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217 - (FUOT)     Forgive Us Our Trespasses     04/04/01
All bets are off when Christie asks Lily to work directly with Graham. Meanwhile, Judy fears she is being stalked.

WRITER: Lynn Siefert and Winnie Holzman     DIRECTOR: Dan Lerner
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick   
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Business Christy
 Significant Regulars Tiffany    Will
Graham Rympalski - D.B. Sweeney
Jenica - Alecia Guzman
Noelle - Devon Odessa
Paul - Michael B. Silver
The cop - Clynell Jackson III
Gwen - Victoria Fang
Stunt coordinator - Mary Albee

Lily's house
Jake's house
Judy's house
Phil's Restaurant

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë

Ethan Fromme - Edith Wharton

Toys in the Attic - Lillian Hellman

- NONE -
W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
It had to be youSela Ward and Billy Campbell
It had to be you- Steve Tyrell

Episode Timeline

The Heavy Breather
Judy twice receives a phone call with nothing but heavy breathing on the other end. The first time, in the opening scene, she lets the answering machine pick up (while she does her nails), the second time, later in the episode, she actually picks up.

The leak
Rick and Lily (at 11:43pm) cannot sleep so they go to the kitchen to get some ice cream. Rick spots the leak and actually makes it worse by touching it. Later, we learn that the leak is because of ice damage (foreshadowed by the extra-hard ice-cream that Rick pulls out of the freezer). This leak apparently originates in the roof, through the attic, down the wall, and across the ceiling of the kitchen. Some leak.

The return of Will Gluck
Lily hires Will to do two things - fix the leak in the roof, and convert the attic to a workspace for Rick.

Jake's new flame
We learn that Jake is spending time with a new woman, Jenica, who, it turns out, is also his new bartender. By the end of the episode, Jake appears to break up with her.

Isn't this what you want?
In a strange demonstration of "support" for Lily's ideas and ability, Christy assigns her to work with Grahame on a special project to develop ideas for outside funding. This is a very uncomfortable pairing for Lily, and moreso for Rick.

Noelle, Noelle
Christy hires a temp to fill in for Lily while she is on assignment with Grahame. This temp, Noelle, is young, pretty, and not quite all there. She also seems to be a great distraction for Grahame, which further irritates Lily.

Is this wierd for you?
Judy and Karen have lunch at Phil's Restaurant. At Judy's questioning about the upcoming Rick and Lily wedding, Karen seems unaffected and shrugs indifferently. We also see Jake make a couple of inquiries about who Judy's friend is, eventually introducing himself. It is very telling of Judy's understanding of Jake that she whisks Karen away, preventing further conversation.

There must be some misunderstanding
Lily calls Jake to have him pay for half the repair of the ice damage (this by Rick's prompting). This happens to be just after Judy has told Jake that Will is rebuilding the attic for Rick as a workspace. Jake flatly refuses to pay for the work, thinking that Lily is making him pay for work that only benefits Rick.

Baby clothes
In cleaning out the attic, Lily discovers several things - primarily the girls' baby clothes, and an egg coddler. She gives the coddler to Judy but holds on to the baby clothes. Later, she attempts to give Tiffany the baby clothes (we're never sure if it's because she feels sorry for Tiffany, or because she wants to irritate Jake). Tiffany, in a display of style and grace, only takes one item, suggesting instead that the rest go to Judy. Later, we see Lily giving the clothes to a gushing Judy.

Caught in the act
As Lily rushes back to her desk to pick up something (her phone) that she left behind, she sees Grahame and Noelle making out. Her first instinct is that Grahame has coerced Noelle into this position and is harassing her. When Noelle comes over to apologize, Lily discovers (much to her surprise) that Noelle is doing this willingly - "Everyone here is so relaxed I thought I'd just go for it. Am I in trouble?"

Stop bothering Judy Brooks
Jake (in very Jake form) confronts Paul in the kitchen of the restaurant and demands that Paul stop bothering Judy. We see Jake being the family defender, and he ends the confrontation by pushing Paul around. We also see that Jake is still very frazzled by the gun incident.

Jake the defender
Judy twice makes Jake defend her - once when she mentions that Paul MAY be stalking her (leading to the confrontation above) and a second time when she thinks she hears a prowler outside of Booklovers. Instead of calling the police or Lily, she calls Jake (seemingly by habit) and he comes right over with a police officer.

