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Season 1

101 - (BMG)     Boy Meets Girl     09/21/99
Single parents Rick and Lily meet at their children's school and feel an immediate attraction. They date, but family problems interfere: Rick's son Eli is having trouble academically, and Lily's daughter Grace feels unpopular and unattractive. Rick and Lily are embarrassed when her children catch them entwined on the couch.

102 - (LSTNT)     Let's Spend the Night Together     09/28/99
Rick is embarassed on a date with Lily when he runs into an ex-girlfriend. A rumor goes around school that it was Grace and Eli caught together, not their parents. Despite encouraging Eli to postpone sex, Rick decides the time is right for him and Lily. The couple fights memories of past heartache during their first night in bed

103 - (TSLJ)     The Scarlet Letter Jacket      10/05/99
A school carnival proves a catastrophe when Lily is assigned to the balloon booth with Rick's ex-wife Karen. Karen doesn't know about Rick and Lily's romance - until the other mothers tell her. Grace has developed a crush on Eli, but a catty girl upsets her by telling her Eli thinks she's ugly.

104 - (LAOS)     Liars and Other Strangers     10/12/99
Rick and Lily, desperate for a place to be alone, make love in Judy's apartment. Judy meets Rick, and doesn't like him. Eli feels compelled to hide his father's blossoming romance from his mother.

105 - (TBD)     There Be Dragons     10/19/99
When Jesse gets her first period during a father-daughter outing, Rick is forced to realize that their relationship is changing. Jake and Lily meet for dinner, and he broaches the idea of getting back together, but Lily resists.

106 - (ADD)     A Dream Deferred     10/26/99
Judy wants to build a coffee bar in the bookstore, but the project turns personal when Rick takes over from Judy's carpenter crush. The bookstore can't support both sisters working full time, and Judy considers another job. Lily's money troubles lead her toward a formal separation from Jake.

107 - (TEF)     The Ex-Files     11/02/99
The Sammlers go away for a weekeknd to see Eli play in a basketball game. His team wins, but he badly injures his ankle. Meanwhile, Grace and Zoe meet their father's young girlfriend. Karen, realizing she's been alone too long, agrees to go out with a balding but devoted man.

108 - (TPIP)     The Past is Prologue     11/09/99
With Rick wrapped up in a project at work, Lily recalls the way Jake neglected - and ultimately betrayed - her. Rick recalls how his drive for success doomed his first marriage. Meanwhile, Eli fails another test and admits he has trouble reading.

109 - (OH)     Outside Hearts     11/16/99
When Lily goes away on a business trip, Judy allows Grace to attend a teenage party that quickly gets out of control. Eli breaks his promise not to drink at the party, and has to call Rick for a ride home.

110 - (T)     Thanksgiving     11/23/99
Lily refuses to include Jake in Thanksgiving dinner, but her visiting parents invite him anyway. Lily's mother is shocked when Lily sneaks out to meet Rick. Later, Lily's father admits he loved someone else but kept his marriage together, and encourages Lily to do the same.

111 - (WTS)     Where There's Smoke     12/07/99
A dinner out to introduce Rick to Grace and Zoe goes awkwardly. Karen struggles to see Eli as a grown-up. Shocked when Jake opens his heart about business problems, Lily finds herself in bed with him.

112 - (TGH)     The Gingerbread House     12/21/99
Amid holiday preparations at the Manning house, Lily tells Jake she wants a divorce - and tells Rick about her one-night-stand with Jake. Rick cannot forgive her, leaving their future in jeopardy.

113 - (M)     Mediation     01/24/00
Lily, hoping for some sign that Rick will forgive her, embarks on the painful process of mediating a divorce settlement with Jake. Meanwhile, Rick comes up against a very difficult client, Miles Drentell (David Clennon, "thirtysomething").

114 - (SF)     Sneaky Feelings     01/31/00
Still being pursued by her new boyfriend, Karen unaccountably finds herself attracted to a younger man at work; while Eli finds himself tempted to cheat on Jennifer

115 - (TMD)     The Mystery Dance     02/07/00
Judy laments about her perpetual singlehood until she meets Samuel (Steven Weber), a man who might fulfill her dreams. Meanwhile, Lily and Rick begin the very delicate process of mending their damaged relationship. David Clennon makes a guest appearance as his "thirtysomething" character, Miles Drentell.

116 - (DG)     Daddy's Girl     02/14/00
Finally fed up with Jake's broken promises, Lily hires a divorce attorney and prepares to declare war. Meanwhile, Grace meets a boy who miraculously seems to see the world the way she does. Guest starring are Paul Mazursky as Phil and Robert Richard as Jared. Directed by Barnet Kellman and written by Liberty Godshall.

117 - (UB)     Unfinished Business     03/06/00
Lily and the rest of the Manning family cope with an accident that will change their lives forever.

