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110 - (T)     Thanksgiving     11/23/99
Lily refuses to include Jake in Thanksgiving dinner, but her visiting parents invite him anyway. Lily's mother is shocked when Lily sneaks out to meet Rick. Later, Lily's father admits he loved someone else but kept his marriage together, and encourages Lily to do the same.

WRITER: Donald Margulies     DIRECTOR: Claudia Weill
 Brooks-Manning Lily    Grace    Zoe
 Sammler Rick    Eli    Jessie
 Ex's Jake    Karen
 Other Family Judy    Phil    Barbara   
 Business David   
 Significant Regulars  
Saj - Karen's assistant
Lloyd Lloyd - Karen's "boyfriend"
Melanie - David's "date"

Lily's house
Rick's house
Karen's house
Sammler Cassilli
Phil's Restaurant
Rick's car
Supermarket -


Phil & Barbara: At first he wasn't interested ...
Phil & Barbara: We know he's not perfect ...

Lily: My mother's really capable ...

Barbara: My own mother was very cold ...

Phil: The way a daughter looks at you ...

Lily: He was just the best father in many ways ...

W.G. Snuffy Walden Production/incidental music

Episode Timeline

The Thanksgiving Dinner
The dreaded game of charades
Lily tells Rick about Aaron
Barbara and Phil see Rick
Phil confesses to Lily about his "lost love"


Morning: While grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, Grace and Zoe ask Lily about inviting Jake to dinner. She ix-nays the idea. At Lily's, Judy wonders about Aaron coming to dinner. Phil and Barbara arrive from Florida and inquire about Jake. Lily reminds them that they're separated.
Jessie, concerned that everyone is acting so 'non-holidayish, asks Rick about his plans for Turkey Day.
Afternoon: The Manning clan head over to Phil's to see the renovations. In a B/W, Phil and Barbara explain the 'terms' of selling the restaurant to Jake and Lily. Barbara accidently lets it slip to Judy that Jake is behind in his schedule of payments. Jake tells Phil that his contractor is facing Chapter 11 and has ceased work, so they decide to tackle the job themselves. Lily phones Rick to let him know her folks have arrived. He's busy baking pumpkin bread with Jessie. Phil invites Jake to dinner. Lily say's she'll "think about it"

THURSDAY (U.S. Turkey Day)
Morning: Lily worries about Phil's health. Barbara heads out to shop for her secret stuffing ingredients and drops Phil off at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Rick drops off Jess and Eli at Karen's and runs into Lloyd Lloyd. Rick heads to his office but discovers David already 'working' with Maple Syrup Melanie. Everyone's busy with charades at Karen's and Lily asks her mom about the late payments. After spending the day working at the restaurant, Phil brings Jake home for dinner. Lily is not happy to see him.
Dinner: At the table, Lily confronts Phil about bringing Jake home and Judy voices her opinions about Aaron not being included. After dinner, Lily sneaks out to meet Rick by the trash. While on a walk, she tells him about Aaron and he talks about his childhood. Back from her walk, Phil and Barbara are obviously upset to learn that Lily is seeing 'The Dad'. Lily is outraged when her parents start defending Jake. Back at Karen's, Lloyd tries to move his relationship with Karen forward and attempts to kiss her. They're interrupted by Jessie. (Thank God)
Evening: Lily calls Rick at home to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and to offer him some left-overs, but realizes that Jess has brought him home a care package.
While getting ready for bed, Phil asks Lily about Rick. He confesses to her about his affair and tries to convince Lily to work things out with Jake. Lily admits to Phil that Jake has had MANY affairs and that her marriage can't be fixed. Phil realizes that she is in love with Rick.


Lily mentions in Thanksgiving, (I think) that she liked astromomy as a kid. It was something Phil shared with her. Rick, as we know from TBD, is an astrology buff himself. -- Westscot1212


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