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Who's Karen?
The original pilot had Harley Jane Kozak as Karen. When the series was picked up, she had become pregnant and Susanna Thompson was cast instead. Only those scenes with Karen were reshot. You can tell the difference by looking at the length of Rick's and Eli's hair in scene with and without Karen

School Colors
The school colors of Upton Sinclair are green and gold

Formal references
Rick calls Lily "Elisabeth" in the initial phone call

Separation time
Lily and Jake were separated less than eight months at the time of this show

Jessie's school
We learn that Jessie goes to "Oak Hall"
BFS-I've always heard this as "Oak Hollow", which, frankly, makes a bit more sense than "Oak Hall."

How long were they married?
Lily's been married 16 years to Jake

Rick's siblings and home

Rick has two brothers who are "still in Kansas." Rick is probably from Kansas.

Rick's dad, part 1
Rick's father died when he was 14.

Lily and her men
Lily mentions in her interview that she had been with 3 guys before Jake, but one didn't count because it was Homecoming and they were pretty drunk. (BFS)


Thank God
- Rick to Lily, in LSTNT
- Rick to Lily, in TSLJ
- Lily to Rick, in Mediation
- Judy to Lily in TSTA
- Grace to Eli in TL
--Jeanne, Meegram & GraceManning1


Date Count
When Rick makes dinner for Lily, it's their fourth date
BFS Actually, she's says it's their 4th date, and he replies "5th, if you count when you broke up with me." But it's clearly their 6th date even if you DON'T count break up/reconciliation. They had two dates (dinner, then bowling) in the first episode, and three dates (dinner, lunch, night at Rick's) in the second. So sea bass dinner makes at least No. 6.

Repetitively redundant
Both Lily and Karen make the same comment within 5 minutes of each other "If I never cook another meal again, it'll be too soon."

Who's Sal?
Jake mentions that he has another kid "over at Sal's(?)", when talking with Rick about kids and school. (BFS)

The boy that Lily and her best friend broke up over was named Robbie Howard

Giving the finger
Billy Campbell's broken pinky finger is very clearly displayed in the final scene.


Thank God
- Rick to Lily, in LSTNT
- Rick to Lily, in TSLJ
- Lily to Rick, in Mediation
- Judy to Lily in TSTA
- Grace to Eli in TL
--Jeanne, Meegram & GraceManning1


Reality TV
Judge Judy appears when Grace is watching TV.

TV plug
Reference is made to "The Practice" by one of Grace's friends

Rick wears plain white boxers

Judy does NOT have cats

This apparently occurs sometime in October

Rick was really into Astronomy when he was young.

In WULS, Grace cheats and gets into a fight with Zoe over Monopoly, putting Jessie in the middle. In ADD, we learned that Lily and Judy also used to cheat and fight while playing this game.



Eli's English Woe
The crux of Eli's English problem is the Great Gatsby

Movin' on Up
Rick is attempting to rise to the big leagues by competing for a big commercial site (Briggs & Mason's new corporate office) in Skokie.

Jake starts
Phil asks Jake to work at the restaurant in a flashback, at which time Zoe is a baby.

Life before Phil's
Jake used to sell stereo equipment prior to working at the restaurant.

The user before Jake
Lily used to date a "Billy Finklestein" who took her for granted.

During a phone conversation with Rick, she calls him "Ricky"

Architect's Office
Sammler Cassilli is apparently housed in its own building. The main part is on the ground floor, but there is a double wide staircase in the middle leading upstairs.

City Work
Rick's dad was an engineer for the city for 30 years.

Dad's Car
Rick's dad drove a Plymouth.

This episode won the Prism award for 2000. Click here for more info

Age Matters
Lily is 6 years older than Judy

Little Women
Lily seems to think that Grace loves "Little Women"

Weird Habits
Judy puts soy sauce on her popcorn

Wild Claims
Judy used to claim 13 dependants on her tax return

Gimmie a Number
555-0157 supposedly is Lily's number.

The Jacket
Judy loans, and then gives, Grace her leather jacket.

Who's that drunk?
It's Roger Udell (the drunk) who spills beer on Grace's jacket.

What's that dinging noise?
Eli and Rick have a conversation early in the show about the movies shown at high school about drugs and alcohol that include the "stupid dinging bell". Then, when Eli starts the car to drive Jennifer home, we hear in the background soft dinging

The Brothers Sammler
When Rick was younger he was at some party playing quarters. He was the driver when his brother Mikey was thrown off the hood and broke his wrist.

What's your sign?
Grace is a Pisces

Tutu crazy
Lily buys a tutu for Zoe from every place she goes.

In the blood
Rick has a history of alcoholism in his family (Father and Brother)

In the blood, part 2
Karen has a history of breast cancer in her family

Lily mentions in Thanksgiving, (I think) that she liked astromomy as a kid. It was something Phil shared with her. Rick, as we know from TBD, is an astrology buff himself. -- Westscot1212


Where's the gun?
After making out, Rick and Lily were watching an old black-and-white detective movie. The question was "Where did they do with the pistol", and Lily's response is that he threw it in the trash. This is played out later when Grace throws Rick's gift to her in the trash.

Rick bearing gifts
Rick drives up to Lily's house bringing gifts for her kids. Button candy for Zoe, and a hardcover book on the US Women's Soccer Team for Grace

Scarface Lil
Lily apparently has a scar on her chin that she got when Judy pushed her down when they were kids

A menorah is seen in Lily's house


Aaw shucks
- Judy to Lily, about Rick in TGH
- Miles to Rick in Mediation


Producing a tutor?
Peter Schindler, a producer of the series, is among the names on the tutoring board.

