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108 - (TPIP)     The Past is Prologue     11/09/99
With Rick wrapped up in a project at work, Lily recalls the way Jake neglected - and ultimately betrayed - her. Rick recalls how his drive for success doomed his first marriage. Meanwhile, Eli fails another test and admits he has trouble reading.

WRITER: Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz     DIRECTOR: Edward Zwick
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy    Phil   
 Business David   
 Significant Regulars  
Victoria - Rick's assistant/receptionist
Sheri - Assistant at Sammler Cassilli. She smuggled a competitor's drawings while on a date to show Rick and David what the competition (big boys) were doing. This triggered an all-nighter to catch up.
Steve - Assistant architect at Sammler Cassilli.
Mr. Burke - Eli's English teacher. He correctly would not give Eli extra time to complete his test on the Gatsby

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Sammler Cassilli
Phil's Restaurant
My Sister's Bookstore
Rick's car
Upton Sinclair
Briggs and Mason - Glassed-in conference room BR>

The Great Gatsby -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Anne Tyler's new book

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

Lily: I was just a little princess ...
Lily: As I got older ...

Rick: Karen basically moved in ...
Rick: I sometimes feel invaded.

Lily: I was always waiting for my father
Lily: Then when Jake started to work at the restaurant ...

Rick: I was drowning ...
Rick: ... I had to learn that the hard way ...
Rick: Karen didn't really believe in me.
Rick: The secret truth was ...
Rick: They never behaved according to plan ...
Rick: ... and the plan for me was ...
Rick: I used to wait by the window for him to come home ...
Rick: So how come I don't believe that?

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

Episode Timeline

Flashback - Lily
Two separate but related flashbacks of Lily (with short black hair) at the restaurant. Grace and Zoe are very small (Zoe is still a baby), and Phil is darting around issuing orders. He also orders Lily to help as a receptionist.

Flashback - Rick
Rick and Karen apparently at the house while they're married, arguing about his long hours and how it's affecting their marriage.

Flashback - Lily and Jake
Lily and Jake in their bedroom arguing about him being late coming home every night. She is trying to save their marriage.

Flashback - Lily
Lily is searching through the restaurant for Jake and eventually finds him in the stock room beginning to undress some woman.

by The Past is Prologue - Takes place over 5 days.

Day 1 - Evening - Rick's Kitchen
Eli is lamenting about how he just doesn't understand the meaning of "the green light at the end of Daisy's dock." Rick goes into Dad mode and explains how he read "The Great Gatsby" in school and he could really relate to it. Eli and Rick banter back and forth about how Eli needs to do whatever it takes to learn this and Rick parallels this the huge project his firm needs to complete in a very short amount of time.
Rick's attire: plaid shirt - unbuttoned, jeans, dark tee shirt. Looks pretty manly.
Rick's quote: "You have to do more than stare."

Next Day - Day 2- Sammler & Cassilli - around lunch time
Lily arrives, apparently to have lunch with Rick, who is in the midst of a group discussion about the design of the building. While Rick and Lily discuss having lunch, Rick is repeatedly interrupted. Their plans for lunch die and, while Lily is out buying sandwiches for everyone, Rick has to leave for a hastily-called meeting. Lily stands dejected as the team departs and she's left standing alone at Sammler & Cassilli.
Rick's attire: biege slacks, dark brown button-down shirt, grey tee shirt; looking for yuppie corporate.
Rick quote. ""no, no, no, nooooo, we can go...I want to go."

Same day - Booklovers - Judy and Lily - around lunch time
Judy is amazed that Lily has returned so soon; Lily says that Rick was very busy and thought it was so cute that everyone ran up and asked for answers and he's so calm and clearly in control. Judy says, "he sounds wonderful." Lily says, "oh, shaddup." Judy says she would rather be stalked any day than be with a man who has no time for me." (a sign of things to come for Judy??)

Same Day - school classroom - early afternoon
Eli is taking "The Great Gatsby" test. The bell rings, the teacher asks for his paper but Eli continues to work on the test. The teacher finally DEMANDS that Eli stop writing and turn in his test.

Same Day - Evening - Rick's kitchen - Rick & Lily chopping veggies - my guess in time is around 7:00
Rick and Lily are comparing notes on Jessie and Grace when the phone rings. Rick thinks it will be Jessie but it's actually "the office." He keeps saying he needs a few seconds; Lily stands dejected again because she's waitingg again - and things how she was become very experienced at waiting.
Rick's attire: same clothes as earlier only brown shirt is unbuttoned and a plaid towel is thrown over his shoulder. Still looking hot.
Rick's quote: "I want you to get started."

Same day - later in the evening - in Rick's bed - I'll assume it's AFTER dinner
Lily is lying on her side; Rick rests his chin on her shoulder after lovemaking. Rick & Lily talk end up talking about how Rick's job seems to take up a lot of his time. Lily is concerned about Rick's preoccupation with work, thinking back to Jake's "episodes" at her father's restaurant. Lily explains that this type of behavior sets off an alarm in her and it's not fair and she's sorry. (A flashback follows with Rick & Karen arguing in the kitchen Rick throws down a set of rolled-up blueprints and we see what looks like a wedding band - on his right hand. A sign of things to come when Rick holds the champagne bottle in "The Second Time Around?"). Rick says he will pick Lily up tomorrow at 7:00 for dinner.
Rick's attire: fine looking birthday suit
Rick's quote: "how come it didn't - whatever."

