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118 - (SAB)     Strangers and Brothers     03/13/00
In the midst of a trying time for the Manning family, Aaron Manning proves to be an unexpected source of comfort and renewal. Meanwhile, Lily gains some ground in the divorce proceedings.

WRITER: Richard Kramer     DIRECTOR: Marshall Herskovitz
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick   
 Ex's Jake   
 Other Family Judy    Aaron    Phil    Barbara   
 Significant Regulars  
Manny - Phil's lawyer and best friend of 46 years.
Ben Josephson - Rabbi, Phil's neighbor
Marvin & Lucille Tannenbaum - Long-time patrons's of Phils. "Chopped liver, off-menu"
Social Worker - Winnie Holtzman

Lily's house
Rick's house
Phil's Restaurant
Lily's car
The Hospital -
Funeral Home -
Cemetary -

King Lear - William Shakespere

Barbara: We had a dream ...

Lily: Zoe came early ...

Jake: He liked me ...

Judy: They were beautiful ...

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra "I Can't Get Started"
This is Aaron
We meet Aaron for the first time when Judy brings him to Lily's for the reception before the funeral.

The funeral

The memorial service/wake

Rick and Jake
Rick sees Jake as a normal person for the first time when he runs into Jake sitting in the little playhouse after the blow-up with Aaron.

Transfer of control
Manny informs Lily (and later, Jake realizes at the reading of the will), that Lily and Barbara together have a large enough share of the Restaurant to remove Jake if it becomes necessary.

Sign of the time
Lily gives Jake Phil's watch. This is a significant moment because she has very clearly come to his turf (the Restaurant), after hours, and taken control of the entire situation by telling him that Barbara has given her power of attorney over her shares, thus giving Lily 70% control of the restaurant and the sole ability to fire him. She then tells him that she will give him the opportunity to work for all their benefit, clearly placing her in control of his fate. Only then does she give him the watch, acknowledging his separate relationship with Phil, but also signifying that that part of his relationship is over.

Not currently available


In the buff
Phil was a Civil War buff

Rabbi - Part 1
Rabbi Rosen, longtime Rabbi to the Brooks family, retired - left his wife and bought a boat.

Rabbi - Part 2
Judy once dated a Rabbi, Bruce, but "that was just sex"

Rabbi - Part 3
Rick eventually recommends a Rabbi, Ben Josephson, who lives in his building and has a black lab.

Serving Time
Aaron (as of this episode) has spent 20 years in the mental health system.

Insider casting
Winnie Holtzman, who appears as Aaron's social worker, is a regular writer for the series.


It just fell out of my mouth
- Lily to Judy, followed by "like a tooth I didn't know was loose," in SAB
- Tiffany to Jake in MBC
--Stargazer & HarriedWith2Angels

The wrong hand
In the goodbye scene between Aaron and Barbara, as the camera flips between the two, we see that when the camera is facing Aaron, he's rubbing his face with his left hand, but when the camera is behind Aaron (facing Barbara), he's rubbing his face with his right hand.

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