Write me a quote
Sue and Dan, the potential buyers of Lily's house, are the names of the Paiges, producers and writers of some Once and Again episodes.


Thank God
- Rick to Lily, in LSTNT
- Rick to Lily, in TSLJ
- Lily to Rick, in Mediation
- Judy to Lily in TSTA
- Grace to Eli in TL
--Jeanne, Meegram & GraceManning1

Aaw shucks
- Judy to Lily, about Rick in TGH
- Miles to Rick in Mediation


New Trier Cassidy tells Eli that her volleyball team was beaten by New Trier. According to the IMDb, one of the two schools that Billy Campbell graduated from was New Trier High School in Winnetka, IL.

Interest in a boy?
Jessie is passingly attracted to a boy in her class - Toby

Elvis sighting
All the episodes written by Sue and Daniel Page are named after Elvis Costello songs: "Mystery Dance," "Sneaky Feelings," "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" and "The Other End of the Telescope."

Lyrics - Sneaky Feelings, by Elvis Costello

Now everybody's breakin' up somebody else's home,
before somebody else starts breaking up their own.
I get you in my dreams.
You should hear the things you say.
I's not that it's so much fun,
but it's safer that way.
Sneaky feeling, sneaky feelings,
you can't let those kind of feeling show.
I'd like to get right through the way I feel for you,
but I've still got a long way to go.
Why don't we call it a day, and we can both confess.
You can force me to use a little tenderness.
White lies, alibis, anything but say that it's true.
Now we could sit like lovers, staring in each other's eyes,
but the magic of the moment might become too much for you.
Sneaky feeling, sneaky feelings,
you can't let those kind of feeling show.
I'd like to get right through the way I feel for you,

Sam asks Judy if she has any books by the Swedish poet "Karl Venberg"

He's a nice boy
Judy's mom finally gave her friend Helen Krummholtz, Judy's number so her son Keith the Pharmacist could call her.

The wife
Sam's wife's name is Jeanine

We find out that Judy is 35

Judy once dated a guy who was into cars, so she learned a lot about cars too

... and I also ...
Judy once went to Art School but never finished

This is a "must"
Very important to Judy is a man who likes hot cocoa.

All of it
We learn Judy's full name when Lily consoles her at the bookstore - Judith Lauren Brooks

Judy uses the nickname "Simone" while on the Internet

Sam quotes from the "Spoon River Anthology"

Elvis sighting
All the episodes written by Sue and Daniel Page are named after Elvis Costello songs: "Mystery Dance," "Sneaky Feelings," "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" and "The Other End of the Telescope."

Lyrics - Mystery Dance, by Elvis Costello

Romeo was restless, he was ready to kill.
He jumped out the window cause he couldn't sit still.
Juliet was waiting with a safety net.
He said "Don't bury me cause I'm not dead yet".
Why don't you tell me 'bout the mystery dance.
I wanna know about the mystery dance.
Why don't you show me,
'cause I've tried and I've tried,
and I'm still mystified.
I can't do it anymore and I'm not satisfied.
I can't do it anymore and I'm not satisfied.

Well I remember when the lights went out
and I was tryin' to make it look like it was never in doubt.
She thought that I knew, and I thought that she knew,
so both of us were willing, but we didn't know how to do it.


Well I was down under the covers in the middle of the night,
tryin' to discover my left foot from my right.
You can see those pictures in any magazine.
But what's the use of looking when you don't know what they mean.


Niagra Falls
Lily wears a yellow T-shirt with "Niagra Falls" on the front through most of the first half of the episode.

Forgotten Dinner Invitation
Lily had invited Naomi over for dinner and forgot, having to feed Naomi with leftovers. It is during this event that Naomi recommends a divorce lawyer to Lily.

Restaurant Reopening
This occurs on Valentine's Day

Not-so-Average Joe
Grace announces to Lily that Jake has hired this "totally outrageous band, Average Joe" to play at the opening of the restaurant. "Average Jo" is actually the name of Shane West's band, although the band in this episode is nothing like them.

Jared and divorce
Jared's parents have been divorced for about 2 years

Smooth Jared
After school, Jared works in a smoothie store.

"Red" Jared's friends, who we see twice, call him by the contraction "Red"

Writer's Camp
Grace's Writer's Camp is to be held in Northwestern. It also costs $400 to sign up.

Seeing the Name
This is the first episode in which we actually see the sign for the restaurant. It is simply "Phil's"

Grace is in a school play as Cordelia in King Lear. We constantly see Phil and Grace running through her lines.

Break a leg
Lily broke her leg in a skiing accident when she was 17

Lily gets her hair cut at Carl's downtown

The almost kiss
Phil was supposed to kiss Suzy Eigenbacher in his school play

While recovering at Lily's from the accident, Phil watches a History Channel special on George S Patton. Echos of the American King Lear?

Phil tells Lily that the restaurant is still 40% his business.

Having faith
We find out that Phil is Jewish and Barbara "isn't" when Zoe asks Lily who they should pray to for grandpa.

Casting Call
Series producer/writer Marshall Herskovitz makes an appearance in this episode as the doctor bearing bad news.

This was the episode previewed at the Paley Festival before it was broadcast on ABC.