Confused IDs
Throughout the episode we see that characters are often confusing one person for another in phone calls - revealing what they are thinking.
Jake calls Lily "Tiffany"
Jake calls Judy "Tiffany"
Lily calls Jake "Rick"
Lily calls Rick "Jake"

Shoe on the other foot
Judy goes to see Will in the attic to ask him to help her with a security system for Booklovers because of the prowler. He admits to being the "prowler" and also to making the two phone calls. He then opens up and tells her how difficult it's been for him after she dumped him. He also tells her that she's been the unfeeling one. Her response is that she's never been in this position before - she's always been the hurt one. She asks if he can forgive her and his response is immediate - yes.


It looks to me like FUOT takes place over a 5-day period, beginning in the wee hours Tuesday morning (11:43 as Bonnie reminds us ).. I'm suggesting the first day of the work week is past, since Lily is dwelling on work things/being unappreciated.

Day one (Tuesday) -- begins really early, with the ice cream and possible "other things" before....Christie proposes team project for Lily and Graham.. Rick bumps into Will at the house.. Judy and the girls eat at Phil's, say good night to Jennica....the egg coddler revealed and icy meeting between Judy and Will....Lily showers and Rick learns about J&W's brief encounter... bed talk #1 (Jake should pay, Lily tells about working with Graham)..

Day two (Wednesday) -- Lily trains Noelle and asks Jake to pay half... Judy/Karen lunch at Phil's...Judy finds Will at Lily's, talks attics and bolts when Rick arrives....Jake calls Lily at work to say he won't pay half/Lily wants Tiffany's number..
**Tricky part** later that day? Lily home early because it's still light out? takes Tiffany to the attic to share baby clothes.... That night, Judy hears stalker at BL, gets Jake's help.... Much later that night (1:03AM), bed talk #2, Rick says Lily should quit/Lily mispronounces Drentell/what consequences....

Day three (Thursday) -- Christie feels unappreciated to Lily...Lily retrieves cell phone that evening and catches Noelle and Graham embracing.... Fight with Jake in the attic..

Day four (Friday) -- Stressed Jake pushes Paul in the kitchen.... Graham and Lily to work late w/o Noelle, following Lily's tongue-lashing.... Jake phones Lily to try to apologize for what's past, says he will pay for the ice damage..

Day five (Saturday) -- Lily and Judy and the baby clothes....Will says he won't be back until Tuesday... Judy's attic, no explanation tongue-lashing from Will.... Rick arrives and Lily tells him Jake took girls away for the weekend.... "It had to be you!"


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as 218.

Working Title
A working title of this episode was Stalk Like This.

An O&A First
First episode that did NOT feature any Black-and-Whites.

Christy's Extension
At PagesAlive, Christy is at Ext 840

What was that letter?
When in Grahame's office, Lily read a letter addressed to him. It was to thank Grahame for his "generous" donation to a foundation that cares for children who have HIV/AIDS.

Appearance of the Wreath
When Rick is in the attic with Will, the scene begins with him walking past a section of wall. Center right is the wreath. He looks directly at it as he walks past. This is the very wreath sent by fans to the cast and crew of Once and Again following the first season. See more info and pictures of the wreath here

Key under the mat
Both Judy and Lily apparently leave a key under the front mat - Judy at Booklovers, and Lily at home.


Wardrobe? Wardrobe?
In the scene when Lily is on the phone with Jake, she glances over at Graham and the girl in the office he is flirting with is wearing the same black long sleeve sweater with light gray cuffs and neckline that Sela wore in a brief scene in Outside Hearts when she is speaking to Mrs. Brooks on the telephone discussing the argument she had had with Judy. -- Marco

Jake and Lily are arguing over who will pay for the damage to Lily's house caused by ice damming. Shouldn't that be covered by homeowner's insurance? -- AdamBomb1701

Original episode spoilers

Soap Opera Digest Gist Go2Girl96 Tooncer TV Guide Noahax Tooncer
Wanda5 Wanda4 Click TV ABC Wanda2 Wanda  

From Soap Opera Digest :
click on the news then click on Once and Again.

This week Lily and Judy have big problems with the (unwanted) men in their lives: Lily is asked to work directly with Graham, while her sister fears she may be the target of a stalker.

There is also a small photo of Sela next to the summary. You can go to.

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Once and Again: "Forgive Us Our Trespasses"
Wednesday, March 28
ABC, 10 to 11 p.m. ET

Thanks to Christie (Jennifer Crystal-Foley), Lily (Sela Ward) is forced to spend time with Graham (D.B. Sweeney) working together on a new Pages Alive project. Meanwhile, Judy (Marin Hinkle) fears she is being stalked and turns to Jake (Jeffrey Nordling) for help. Later, Will (Mark Valley) re-enters her life after a failed coupling leaves him single again.

