla, Jessie and Grace, whose thievery complicates relationships. Producer Edward Zwick is Jessie's therapist. Carla: Audrey Anderson. Nerolik: Danton Stone. Grace: Julia Whelan. Jessie: Evan Rachel Wood. Eli: Shane West. Miles: David Clennon. Karen: Susanna Thompson. Rick:Billy Campbell. Lily: Sela Ward.

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From ABC:

A Petty Larceny Propels Rick, Grace And Jessie Down A Path They Never Thought They Would Follow, On ABC's "Once And Again"

"Thieves Like Us" - Grace gets caught in the middle of Eli and Carla's somewhat destructive relationship, on "Once and Again," WEDNESDAY, JAN. 31 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Guest starring are Edward Zwick as Dr. Daniel Rosenfeld, Audrey Anderson as Carla, Marco Gould as Spencer, Danton Stone as Mr. Nerolik and Mary Albee as the stunt coordinator.

"Thieves Like Us" was written by Winnie Holzman and directed by Claudia Weill.

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From Judy at the ABC Message Board:
Thieves Like Us
Grace gets caught in the middle of Eli and Carla's somewhat destructive relationship. (A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate). Back to top

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