Save Phil
At the Paley Festival we learned that Paul Mazursky circulated a petition (in jest) to "save Phil" while they were filming this episode. His efforts included whispering to Julia Whelan (while filming the dramatic sequence on his hospital bed) for them to "bring me back as my evil twin Morty".
I'll pay
Lily's parents paid for her divorce lawyer. -- Adam Bomb 1701

In the buff
Phil was a Civil War buff

Rabbi - Part 1
Rabbi Rosen, longtime Rabbi to the Brooks family, retired - left his wife and bought a boat.

Rabbi - Part 2
Judy once dated a Rabbi, Bruce, but "that was just sex"

Rabbi - Part 3
Rick eventually recommends a Rabbi, Ben Josephson, who lives in his building and has a black lab.

Serving Time
Aaron (as of this episode) has spent 20 years in the mental health system.

Insider casting
Winnie Holtzman, who appears as Aaron's social worker, is a regular writer for the series.


It just fell out of my mouth
- Lily to Judy, followed by "like a tooth I didn't know was loose," in SAB
- Tiffany to Jake in MBC
--Stargazer & HarriedWith2Angels


Today is?
The episode opens on a Thursday

Unbalanced sleeves
Why is it that Eli has one sleeve (left) pulled up while the other is not?

Eli plays guitar, Coop plays drums

Inside joke
In Tae-Kwon-Do class, the pair called to spar after Jessie and Paul are named "Edward and Marshall".

Underwear rotation 101
Karen arranges her underwear, newest at the bottom, so that they will all have "equal time".

Who's Mohan?
Eli's fake ID is under the name "Mohan."

Karen's Krush
Karen had a crush on a boy named "Ethan Kale" in high school. She ran against him for class presedent and blew it in the debates.

Pet Frog
Karen had a frog when she was 7.

Karen's mom
Karen's mom died of cancer.

Ladies and gentlemen ...
Jake and Zoe dance to Wilson Pickett

The core of the reference
Title (My Brilliant Career) refers to a book about a woman in Australia who is trying to start up a writing career and prove her independence. Sybylla (the name of the main character) in the beginning of the story spends time talking to pigs who seem to listen to her. We have Lily striking out on a new career of independence and her best relationship at work is with the dog which according to another poster is an Australian shepherd! Gotta be intentional.
- spar7row


It just fell out of my mouth
- Lily to Judy, followed by "like a tooth I didn't know was loose," in SAB
- Tiffany to Jake in MBC
--Stargazer & HarriedWith2Angels



The bottle of scotch
Miles sends Rick a bottle of scotch thanking him in advance for working late, the very night that he has plans with Lily. In previous episodes, Rick had explained that his dad would come home, completely frazzled from the day, and drink his scotch. That was when Rick knew he had to be quiet and not disturb his dad.

Maybe, Saint Maybe?
Jeffrey Nordling was in the TV movie of Anne Tyler's "Saint Maybe".

Zoe looking through the window
- as Rick, Eli and Jessie arrive in ADATO
- as Rick and Jessie arrive in WULS


Bye-bye Jared
A quick mention of Grace "sorta breaking up" with Jared

Cheer, cheer
Lily was apparently a cheerleader in High School, something that her kids never knew.

Monopoly Rules
The Manning family apparently uses some "house rules" for their Monopoly game, including charging for free parking.

Making the Band
Eli misses the follow-up dinner at Lily's because he's "got band practice"

Time Apart
Rick and Lily haven't seen each other in a month prior to this episode

Wake-up call
The Manning household wakes up at about 6:30am.

Jake appears at Lily's doorstep at 6:30am to return Grace's soccer shoes. He bumps into Rick trying to leave while holding his own shoes.

Dead men don't wear ...
Rick is wearing plaid shirts the entire episode (when he's wearing shirts at all).

I know what you did last Summer
Grace spent the summer in Driver's Education
Rick and Jessie (maybe also Eli) spent part of the summer Rock climbing

In WULS, Grace cheats and gets into a fight with Zoe over Monopoly, putting Jessie in the middle. In ADD, we learned that Lily and Judy also used to cheat and fight while playing this game.

Heart to heart
During their heart to heart, Jessie wears a denim-blue tee shirt with navy bands, just like her Dad's favourite.

Grace told Lily that people have to follow the rules in Monopoly, but she also meant the moral rules of life. Grace and Lily also had a memorable "discussion" about rules and people controlling themselves in LAOS. -- Jeanne994

"Next time"
- Jessie to Rick (twice); Rick to Jessie

- Lily to Zoe, Rick to Lily; Jake to Rick -- Clowny12 & Memorex

"Excuse me"
- Lily to Grace; Rick to Lily

"I've got to do my homework"
- Grace to Lily' Jessie to Eli

Zoe looking through the window
- as Rick, Eli and Jessie arrive in ADATO
- as Rick and Jessie arrive in WULS


Grace and Eli's almost kiss in TSTA, Christy and David's partnership in EW, Zoe's curiosity about Rick sleeping over in SRO, Carla's destructive influence on the Sammler-Manning household, Jessie's anorexia, Eli's drug problem


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #203

A shadow of its former self
When Lily first hears about Booklovers (the idea), she's in the store with Judy and Grace. In the background is a portable noticeboard, on which we see the shadow cast by the name "My Sister's Bookstore" painted on the glass window. Judy then pushes the board around to show the Booklovers notice board, and we never see the old name again.

A place in time
When Judy first announces the idea to Lily, it's the 12th, and presumably sometime during the week (not a weekend). The first Booklovers event is the first Friday after the 12th.