Next Day - Day 3 - Morning - Rick's kitchen - Rick, Jessie, Eli
Early morning rush to get out the door to work and school. Rick asks Eli how he did on his test. Eli says he did, good.
Rick's attire: Biege slacks, white dress shirt, gray V-neck sweater; looking hot.
Rick's quote: "R R E E A L L Y good."

Same day - morning to evening - Sammler & Cassilli
Rick arrives at the office to find the group looking at the competitor's submission. They determine that the scope of Myerson's submission is much larger than the Sammler & Cassilli submission. Rick decides they have 26 hours to design a whole complex. They apparently work through the entire day when Sherry asks if they should order dinner. Rick realizes he's in BIG trouble because he's supposed to pick up Lily at 7:00 and he won't make it.

Same day - 6:30 pm - Lily's kitchen with Grace, Zoe and Lily
Rick calls to say he's so sorry that he can't have dinner with her.

Same evening - Karen's kitchen - Rick, Jessie, Karen, Eli
Rick stopped by to pick up the kids because it's his night to have them. After mentioning that he'll have to pull an all-nighter because of the project, Karen says that the kids can stay with her. Karen mentions that they have to talk about Eli's not doing well on his test. Rick and Eli get into a fighting match which upsets the entire household.
Rick's attire: same clothes as earlier in the day but added a suede jacket
Rick's quote: "I'll call you in the morning."

Later in the evening - Lily's living room - Judy & Lily
Judy says she wants to add an "erotica" section with whips and chains. Lily continues eating her Ben & Jerry's, not paying any attention to Judy. After bantering back and forth, Lily worried about how she'll fit into Rick's life and decides to go to his office and bring dinner.

Later that evening - Sammler & Cassilli - the entire team
Lily walks in with dinner for Rick; as he tries to eat the dinner, he is repeatedly interrupted; Lily is dejected again and walks out. Rick sees she's gone and runs out to catch her. Lily is crying and Rick says, "ahhh, Lil." Lily wipes the tears away, apologizes for crying, gets in her SUV and leaves with Rick standing there watching.
Rick's attire: same clothes, shirt tails hanging out, shirt sleeves pulled up; looking tired but still looking HOT
Rick's quote: "...noo, noo, noooo, this is incredibly sweet."

Next day - Day 4 - morning - about 10:00 - Briggs & Mason, Rick and David
They're waiting for their turn to make a presentation. Rick is obviously very nervous; just as it's their time, he tells David he'll be right back and runs into the men's room. He finds a stall and proceeds to vomit. He walks back and he and David proceed into the conference room.
Rick's attire: Dark brown suite; royal blue shirt, dark tie, looking very corporatesque
Rick's quote: "Let's do it."

Same day - Lily's house
Lily is sitting on the stairs pondering the situation; next see her, Grace and Zoe in the kitchen waiting for Jake to arrive. Lily proceeds to call the restaurant looking for Jake because he's late; Jake walks into the kitchen asking Lily who she's calling!

Same day - late afternoon - Karen's house
Rick goes to find out how Eli made out. Karen informs him Eli wouldn't go to school. Rick goes up to talk to Eli. They end up having a very emotional moments; they both end up with an appreciation for each other. Karen and Rick then discuss Eli's future and how he may not go to college and end up how THEY planned it for Eli. (A reference of things to come?)
Rick's attire: same suit, top shirt button undone, tie loosened - still looking Hot
Rick's quote: "You're such an amazing kid."

The day ends with Rick, in deep thought, sitting alone on a table, in the office.

Next day - Day 5 - Booklovers - lunch time
Lily and Judy banter back and forth about a book that Judy said she read, but hasn't read when Rick arrives and asks, "Remember me?" He brought Thai food for lunch. Judy says she as to leave. Rick and Lily have a conversation about how intense men become with their work. Lily finally asks about the submission; Rick says it went well - but everyone's been asked to submit a scaled down version - tomorrow. He's got 15 minutes to eat before he has to go back to work, but he can pay attention to her in the meantime. Lily runs to the door and declares the store is "Closed."
Rick's attire: dark slacks, dark grey tee shirt, blue checked shirt; suede jacket, large black shoes - looking very "business casual."
Rick's quote: "I want you so badly; right here, right now."




Eli's English Woe
The crux of Eli's English problem is the Great Gatsby

Movin' on Up
Rick is attempting to rise to the big leagues by competing for a big commercial site (Briggs & Mason's new corporate office) in Skokie.

Jake starts
Phil asks Jake to work at the restaurant in a flashback, at which time Zoe is a baby.

Life before Phil's
Jake used to sell stereo equipment prior to working at the restaurant.

The user before Jake
Lily used to date a "Billy Finklestein" who took her for granted.

During a phone conversation with Rick, she calls him "Ricky"

Architect's Office
Sammler Cassilli is apparently housed in its own building. The main part is on the ground floor, but there is a double wide staircase in the middle leading upstairs.

City Work
Rick's dad was an engineer for the city for 30 years.

Dad's Car
Rick's dad drove a Plymouth.


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