118 - (SAB)     Strangers and Brothers     03/13/00
In the midst of a trying time for the Manning family, Aaron Manning proves to be an unexpected source of comfort and renewal. Meanwhile, Lily gains some ground in the divorce proceedings.

119 - (CITH)     Cat-in-the-Hat     04/03/00
Karen pushes herself far beyond her comfort zone when her involvement with a younger man becomes more serious. Meanwhile, Eli plays his parents against each other when he finds their restrictions unacceptable.

120 - (MBC)     My Brilliant Career     04/10/00
Lily's humbling new job helps her put her true priorities in order. Meanwhile, Grace discovers something very painful that may forever alter her relationship with her father.

121 - (LG)     Letting Go     04/17/00
When Judy's passionate relationship with Samuel Blue (Steve Weber, "Wings," "Stephen King's The Shining") is discovered, she takes drastic measures to avoid allowing more pain into her life. Meanwhile, Lily clearly realizes how much she has taken Rick for granted when he becomes ill.

122 - (ADATO)     A Door, About to Open     04/24/00
Rick and Lily -- and their kids -- may be about to have a glimpse into their future.

Season 2

201 - (WULS)     Wake Up Little Susie     10/24/00
On the season premiere, Rick and Lily decide it's finally time for their children to get better acquainted. Jessie has a hard time adjusting to high school, and new schoolmate Grace does little to ease Jessie's transition.

202 - (B)     Booklovers     10/31/00
Judy tries to drum up business for the bookstore by creating a book club for singles. Lily, on the other hand, remains skeptical of her sister's latest plan.

203 - (ICSU)     I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down)     11/14/00
It's a parenting crisis in the Sammler household when Rick urges his son to get serious about college. Eli, on the other hand, has aspirations of becoming a musician.

204 - (FoF)     Feast or Famine     11/21/00
Thankgsiving dinner brings the Sammler and Manning households together, whether they like it or not. Lily's family is reunited for the first time since the death of her father.

205 - (O2.0)     Ozymandias 2.0     11/28/00
Rick has the opportunity to design a new corporate office park, which would greatly boost his career. The project, however, causes friction with Lily, as well as with his business partner David.

206 - (FFT)     Food for Thought     12/05/00
Concerned over their daughter's lack of eating, Rick and Karen take Jessie to a psychiatrist. Series co-creator and executive producer Ed Zwick appears as the psychiatrist..

207 - (LP)     Learner's Permit      12/19/00
Grace gets driving lessons from her father, and some unusual dating advice from her friend. Meanwhile, Jake's relationship with his girlfriend takes a dramatic turn.

208 - (LOOB)     Life Out of Balance     01/10/01
Lily struggles with the changes in her life and body that come with aging. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Eli and Grace's rebellious best friend, Carla.

209 - (SR)     Scribbling Rivalry     01/17/01
A management consultant, Graham, is assigned to work with Lily's boss, and Lily finds herself embroiled in the precarious world of office politics.

210 - (LLL)     Love's Laborers' Lost     01/24/01
Judy faces a romantic dilemma when two men enter her life at the same time. Meanwhile, Eli has second thoughts about his involvement with Carla.

211 - (TLU)     Thieves Like Us     01/31/01
Grace gets caught in the middle of Eli and Carla's destructive relationship.

212 - (S)     Suspicion     02/07/01
Graham, the management consultant at Lily's office, flirts with her, and she responds in kind. Before she knows it, Lily is caught in an awkward predicament that threatens her dignity, as well as her job.

213 - (EW)     Edifice Wrecked     02/14/01
Rick's involvement with The Atlantor project jeopardizes his relationships with Lily, his kids, and his partner.

214 - (TOEotT)     The Other End of the Telescope     03/07/01
A disgruntled waiter threatens the lives of Jake and Grace, and puts the future of the restaurant in jeopardy.

215 - (SRO)     Standing Room Only     03/14/01
Rick and Lily announce their engagement to the kids, and discuss moving everyone into Lily's house.

216 - (AGB)     Aaron's Getting Better     03/28/01
Lily's psychologically disturbed brother, Aaron, arrives for an extended visit. Lily believes that his problems are behind him, but Judy isn't so sure.

217 - (FUOT)     Forgive Us Our Trespasses     04/04/01
All bets are off when Christie asks Lily to work directly with Graham. Meanwhile, Judy fears she is being stalked.

218 - (BOE)     Best of Enemies     04/04/01
Karen becomes distraught when Jessie's eating disorder takes a turn for the worse, and Judy shocks Lily with a surprising confession.

219 - (AP1)     Armageddon - Part One     04/11/01
A criminal investigation threatens to derail the Atlantor Project, as well as Rick's career.