Vision, Part I
Tiffany, in talking about Jake to Judy and Debra, tells of how she was at a Blind Melon concert and had a vision of a dark shadow over Shannon Hoon, then "...a week later, he's dead"

Vision, Part II
Tiffany (again) claims that the recent success of Phil's Restaurant is due to Jake having a vision about what to do. Jake, instead, claims it was a favorable article in the Trib. He also looked very embarrassed by Tiffany

Vision, Part III
Judy, after finally seeing the finished patio, suggests to Will that he must have had a vision of the finished product.

Favorite reads
Rick: In Cold Blood
Judy: Franny and Zooey
Christy: ???

To boldly go ...
Christy is a Sci-Fi fan.

In the family
Judy gets her wine and appitizers from Jake

A regular thing
Booklovers night is advertised as a regular event, every Friday night.

How the idea really happened
From Tooncer at the ABC Message Board

So a friend went to see Winnie Holtzman and Robin Schiff (a writer on Grosse Point) speak at the Beverly Hilton a few days ago. It was a seminar on writing. She told me some of the points that Winnie mentioned to the crowd re O&A:

Apparently, Winnie disliked what was going on with the bookstore and decided to make some changes to it which came to fruition in the Booklovers episode...among other things, she hated the name of the bookstore and so that obviously changed but more significantly, I guess, is the whole idea of the dating "club".

Interestingly, the name "Will Gluck" comes from a real-life person, a producer on Grosse Point. Winnie liked the name so much that she called her friend Robin Schiff (who was a co-presenter at the seminar) and inquired if she would ask the real Mr. Gluck if he would mind Winnie immortalizing his name on O&A. Evidently he didn't mind.


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #202

An Anti-Inflammatory Average Jo
Three of the four members of Anti-Inflammatory are real members of Average Jo. Jerry Fitzgerald (appearing as Wink) is the drummer, Ben Gould (as Ted) really plays bass, and Shane West (Eli) plays guitar.

Who named the band?
Eli tells Jennifer that he named the band after the name "came to me"

Eli plays three different guitars during the episode - He holds an acoustic during the b/w segments, he plays with a blonde electric for the shows, and practices on a Squire Stratocaster.

Where in the world ...?
The address on the SAT results mailed to Karen shows her to live in Wilmette, IL.

Kid games
Rick played baseball as a kid. His dad only watched one game in which Rick was so nervous, he didn't play well.

Elvis sighting
All the episodes written by Sue and Daniel Page are named after Elvis Costello songs: "Mystery Dance," "Sneaky Feelings," "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" and "The Other End of the Telescope."

Lyrics - I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down, by H. Banks & A. Jones
(performed by Elvis Costello)

I'm the living result
I'm a man who's been hurt a little too much
And I've tasted the bitterness of my own tears
Sadness is all my lonely heart can feel

I can't stand up for falling down
I can't stand up for falling down

Simple though love is
Still it confused me
Why I'm not loved the way I should be
Now I've lived with heartaches
And I've roomed with fear
I've dealt with despair
And I've wrestled with tears

I can't stand up for falling down
I can't stand up for falling down

The vow that we made
You broke it in two
But that don't stop me from loving you

I can't stand up for falling down
I can't stand up for falling down

Set visit from bhlawyer:

Hi (chuckle)! I don't really have the time to hang around the set (wish I did) but I believe I wrote you guys about the last time I was there... Did you read my post when my daughter and I watched Peter Horton direct Rick's blow-up scene in the ICSU episode? It took them forever to shoot that scene - but apparently that's typical. My daughter said she wouldn't have the heart to make the cast & crew keep going at it, that late into the evening. I believe Billy and some of the cast had been there since very early in the morning. This scene took hours to shoot, and the cast & crew were still shooting, trying to "get it right," when my daughter and I left around 11 pm. This was the scene in the basement where Eli and gang are practicing, and Eli was supposed to have met Rick and Karen at school in the counselor's office.

The set was like a big wooden box, open on one end so we could see inside. The poor cameraman was inside trying to maneuver in between the cast, the supporting poles, etc., and trying to get some really close up shots. It was easiest to see what was going on by watching the monitors. Since Evan had only a small part in that scene, they let her go early. Billy was reading a book on the stairs, whenever they weren't shooting. Shane and Susanna were downing coffee drinks to stay awake. Billy got some supper instead. Shane's band members (including the "fake" member, Coop or Koop) came up to us to talk, when they had a second. We got to see the cast try doing their lines a zillion different ways, never knowing which one the director would accept in the end... Billy moved around inside that little wooden box like a Neanderthal, I swear. It was way too small for his anger, and those swinging arms. His voice boomed. Occasionally, Shane managed to hit a note high enough to be heard on top. Susannah was just perfect.

I remember I was sitting in a chair marked for Shane and some young person in the crew came up to me and said I didn't belong there. I smiled and said I was the kid's mother, and he didn't need his chair right now. I don't know whether they believed me or not, but they left me alone after that. I don't look like either one of my children (chuckle). Perhaps they just thought I was crazy, but harmless.

We'll probably go visit the set again soon. I really enjoyed watching everybody work.


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #208

The Deliquent Sammler Boys
Apparently, both Rick and Mikey were "bad" boys when they were young.

Rick's High School Principal
...was named .....?

Mikey's family
Mikey is married to Leslie and has a six week old daughter.

A lull in the conversation
Rick and Mikey have not spoken in about 7 years.

