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105 - (TBD)     There Be Dragons     10/19/99
When Jesse gets her first period during a father-daughter outing, Rick is forced to realize that their relationship is changing. Jake and Lily meet for dinner, and he broaches the idea of getting back together, but Lily resists.

WRITER: Liberty Godshall     DIRECTOR: Ron Lieberman
 Brooks-Manning Lily   
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family  
 Significant Regulars  

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
My Sister's Bookstore Lily's car
Rick's car

Beowulf - Beowulf

Architecture - The Frank Lloyd Wright book

The Diary of Anne Frank - Anne Frank

Lily: I keep wondering ...
Lily: ... thinking of all the bad things that could happen ...

Jessie: Saturday was always pancake morning.

Lily: First time I saw Jake ...
Lily: He wears this on purpose ...
Lily: I knew he was trouble ...
Lily: We slept together exactly 12 hours after we met.
Lily: I ...

Jessie: Every summer when I was a kid ...
Jessie: We played cards, did puzzles, you know, stupid stuff ...
Jessie: After my grandpa died ...
Jessie: The day that photograph was taken ...
Jessie: I remember thinking it was a holiday ...
Jessie: I fell asleep right in front of the fire ...
Jessie: My dad never let me drink coffee before ...
Jessie: ... and I was, like, what?
Jessie: He was so upset ...
Jessie: What if we hadn't gone to the lake that year ...

Lily: Jake always wanted me ...
Lily: The more I talked, the less he wanted me.

Jessie: I was obsessed ...
Jessie: He would run alongside me ...
Jessie: Part of me was scared to death ...
Jessie: ... and then, one day, I was going so fast ...
Jessie: ... I was free ...

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music
Yve & Adam/"In Good Time"
Jessie gets her period
In the rush to prepare for a hiking trip (and the unannounced arrival of Lily), Jessie goes to the bathroom and suddenly announces the arrival of her period.

Rick cuts his finger
In attempting to make a sandwitch for the hike, Rick is slicing tomatoes while trying to force conversation between the kids, himself, and Lily when he slices his finger. This is the event that causes Lily to spend quite a bit of time with Jessie in the waiting room.


Not currently available


Rick was really into Astronomy when he was young.

When did they tell her?
In the Pilot, Rick says that Karen went and got the kids and then they told them together that they were getting separated. In one of her interviews, Jessie says that she was having coffee with Rick when Karen came in and then they told her.

What are Smegeffites?
Are Rick and Jessie quoting from a piece of classic literature, such as Beowulf, or is this a children's story (maybe "Whose Forest Is This?" that Nancy and Ethan wrote in thirtysomething) or is it something they've made up?

Spiders scary, blood not
[Jessie's fear of a spider] in LAOS, seemed all the more improbable in TBD, as Jessie confided that she had to pick up the injured rabbit when her dad was too squeamish. -- LaChefski

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