220 - (WSHGBT)     Won't Someone Help George Bailey Tonight     04/18/01
Atlantor's legal problems drag Rick into a deep depression, and Karen tries to fight her attraction to the District Attorney who is investigating the case.

221 - (MO)     Moving On     04/25/01
As the two families prepare to move in together, Eli faces a serious crisis. With only a few weeks left until high school graduation, Carla asks Eli to runaway to Europe with her. Eli shows up at the bus station, prepared to go with Carla, though she doesn't show up.

222 - (TSTA)     The Second Time Around     05/02/01
As their wedding date approaches and the expenses mount, both Rick and Lily have second thoughts about getting married. They cancel their original plans for an elaborate wedding, and hastily arrange a small ceremony with only immediate family. Will Gluck is the minister for the ceremony.

Season 3

301 - (B*)     Busted     09/28/01
While Rick, Lily, and the kids struggle to live under one roof, Eli is arrested for marijuana possession. Karen demands that he get a job and give up music, though Lily thinks differently. Rick is caught between the demands of his ex-wife and his feelings for Lily.
In the end, Eli ignores Karen's advice. Instead, he gets a job at a recording studio and continues to live with Rick and Lily.

302 - (TAT)     The Awful Truth     10/05/01
Grace questions her self worth when her new teacher pushes her to the limit.

303 - (KoB)     Kind of Blue     10/12/01
Rick's job prospects suddenly improve, when Sam Blue comes back to town. Sam has an offer to renovate a ritzy hotel, and he wants Rick to work on the project with him. Meanwhile, Judy also asks Rick to help renovate the expanded Booklovers.
Sam and Judy flirt with each other, but Judy is reluctant to restart a relationship with him.

304 - (AO)     Acting Out     10/19/01
Tensions run high when both Grace and Jessie audition for the same role in the school play, while Judy and Sam grapple with the meaning of their ambiguous relationship.

305 - (DTOTR)     Destiny Turns On The Radio     11/02/01
Lily's job at a local radio station leads to a thrilling, and very public, new career opportunity.

306 - (JATW)     Jake and the Women     11/09/01
When Lily offers to throw Tiffany a baby shower, Jake sincerely questions whether or not he will have a role in his new baby's life.

307 - (CT)     Chaos Theory     11/23/01
Lily and Karen both suffer from unrealistic expectations raised by the coming of Thanksgiving.

308 - (TSS)     The Sex Show     11/30/01
When sex becomes awkward for the first time in their relationship, Lily and Rick realize how much work it takes to keep a marriage exciting.

309 - (TL)     Tough Love     12/07/01
When Eli loses his job and Grace's teacher questions her acting, they both learn the hard way that real self-confidence can be one of life's toughest accomplishments.

310 - (P)     Pictures     12/14/01
Amid complete chaos, the early arrival of Tiffany and Jake's baby brings the entire family together on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Judy's first encounter with Sam's eleven-year-old son doesn't go very smoothly.

311 - (TS)     Taking Sides     01/04/02
When Sam and Judy's relationship becomes the talk of the whole family, Sam finally realizes he wants Judy to be more than just a friend. Meanwhile, Karen's loneliness and discomfort is compounded when Jessie cancels plans with her mom to stay at Lily's house.

312 - (G)     Gardenia     01/11/02
A tragic accident shakes Karen from her deep depression and sets her up for the toughest battle of her life.

313 - (FIP)     Falling In Place     03/04/02
Jessie's anxiety and guilt about her mom's slow recovery causes tension with every member of the family, especially Lily. Meanwhile, Eli is in denial about the seriousness of his mother's condition.

314 - (TGSA)     The Gay-Straight Alliance     03/11/02
Grace pursues her teacher and Jessie develops an attraction for her friend, Katie.

315 - (OSPB)     One (Step) Parent Backward     03/18/02
Sam's places his dream of committing to Judy and having a family squarely on the shoulders of his ten-year-old son. Meanwhile, Jake finally realizes his feelings for Tiffany and his new baby daughter

316 - (ALD)     Aaron's List of Dreams     03/25/02
When Lily's brother, Aaron, expresses a desire to move out on his own with a young woman who is also mentally disabled (Ally Sheedy), she finds it emotionally impossible to let him go.

317 - (EITT)     Experience Is The Teacher     04/01/02
Grace further pursues a relationship with her drama teacher, to the detriment of his teaching career.

318 - (LY)     Losing You     04/08/02
Just when Lily thinks life can't get any more complicated, her mother begins to show early signs of Alzheimer's disease.

319 - (COAL)     Chance of a Lifetime     04/15/02
On the series finale, Rick is offered the career opportunity of a lifetime but it's on another continent. Lily, for her part, also has some exciting news. The couple face yet another life-altering decision, but this one could displace the entire family.


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