Karen and Jessie both have hand-made quilts on their beds. Rick also had one for the hide-a-bed when Peg came to visit. So who's the quilter? I think probably Karen's mom. -- Westscot1212

Dear Mom?
In the second season Thanksgiving episode "Feast or Famine" Barbara Barrie was introduced as Rick's mother. As Ms. Barrie also played Michael Steadman's mother on "thirtysomething," does that make Rick and Michael brothers (or half-brothers)? -- AdamBomb1701


This episode was originally scheduled as 204

"I am closer to the end than to the beginning," is a line from the movie, "Network."


This episode was originally scheduled as 209

What does Leo do?
Leo is an Epidemiologist


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #205

Tiffany's past - part 1
At 15, Tiffany and her friend Josie Bender stole a car and drove to Madison. They also drank 2 quarts of Vodka along the way.

Tiffany's past - part 2
By 15, Tiffany had already run away from home.

Name game
The three people at the table are Howard, Linda, and Ronnie.

Numbers game
Jake is in apartment number 5

Phil's Restaurant was started in 1966

Da Bears
It's the Upton Sinclair Bears. Apparently, that's not too popular since we see food thrown at the Bears banner at school.

Thanks Carla
The dreaded date with Spencer is first suggested by Carla, then actually arranged by Carla. Grace is never given a choice.

Where oh where?
Carla arranges for Grace and Spencer to begin their date "by the tree, by the trashcan".

What's a dork?
According to Zoe, it a whale's anus.

What's on?
The movie, if I remember correctly, was 2000's "Mission To Mars," which starred Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, Connie Nielsen and Don Cheadle. It was produced by Touchstone/Disney, which, as you know, also produced "O&A." And, it was far from a "B" movie, with a pricetag of some $90 million. -- Adam Bomb 1701


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #206

Directed by James Eckhouse, who played Karen's boyfriend, Lloyd Lloyd, during season one.

Written by Lynn Siefert

New Trier
Eli's team plays the one from Billy Campbell and James Eckhouse's Winnetka, IL high school. This school was also mentioned in Sneaky Feelings.

Fortune Cookies
Lily's -- When your heart speaks, listen.
Ricks -- Man who build straw house cannot light fire.
Lily tells Rick her's says -- Do not store food cartons in the refrigerator more than two days.

Carla was kicked out of her old school.

Koyaanisqatsi (thanks to Jeanne)
-- a Hopi word, meaning Life Out Of Balance
It's also a movie reference.

Judy's T-Shirt
Namaste - a Sanskrit word, meaning "I bow to the divine in you"

Another blue hair!
From TV Guide Chat with Shane West:
Question: Whose idea was the Blue hair? Yours or the people on Once and Again?

West: They actually took the idea of the blue hair from my real life. I had come to the set with blue hair occasionally because I like to dye it on my own from time to time. So suddenly they just surprised me by putting it in an episode.


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as #207

Partial Pre-Emption
This episode was pre-empted by the announcement of findings by the US Supreme Court on the Florida recount. (12/12/00)

All in the Family
Howard Sherman is a venture capitalist who just happens to be married to Sela Ward.

Pillow fights:
- Grace and Zoe in SR
- Eli and Jessie in TAT

Paul's profession
From what little we know, he's a successful commodities broker. He also had a business of his own for two years that he started fresh out of college.

It's gotta get done
Lily has to get Barbara's birthday gift in the mail right away.


Almost birthday
Lily's birthday is 2 weeks away from when this episode takes place..

Hear the chimes?
Everytime someone mentions or holds the glitter, there are soft chimes in the background

Moroccan Restaurant Revisited
This appears to be the same restaurant Lily took Peg to

Goth Gum
Carla chews black gum - eight sticks at a time

Just read the card
The card Eli intended to give to Carla says "Dear Carla, your kiss leaves me breathless"

Hamming it up
The inside of Jessie's bedroom door is covered with a very large poster of Mia Hamm

Both Lily and Miles use the same saying to Rick - "chop, chop"

You're on loan now?
Lily cancels dinner with Rick because Christie's "loaned" her to Grahame for a project.


Breaking up is hard to do
Graham's fiance broke up with him almost two months before this episode

Namaste again
Judy's wearing that T-shirt again

The game in Suspicion was Chicago vs Edmonton. The Blackhawks were wearing their away jerseys. Checking the schedule, we see that the last away game Chicago had at Edmonton was January 31st where they lost 3-2. That places the event 1 week before it aired. -- 4Puck


The Bronze Turtle
... Myth and history follows ...

Original sequence
This episode was filmed as #215

The youth shelter - A Better Plan - was once the first studio of Frank Lloyd Wright.

I know someone
Carla says she knows someone who lived at A Better Plan when she was kicked out of her house for being a lesbian.

Do you know what time it is?
When Rick calls Lily at the end, it is 1:59am. It is 2:20am when he gets there.

Where is that bill?
The mystery "last bill" that Rick asks Karen about is from Dr. Rosenfeld.


Original sequence
This episode was filmed as #213

Do it again
Some scenes in this episode were re-shot. They were not re-shot for continuity and the engagement scenes are from the original filming.

Carlos Ponce will appear in the Feb 21 episode.

Elvis sighting
All the episodes written by Sue and Daniel Page are named after Elvis Costello songs: "Mystery Dance," "Sneaky Feelings," "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" and "The Other End of the Telescope."

Happy Birthday
Grace's birthday card to Jake included a line from an Elvis Costello song - "What's so funny 'bout, peace, love, and understanding..."

Weren't you on that other show?
Devon Gummersall played Brian Krakow on "My So-Called Life" and Jake Roth on "Relativity."

