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How do I get my Fan Fiction posted?

Since there have been so many requests about Fan Fiction lately, we've decided to make a place for it on our site. I know now that the season has ended, some of the more creative people around here will be making up their own stories about Rick and Lily. Last year there were some very good ones, that we'd love to have if the authors still have them saved. ;)

If you would like us to put your writings on our site, just send it to me at However, all decisions about posting will be ours and we can choose not to post some submissions.

Also, all submissions should be in straight text with line breaks or in RTF format only. Submission MUST also include the following:

- Real name of author
- Return E-mail
- A note granting us right to post
- A copyright statement at the bottom retaining rights by the author


by Angela Stockton
Posted: 11/29/04

Tropical Meditation

by Charles Benson
Posted: 08/13/02

Guide to the Homes of Once and Again

by Ed Cale
Posted: 09/10/01

The Tree House

by Angela Stockton
Posted: 06/25/01


by Angela Stockton
Posted: 06/16/01

A September Story

by Charles Benson
Posted: 05/10/01


Wreath - Season 2
A project that followed the very successful Wreath project of Season 1.
Click here

Memory Book
A project initiated at the end of the second season and lasting through the hiatus before the start of the third season, this was a labor of love by several dozen dedicated fans. The book was sent to the cast and crew in August 2001.
Click here to see the all the 104 pages of this wonderful book

The Millenium Quilt
In December 1999, a group of fans got together and made a quilt for the cast and crew of the show.
Click here to see pictures and info about the Millenium Quilt

The Fan Wreath
Dear Jan,

What a magnificent present. All of us at Once and Again are just knocked out by your effort. We want to thank you so much for this inspiring wreath. Today, we are hanging it in our conference room for all to see during our cast read through. This is the same room in which we hold our production meetings, so the crew will see it as well. I am sure as word spreads thoughout the company, everyone will stop by to see the wreath.

We hope that all of you enjoy tonight's premiere episode.

Peter Schindler
Supervising Producer
Click here to see pictures and info about the wreath


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