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To Everyone at Hayden Place!

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I am even writing a letter to you this year. Pleasure from watching the amazing second season on Once and Again; pleasure from talking with other O and A "obsessors" on the ABC O and A Board; pleasure from making lasting friendships with other people who love and appreciate the effort and genius that is packed into each and every episode. Satisfaction from knowing the third season will have twenty-three wonderful episodes; satisfaction from completing the wreath (My husband is building the box as I write this!); satisfaction from seeing the first three episodes of this season and loving each one of them!

It was quite a thrill (and honor) last year when you graciously hung the wreath in Lily's attic. Even before we saw that wreath on television, this second wreath was in the planning stage. In fact, the day after the first episode aired, I received an email from an O and A friend in California saying she had found a mini Monopoly Board for the wreath! It was fun to receive emails after each episode with suggestions for items for this wreath!

I have included a list of items that are on the wreath -- more or less in chronological order beginning under the bow. (Please fluff it up a little bit -- it was pretty when it left here!) Some of the items were purchased, some were handmade, and others were commandeered from toy boxes or personal collections.

Here is a list of the contributors:
Lyn -- Sue --
Dor -- Paula --
Sheila -- Marco & Mrs. Marco -
Karen -- Judy --
Carol -- Sisko, Mrs. Sisko -
Trish -- Linda --
Catherine -- Ellen --
Bonnie -- Angela --
Jeanne -- Marc --
Eileen -- Peter --
Shir -- Annie --
Phyllis -- JT --
Kristi -- Jan --

Please know that we "obsessors" have such a good time talking about each and every episode, and each and every detail! Sometimes, it is mind- boggling that we have watched the same episode and have such varying degrees of appreciation and understanding of and for the content.

Wherever you take the Mannings and the Sammlers this year, we, the truly obsessed, will be right there along with you, enjoying the emotional roller coaster ride. Thank you for Once and Again -- finally an "adult" show with real people, real situations, and real romance!

Please accept this wreath as a small token of our love and affection for the show and for everyone who works so diligently to keep the high quality we have come to expect. You all are amazing!


Jan Benne

201 - Wake Up Little Suzie
New quarters
Soccer shoes
Monopoly Board, dice and car
Monopoly Game piece: shoe
dollar bill (for Carla)
Lunch sack
Soccer ball
Rick's plaid boxers

212 - Suspicion
sun during an eclipse
Lily's clock radio
202 - BookLovers
In Cold Blood
Steve Tyrell CD -- The Very Thought of You
dead chicken
Polaroid print of Judy
Munchkin from Oz
salt & pepper shakers (Jake's ladybugs!)
213 - Edifice Wrecked
picket signs
engagement ring
jewelry box
203 - I Can't Stand Up
Eli's padlock necklace
Leo's broken bicycle
214 - The Other End of the Telescope
rescue squad car
baby booties
204 - Feast or Famine
little boy profiles of Rick & Mikey
Nutcracker (at the mall)
turkey (in the microwave)
cell phone
grocery cart
haybales (from the grocery store)
Eli's bicycle_
215 - Standing Room Only
moving boxes
table w/ blueprints and plate o' Waffles
Waffle iron
8 ball
Will's hammer
205 - Ozymandias 2.0
tailor measure tape
Miles' fishing lure
pony with a party hat
thank you note
216 - Aaron's Getting Better
"scary" scooter
Aaron's turtle with a peace sign
Aaron's pet mouse
boots - to cover Judy's hairy feet!
Judy Doody sign
206 - Food for Thought
psychiatrist's couch
bowling pins & ball
birthday cake
pizza cutter
217 - Forgive Us Our Trespasses
ice cream scoop
appreciation wreath (!)
Will's tool box
chest with baby items
fungus cream
Will's hammer
Lily's house
207 - Learner's Permit
Grace's learner's permit
volcano model
red dye #40
218 - Best of Enemies
skis and ski poles
208 - Life Out of Balance
"Goodnight Moon"
pregnancy test (result is from a paint pen!)
a baby, maybe
foam #1 hand
green and gold cheerleader pompoms
219 - Armageddon Part I
Bible & Gavel
Miles' turtle
Search Warrant
Rick's pink pants
Rick's shopping list
209 - Scribbling Rivalry
webmaster cape
little pink ball
small computer
220 - Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight
wedding flowers
bottle of Scotch
broken model
210 - Love's Labour's Lost
Cell phone
Mini record - Torn Between Two Lovers
221 - Moving On
mini map of Europe
3 monkeys (Eli, Carla & Grace)
moving van
beer bottle
211 - Thieves Like Us
small champagne bottle
mini file folder marked "PRIVATE"
mini chimes
stolen cupcakes
222 - The Second Time Around
red robin
Carla's pink letter
mini Hebrew prayer book
Hand mirror
wedding bouquet
wedding rings
wedding bells
Bride and groom
champagne bottle in bucket
TV with Winston Churchill's Picture
History Channel logo
champagne glasses
Champagne bottles
Mini TV Guide cover
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