Jake's birthday is in March.

Where's Phil's?
Phil's is in Evanston. Jake took over the restaurant three years ago, when Phil retired to Florida.

So, this is where ...
This is the first time Karen has been in Lily's house

After the fact
From Gail Shister at the Philadelphia Inquirer, 30 April 2001:

Once and Again's ratings have taken "a huge drop" since its season-high numbers for the "hostage" episode March 7, Herskovitz says.

The segment, in which a disgruntled restaurant employee with a handgun held owner Jake (Jeffrey Nordling) and dozens of patrons hostage, caused an uproar among die-hard fans.

"Our Web site lit up. Serious viewers thought it was exploitative and not what the show is about. There is something almost encouraging about that. We discovered how passionate our viewers are about the show."

FYI: The episode "wasn't what we originally intended. Internal problems forced a lot of reshoots and it ended up being formulaic. All it proves is that we're fallible and imperfect."

Original sequence
This episode was filmed as #216

Cost of Living
Rick and Lily can't afford a new house.

Size matters
Zoe's room is larger than Grace's.

Judy says she feels like she's living in an Ashram, a religious retreat, especially of a Hindu sage. -- TLilyW


Original sequence
This episode was filmed as #214

Alternate Naming
An alternate title is Aaron Returns.

Tormenting the little sister
Lily & Aaron teased Judy when they were children. They gave her tiny portions of food, made a cake with sand, dangled the tree house ladder and pulled it away and put her Troll clothes on a mouse.

They're spies
Aaron once convinced Judy that their neighbours, the Liebermans, were Russian spies. He still believes it.

Aunt Marian
The Brooks siblings have an Aunt Marian, who liked to centre things.

Dating History
Lily used to date Brian Garvin, who later became gay.

Aaron was a good artist.

What's in a name?
Judy's childhood nickname was Judy Doody.

The Hobbit
Judy has hairy feet.

Not on the list
Aaron didn't attend Lily and Jake's wedding.

For more information on Schizophrenia


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as 218.

Working Title
A working title of this episode was Stalk Like This.

An O&A First
First episode that did NOT feature any Black-and-Whites.

Christy's Extension
At PagesAlive, Christy is at Ext 840

What was that letter?
When in Grahame's office, Lily read a letter addressed to him. It was to thank Grahame for his "generous" donation to a foundation that cares for children who have HIV/AIDS.

Appearance of the Wreath
When Rick is in the attic with Will, the scene begins with him walking past a section of wall. Center right is the wreath. He looks directly at it as he walks past. This is the very wreath sent by fans to the cast and crew of Once and Again following the first season. See more info and pictures of the wreath here

Key under the mat
Both Judy and Lily apparently leave a key under the front mat - Judy at Booklovers, and Lily at home.


Original Scheduling
This episode was originally scheduled as 217.

No Intro
Other than the series pilot, this is the first episode without a "canned" introduction with theme music.

What's in a number
Jessie's soccer jersey is #3

Jessie first learned to ski on a family trip to Devil's Head in Wisconsin. She was 6.

Petite Pear
Rick puts "petite pear" tomatoes in the salad, which Judy promptly picks out.


Setting a date
Rick and Lily's wedding date will be May 12.

...and grill for ...
Rick's testimony took about 5 hours on the first day.

A sign
The big blue sign in Rick's office has been changed to "Sammler and Associates". It used to say "Sammler Cassilli and Associates".

The county
Not a surprise, Rick's apartment is in Cook County.

The bag man
The judge who made the decision on the TRO, was caught on tape accepting a bribe from a Mr. Gummersall. The actor who played Bennie Jannetti (the suicidal busboy in TOEotT, ep 214) is Devon Gummerall, who, coincidentally, was also on My So Called Life.


Money in the bank
Rick tells us he has $23,000 in the bank, with which he will somehow put his kids through college.

In car years
Rick's car is 14 years old

It could be members only
Rick's jacket is from the '70s

Rick rents his apartment

Rick pays alimony and child support and half the mortgage on Karen's house

Where have all the clients gone?
David took all the other clients

The world of Upton Sinclair
Karen attended the annual Upton Sinclair Awards. Eli, Grace and Jessie attend Upton Sinclair High School. Click here for more information on Upton Sinclair

Karen's office building
The third floor has 2 dentists, a chiropractor and a telephone sales centre. There is a coffee shop on the ground floor.

Rick is 43.

Rick's Dad
He died of a heart attack at 44. His affairs were a mess and he left the family with nothing. They had to sell the house and move to an apartment.

Where were you?
Rick was playing Home Run Derby in his friend Bert Herman's backyard when his father had his heart attack. Bert's Mom drove Rick home.

Rick worked all through college and spent years paying off his student loans. Money has always been a constant dread.

Size matters
Rick and Lily appear to be planning a large wedding.

Karen smoked "years ago, for 5 minutes." DA Bob used to smoke.

As you like it
Karen orders a Grande Nonfat Cap with an extra shot.
DA Bob likes coffee with nothing strange in it.

Mug shot
Lily and Judy have mugs with Booklovers written downward on them.

The name of the TV host who was so cruel to Rick was Marco Gould. Isn't that Spencer?


Rick's Address
Rick's apartment is on Lincoln Ave, Evanston

Eli is 18

Where in the world ...? Lily's house is in Deerfield, IL.

Paper late
The newspaper is dated Monday, September 11, 2000.

Sign them
The divorce papers are dated April 24, 2001.

