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101 - (BMG)     Boy Meets Girl     09/21/99
Single parents Rick and Lily meet at their children's school and feel an immediate attraction. They date, but family problems interfere: Rick's son Eli is having trouble academically, and Lily's daughter Grace feels unpopular and unattractive. Rick and Lily are embarrassed when her children catch them entwined on the couch.

WRITER: Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz     DIRECTOR: Edward Zwick
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy   
 Business David   
 Significant Regulars Naomi    Jennifer   
Vanessa Lee Chester - Friend #1
Jourdan Fremin - Laughing Mom
Suzanne Lanza - Assistant
Anna Mathias - Secretary
LaTanya Richardson - Counselor

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Sammler Cassilli
My Sister's Bookstore
Lily's car
Rick's car
Upton Sinclair
School Driveway - Rick sees Lily for the first time
Max's cafe - Lily breaks up with Rick, and later they get back together at the front door.

London - Edward Rutherford
Only a sighting. It is peeking out of a bookcase. (kitchen cupboard?) It's an historical novel about, well, London!

Lily: ... to be safe ...
Lily: ... somehow it would always end up being unsafe ...
Lily: My marriage was supposed to be safe

Rick: ... ask me in another three years
Rick: I always had a map for my life
Rick: ... by the time you get divorced

Lily: So, here I am
Lily: I didn't want him to call!
Lily: I thought about him all afternoon

Rick: ... too afraid of rejection

Lily: I was going to cancel ...
Lily: I was a really nice girl

Rick: The worst thing ...
Rick: ... you say the same thing about thirty times ...

Lily: I was the peacemaker
Lily: ... that's great ... for everybody else
Lily: I just don't know where I fit in my own life

Rick: Don't do it. Don't do it!

Lily: When he said we should go bowling ...
Lily: I wanted him so much

Rick: My father died when I was fourteen

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
Jewel, "Absence of Fear" from the album Spirit

Episode Timeline

Grace's soccer injury
This is the event that leads to Lily and Grace having to be in the Principal's office and, therefore, meet Rick and Eli.

Rick and Lily get caught
Their attempt to "do other things" at Lily's house are cut short when Jake, Grace, and Zoe walk in on them.


Now for the Pilot... Who knew that it was such a sprawling episode? I guess first episodes should be that way. Of course I started out trying to squeeze as much as possible into one week, but no way would that work. There have to be a few skipped days for this timeline to work. Here goes :

Day # 1 (possibly a Wednesday) : Rick and Lily eye each other in carpool line. That night at Lily's, Grace talks about make-out parties and how she's not a candidate. Judy offers running commentary, and Lily calls Jake to confirm he's coming to the soccer game "tomorrow."

Day # 2 (Thursday) : Grace twists her ankle during the game, and Rick and Lily chat nervously in the school office. Rick, Karen, and Eli meet with school counselor. That night, Rick phones "Elizabeth" and she calls him back when the coast is clear. They make a date, I'm guessing the very next night!

Day # 3 (Friday) : David offers commentary on Rick dating a "mother." Judy inquires when Lily will sleep with him. Grace, at school, tells her friends that her mom has a date that night. Fast forward to that night, and Zoe and Grace "comforting" Lily as she gets ready to go out. First date/dinner with Rick -- first kiss(es), too! Lily returns home to anxiety-laden Grace.

Day # 4 : Now for the fun part... I think we skip forward to Monday or Tuesday -- we're back at school, with Eli telling Grace that she should come to the party Saturday. Judy and Naomi badger Lily about setting up her next date -- she should call Jake! Lily calls Jake and asks if he can take the girls "Thursday night, to stay over?" Shocker, he agrees.

Day # 5 (Wednesday) : Eli is at the apartment, getting ready to study with Rick....who says that "the mom" called, and they're "gonna see each other tomorrow night.."

Day # 6 (Thursday) : Bowling and making out in the car. Back to Lily's for "other things," which are interrupted by Jake bringing the girls home. Jake and Lily fight, Lily attempts damage control with Grace.

Day # 7 : I think this is Friday at the coffee house, because Rick asks Lily "How'd it go?" as if it picked right up from the night before. Lily regrets that their timing is off, and they part ways. Later that day, at work (Rick same brown sweater all day), David boasts his exploits to Rick, and Karen stops by with news that Eli failed his test. That night over dinner at the apartment, Rick tells Eli that Jennifer has to go home.

Day # 8 (Saturday) : Early evening, and Lily wonders why Grace isn't getting ready for the party? Grace tells her mom not to kid about her life, and Lily tearfully suggests to her daughter the reason she, Grace, is scared -- she wants more, she doesn't deserve less.

At least 2-3 days pass, over which we see Rick at work, Lily searching in carpool line, Lily taking a walk and coming to a decision. She calls Rick that night to set up another, more postitive, date back at the coffee house -- the next day, I'm sure!

And they're off.......


Who's Karen?
The original pilot had Harley Jane Kozak as Karen. When the series was picked up, she had become pregnant and Susanna Thompson was cast instead. Only those scenes with Karen were reshot. You can tell the difference by looking at the length of Rick's and Eli's hair in scene with and without Karen

School Colors
The school colors of Upton Sinclair are green and gold

Formal references
Rick calls Lily "Elisabeth" in the initial phone call

Separation time
Lily and Jake were separated less than eight months at the time of this show

Jessie's school
We learn that Jessie goes to "Oak Hall"
BFS-I've always heard this as "Oak Hollow", which, frankly, makes a bit more sense than "Oak Hall."

How long were they married?
Lily's been married 16 years to Jake

Rick's siblings and home

Rick has two brothers who are "still in Kansas." Rick is probably from Kansas.

Rick's dad, part 1
Rick's father died when he was 14.

The flipping phone
When Judy hands the phone to Lily to encourage her to call Jake to take the kids so that Lily can go on her second date, as the scene cuts from Judy to Lily, the Judy is seen holding the phone alternately face up then face down.

Palm trees in Chicago A palm tree is reflected in the window over Max's café. -- Westscot1212

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