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From go2girl96 at the ABC Message Board:

Actually, from what I have heard, the person who bonds with Jessie is actually a former BULIMIC.

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From Tooncer at the ABC Message Board:

Forgive Us Our Trespasses: I gave the clue about the singing right? Lily sings at the end of this episode and Rick joins in. Try to guess the song.

Also, this is something someone may have given already: Will Gluck and Paul return. Judy has a stalker. Lily calls Jake and wants Tiffany's number. Why? She has a little gift to give Tiffany. Hmmm. Wonder what that could be?

Jake gets a new girlfriend....Jennica.

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From TV Guide:
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Adverse relationships spawn true confessions in storylines that have Lily partnering on a project with randy Graham (D.B. Sweeney), and jilted Will reentering Judy's life.

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From Noahax at the ABC Message Board:

There are three storylines in this episode.

1) Lily has to work closely with Graham at PagesAlive

2) The attic at Lily's house is leaking, and she tries to get Jake to help pay for the repairs. This storyline leads to some serious friction between the divorced couple.

3) Judy thinks that someone is stalking her.

The episode is Rick-light, but we get to see plenty of Lily, Jake, Judy, and Will Gluck

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From Tooncer at the ABC Message Board:

At the end of Forgive Us Our Trespasses Lily will make her singing lie....which segues into a "duet" with Rick.

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From Wanda:

I miss Jake on Once and Again. Are they writing in any storylines for him?

Big time. He's going to find out he's becoming a daddy, because Tiffany is pregnant. A few episodes later, he starts cheating on her behind her swaying back. Charming, eh?

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From Wanda5:

From Debbie: Any news on Once and Again?

In the next new episode, Jake tells everyone about Tiffany's pregnancy, and they are very much a couple again. But then, after he starts realizing his dream restaurant is completely unsalvageable, he turns into a big creep and starts cheating on Tiffany with another woman. Also, Will Gluck makes his triumphant return. It's the storyline I told you about: Judy thinks Paul is stalking her, but it turns out that it's Will Gluck, and the creepy behavior was unintentional.

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From Click TV:
Once and Again - Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Description: Lily (Sela Ward) is asked to work directly with Graham; Judy (Marin Hinkle) fears she may be the target of a stalker. (In Stereo)

Performers: Billy Campbell, Meredith Deane, Marin Hinkle, Jeffrey Nordling, Susanna Thompson, Sela Ward, Shane West, Julia Whelan, Evan Rachel Wood

Parental Rating:



: Wed 3/28/01
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From Zap2it:
Judy Fears She's Being Stalked On "ONCE AND AGAIN" (3/28/01)

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses" - All bets are off when Christie asks Lily to work directly with Graham. Meanwhile, Judy fears she is being stalked, on "Once and Again," WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

"Once and Again" stars Sela Ward as Lily Manning, Billy Campbell as Rick Sammler, Julia Whelan as Grace Manning, Shane West as Eli Sammler, Meredith Deane as Zoe Manning, Evan Rachel Wood as Jessie Sammler, Susanna Thompson as Karen Sammler, Jeffrey Nordling as Jake Manning, Todd Field as David Casilli, Marin Hinkle as Judy, David Clennon as Miles Drentell, Jennifer Crystal-Foley as Christie Parker and Ever Carradine as Tiffany.

Guest starring are D.B. Sweeney as Graham Rympalski, Mark Valley as Will Gluck, Alecia Guzman as Jenica, Devon Odessa as Noelle, Michael B. Silver as Paul, Clynell Jackson III as the cop, Victoria Fang as Gwen and Mary Albee as the stunt coordinator.

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses" was written by Lynn Siefert and Winnie Holzman and directed by Dan Lerner.

This program carries a TV-PG, L parental guideline.

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From ABC:
10:00 - 11:00 PM

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses" - All bets are off when Christie asks Lily to work directly with Graham. Meanwhile, Judy fears she is being stalked. (A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate) (CLOSED-CAPTIONED)

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From Wanda:

Will anything more happen with Graham and Lily? I hate to admit it, but I like their chemistry.

You wash that thought right out of your head, missy. Like I said last week, Lily and Rick are taking the next step forward, getting engaged before the end of the season. But as for Graham and Lily, she has to work with him on a project--and eventually, they work out their awkwardness.

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From Wanda:
. . . an absolutely gripping upcoming episode of Once and Again . . .

From mcmerry: You said Will Gluck's coming back. Is that true?
Yes. Later this month, Judy gets the creepy feeling that someone is stalking her. She thinks it's Paul, but it turns out Will Gluck is the suitor, and the stalkish behavior was unintentional.

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