Roll and roll again
During the last family dinner between the Mannings and the Sammlers, Rick gave Grace a dinner roll twice. --PCDeg


What does it cost?
The original planned wedding was approximately $21,000

The History Channel
This is the second time the History Channel is shown. Rick watches it, dejected, after he and Lily call off the original wedding. Winston Churchill is on, announcing the end of the war in Europe.

The Will Gluck story
Lived in his car for a year.
Is an ordained minister.
Had a daughter when he was sixteen who was given up for adoption. He tracked her down recently.

Under cover
As anyone who has watched "Fiddler on the Roof" knows, a Jewish wedding is properly conducted under a canopy, called a chuppah. Funny how much a couple of parachutes thrown together can resemble a canopy! -- Kyblue52

In the closing dancing scene--Grace was nowhere to be found?? Why do you suppose that was? -- Blink182L
Her time ran out. Julia couldn't work past 10 1/2 hours, and her time ran out before they filmed that sequence.-- Luthien87

Rick's Vows:
The English translation (from Song of Solomon, chapter 8, verse 6) which Will read:

"Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm.

Deep waters cannot extinguish love,
nor floods sweep it away."

The script has only the phonetical spelling of the Hebrew words:

Set me
See MAY nee
As a seal
Chah cho TAHM
Upon your heart
Al lee Bahch
As a seal
Kah cho TAHM
Upon your arm
Al z'row-aych


Thank God
- Rick to Lily, in LSTNT
- Rick to Lily, in TSLJ
- Lily to Rick, in Mediation
- Judy to Lily in TSTA
- Grace to Eli in TL
--Jeanne, Meegram & GraceManning1


Here's my star
In an early scene with Shane, Sela is doing laundry and is wearing dull green sweatpants. On the back (where she sits) is a single large star. A possible allusion to the rejected attempt at a star on the walk of fame?


Zoe -- life.
Jake -- the supplanter or substitute.
Grace -- about what's sacred.
August -- worthy of honour and respect.
Eli -- the highest.
Tiffany -- not in the book.
Will -- determined protector.
Lily -- a lily.
Elizabeth -- consecrated to God.
Judith -- she who shall be praised.

Tiffany's Job
Tiffany used to work at WIXP.

Applying yourself
Lily is applying for the Assistant to the Program Manager position at WIXP.

Faking a resume
Lily didn't graduate from college, but her new resume says that she received a B.A. with Print Journalism and Graduated with Honours (Dea. . . [probably says she was on the Dean's List]) from Northwestern University in 1987.

More resume faking
Pages was located in Evanston, IL. Lily was the Assistant to the Editor, but her new resume says she was Assistant Editor.

Waxing poetic
Will's daughter is named Kaelie. She's 19 and lives in Tallahassee, FL. She waxes people's legs.

Grace has a poster from The Roxy on her bedroom door

Pillow fights:
- Grace and Zoe in SR
- Eli and Jessie in TAT

Rick uses AOL for his home e-mail. He has messages from Hollister & Price Construction, Simon-Riche Developers, Kitselman Construction, Houser and company, Carraso & son Construction, I Communications Construction, Shieder & Sons, Ron Partners and Zimmerfeld Construction.

Where? Sammler & Associates
179 Lincoln Avenue, Evanston
(224) 555-1040

Karen and Janine Blue are friends.

Rick and Sam met when they were 19.

Rick's nickname for Sam is Sham.

Sam went to Rome for ten weeks.

Sam is single for the first time since 1981.

Rick's cholesterol is 150; Sam's is 247.

The Dreiser Hotel is in Lincoln Park. Theodore Dreiser wrote 'Sister Carrie' there.

Judy's 35.

Judy's eyes are brown with little green flecks.

Judy did a synagogue teen tour of Italy.

Jake's last physical was 10 years ago. His ancestors were Swedish and lived "forever."

Jake had a cat named Frosty when he was a child. Frosty was hit by a car.

Rick is not wearing his seat belt when he picks up Sam. Very naughty. -- AdamBomb1701

ECHOS: "Walking on eggshells"
- Judy's B&W in KOB
- Rick and Lily hear this on TV in AO
- Grace says it about Jessie in AO

Who's Jamie?
Sam has a son named Jamie

Five years ago, Sam had a major affair.

Karen used to use vanilla extract for perfume.

Karen and Jeanine are friends.

Alexa smokes.

Lily liked Will Gluck.

"Walking on eggshells"
- Judy's B&W in KOB
- Rick and Lily hear this on TV in AO
- Grace says it about Jessie in AO

You're listening to ...
The radio station is WIPX in Chicago, 108.3

When is it?
Opening night of "As You Like It" is November 30

Who's on first?
Karen's first date was with Matt Janowski


Where's home?
Tiffany's home is in Madison

Half a family
Tiffany's half sister's name is Brandi

How old is Jamie
Jamie is 11

How old is Judy?
Judy is late 36 in this episode

Feng Shui
Tiffany took a Feng Shui course

Brandy was a roadie for Aerosmith

Earthy Crunchy
At the baby shower, Zoe performs an Earth Mother Ritual called the Goddess Circle

The Opening
Booklovers Cafe is scheduled to open "next week"


Original Order
This episode was filmed as episode 308 and actually shown on the planned date. However, the original 307 was pre-empted and shown at a later date, making this, effectively, 307.

Pie Night
Lily's family tradition is to make pies the night before Thanksgiving.

Playing for time
The play opens nine days from the day before Thanksgiving.

Where's Jake?
Jake went to see his Mom.

Where's Barbara?
Barbara is helping to serve dinner at a homeless shelter.

More on Tiff
Tiffany's Mom was once in rehab at Thanksgiving.

Even more on Tiff
Tiffany wants a drug-free birth for her baby, in contrast to her own heavily medicated one.

Country Roads
Karen lived in the country as a child.

An Address!
Rick and Lily live at 714 Oak Road.

Long arms
Rick wears a white dress shirt with the sleeves about an inch too long for him. -- AdamBomb1701


Original Order
This episode was filmed as episode 307, but was pre-empted by a Barbara Walters special.

Sam has an older brother.

Name Game
The teacher is Mrs. Lovatelli. One of Once and Again's producers is Debra Lovatelli.

The men's magazine in the recycling bin was itself recycled from the next-to-last episode of "thirtysomething," where Melissa interviews a TV actress (Brooke Adams) whose nude pictures were featured in the magazine. I noticed this one as Bravo ran the 30S episode (entitled "Melissa in Wonderland," BTW) close to the same time "The Sex Show" had its first run. BTW, the prop magazine was ten years old when "Sex Show" was shot. Also, in the 30S episode, Melissa just found the magazine in the actress' dressing room by dumb luck. She did not know of it beforehand, and the actress was rather ashamed of it.-- AdamBomb1701


Who's he?
Producer Peter Schindler played the guy who fired Eli. Peter also appeared as one of the parents outside the house of the wild party in "Outside Hearts" in Season 1 and as the owner of the guitar store where Eli and Coop are playing around with guitars instead of Eli being at basketball practice. -- Westscot1212 and Meegram


Thank God
- Rick to Lily, in LSTNT
- Rick to Lily, in TSLJ
- Lily to Rick, in Mediation
- Judy to Lily in TSTA
- Grace to Eli in TL
--Jeanne, Meegram & GraceManning1


Goddess Circle strings As Lily held the baby, Tiffany, Grace and Zoe all removed their strings from their wrists.
-- Divorced_Again

Rick and Lily's clock This year's edition is a smaller round alarm clock, not the digital one from season two, nor a plug-in variety, I don't believe. It's first viewable during L&R's birth control conversation the evening of Day # 1.
-- LaChefski

What's in a name? Les' estranged daughter is named Leslie. That's also the name of Mikey's wife.
-- Westscot1212




Order. Order
This episode was originally planned as 313.

What's in a name?
Gardenia (previously called Gardenias II) was originally called "Pictures."
-- Divorced_Again


~when Jessie finds out about her mom she slips down the wall and drops the phone very much like Karen did when Jessie couldn't go ice skating with her in Taking Sides -- ladypink244

~ when Karen has her accident she asks if she can rest now and says it feels so good to rest, to me this seemed like a connection with her black and white in Taking Sides when before she drowned she felt a moment of bliss -- ladypink244


Order. Order
This episode was originally planned as 312


The real Sarah Grasso
BAR HARBOR - College of the Atlantic Senior Sarah Grasso, of Stamford, Connecticut was awarded a Certificate of Leadership by the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC) in Washington, D.C. Grasso was cited "for her commitment, vision and leadership in providing excellent education and a sense of community for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. Sarah serves as a model for youth activism, social justice and for giving volume to the voice of young people."

Written by Winnie Holzman and Maggie Friedman (not Sue Paige and Daniel Paige, as was stated on ABC's press release for this episode)


Baby Names
Tiffany and Jake named their baby Maddie (presumably the shortened form of Madison).

Cabin Boy
Sam has a cabin.

Sister Mary
Jeanine has a sister named Mary, who just got a new phone number.

Jamie is going to take guitar lessons from Eli.

Jake spent last New Year's with Gerry.

Jessie and Zoe need Jamie's help to play the 'Zoo Tycoon' video game.

Judy has an Aunt Sophie.

"No. I got it." Jamie to Judy, Judy to Lily

Jamie who?
Jamie Davenport - the girl who Aaron wanted to marry, but who eventually broke his heart and started his downward spiral.

ECHOS: "Whatever"
- Judy in OS(P)B
- Lily in ALOD

Murder, she said
Lily mentioned that Miriam's father, a retired detective, was the lead investigator on "that case of the murdered nurses." Doubtless, she was referring to the Richard Speck case. In 1966, Speck murdered eight student nurses in Chicago. One survived to finger him by hiding under a bed. -- AdamBomb1701


As Originally Scheduled
This episode was originally planned as #319.

The Fridge-cam
- the Sammlers in Mediation (along with the cupboard-cam over at the Mannings')
- Rick and Lily's nocturnal foraging in FFT
- Rick and Lily in AO
- Jessie and Katie's kiss in EITT

More Information on Alzheimer's Disease
For information on Alzheimer's Disease, please call the Alzheimer's Association at 1-800-272-3900 or visit their website at

Original Scheduling
This episode was originally planned as #320.


The Fourth Wall

In an unusual twist, last night's epilogue featured the actors and producers speaking to the camera about what the series had meant to them. Breaking the fourth wall was Herskovitz's idea, he says.

"It was our way of saying goodbye, in respect to our audience."

Herskovitz says he and his partner, Ed Zwick, had no plans to go on camera. "We were dressed like slobs, and my hair was a mess. We were physically moved by the cast and put in front of the camera as a kind of mutiny. They said if they had to do it, we had to do it."

-- Gail Shister at the Philadelphia Inquirer

Screen Captures from the episode

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